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EZEMA suspended four executives over alleged violation of party discipline 

EZEMA discipline committee to deliberate on the alleged violation of party discipline 

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EZEMA party first congress graphic work ( Photo : EZEMA)


Ethiopia’s one of the largest non-ethnic-based parties, the Ethiopian Citizens For Social Justice Party (EZEMA) on Friday announced that it has suspended four executive members in relation to violation of party discipline. 

The suspended leaders were allegedly involved in the preparation and distribution, via a WhatsApp group, of a “weekly performance evaluation form.”  It was distributed on May 10 around 5 p.m. 

The entire executive committee called an urgent meeting on May 12 to discuss the matter. 

It said it discussed the content of the document, members who were involved in it,  violation of party discipline, and its implication in democratic practice and morality. 

The executive committee passed a decision, based on a vote, and said the document that was prepared was absolutely wrong and will negatively impact the preparation process for the Party’s First General Congress. 

“Therefore,” said the party, “the party suspended those who were cited in the document and who are holding different  levels of positions in the party until the Party’s bylaws interpretation and discipline committee deliberates on it.” 

The party expressed its beliefs that the document will negatively impact the democratic nature of the upcoming congress. 

However, the lists of party officials who were suspended were not disclosed. 

Other local sources reported that Chane Kebede  (Deputy Chairman of the party), Wasihun Tesfaye (Party affairs head), Andinet Shiferaw ( finance department head), and Eyob Mesafint (member) are suspended. 

EZEMA is preparing to undertake its first congress in June of this year. 

The Chairman of the party, Dr. Berhanu  Nega, is currently serving as the Minister for Education after the ruling party made arrangements to offer three cabinet positions to the major oppositions in the country. 


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