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An interview with Fasika Sidelel – politburo member of Derg 

Fasika Sidelel’s book, Yeshamula Tuwuld, is perhaps the latest book on the years of revolutionary Ethiopia

Fasika Sidelel _ Ethiopia _ book
Fasika Sidelel (Photo : screenshot from Arts TV Video)


Dereje Haile’s interview with Fasika Sidelel (it will have at least three other parts)  is said to be revealing. He reached to the rank of a politburo member and deputy prime minister by the time Colonel Mengistu’s gov’t was topped.

He started as a senior expert in the plan commission when the 1974 Ethiopian revolution broke out. A little later, he became head of the social department. 

He was also the economic secretary of the then ruling party – Ethiopian Workers Party. 

Recently, he published a book under the title Yeshamula Tiwuld ( an Amharic that could translate to “The  Generation of Sword.”

Dereje Haile, a prominent journalist who interviewed Fasika Sidelel ( of course among many others), described it as at times breathtaking, revealing, and straightforward. One of the strengths of the book, according to Dereje, is that it  did not cover up for colleagues or for the writer for that matter. 

The author himself reminds us that so many books were written about the same period. What could be different about his book is the explanation of events, decisions, and the like. 

Watch the first part of the interview below  

Video: embedded from Arts TV YouTube channel 
Cover photo : screenshot from the video 


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