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Seleshi Bekele Ethiopia’s New Ambassador to the United States 

Ethiopian News _ Seleshi Bekele _ Ambassador
Seleshi Bekele after submitting his credentials ( Photo : via MFAE)


The same day that Ethiopia’s new Ambassador to the United States, Seleshi Bekele , submitted his credentials to the US State department  Chief of Protocol , members of the Ethiopian community from Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia  had organised a welcome ceremony in the evening. 

“Very delighted to meet the enthusiastic Ethiopian Diaspora from DMV area last evenning. I look forward to work with the community in socio-economic & political areas for sustainable development of Ethiopia & stronger relationship of USA and #Ethiopia. Thanks all for attendances,” Selshi said in a Twitter message on Friday. 

Seleshi has already set his goals to achieve in his capacity as Ethiopia’s Ambassador to the United States : ” to boost  and strengthen the historic diplomatic relation of the two great nations.” 

In the past he has served as Minister For Water, Irrigation and Energy but later, before his current role, he was named as “the Chief Negotiator & Advisor on Transboundary Rivers and GERD at Office of Prime Minister of Ethiopia.”

His removal from Ministerial position was not welcomed by many Ethiopians at the time and it triggered  negative reactions towards Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. 

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  1. This man is one fire spitting patriot who has served that gem of the colored with his heart and soul. I remember what he told those halawa drunk ‘experts’ from Al-Qahirah. We all know, the entire world knows that the GERD dam was conceived by the late emperor later designed and being constructed was never intended to harm either Sudan or Egypt. Its main purpose is to generate enough electricity for the country whose citizens still live in darkness. That is a fact. But those superpower wannabe in Al-Qahirah have been screaming foul for no reason. So he decided to put the case to rest. He goes ‘When water hits turbines it generates electricity!!!’ Hello! Hello, ‘when water hits turbines it generates electricity!!!! Hello!!! He just gave up on those sugar-drunk Ara-whites; Arabs want to pass as legit whites, that is!!!!

  2. Wish you the very best in all your endeavors Engineer/Ambassador Seleshi Bekele!!!! I got an opportunity to watch the presentation at the UNSC meeting regarding the GERD. What an exceptional presentation that was. The legitimate cry of a people for clean and reliable energy was presented before the world.The case for Ethiopia was undeniable, its legitimacy unquestionable : “do Ethiopians have a right to drink from the waters of Abay?” was a line reminiscent of Emperor Haile Selassie’s pleading at the League of Nations, on the use of poisonous bombs by fascist Italy and the aggression against a proud people “What reply should I take back to my people?”.

    What a disappointment the Abiy regime has been. It began with high hopes.Everyone was looking forward to the establishment of a new technocratic workforce, that will catapult the new PM to a methodical, evidence based, data driven, policy making. Instead Abiy got bogged down into village and ethnic, family tree and religious affiliation dog eat dog dirty politics, and let himself and Ethiopians down.


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