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TPLF claims “Death of General Gebremedhin a murder” 

Tigray People’s Liberation Front says General Gebremedhin Fekade was “murdered” 

General Gebremedhin Fekade
The late General Gebremedhin Fekade ( Wedi nechu) reportedly died a sudden death at Kaliti prison on May 2, 2020 ( Photo : file/ FBC)


A day after news of the death of General Gebremedhin Fekade, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) made claims that he was murdered. 

It is via the spokesperson and foreign relations head of the organisation, Getachew Reda, that TPLF remarked on the reported sudden death of General Gebremedhin

He wrote ” General Gebremedhin ‘WediNechu’ Feqadu was everything they say about his distinguished military service in this article and more. Whatever they are going to say about the ‘cause’ of his demise, we have reason to believe that it is murder, pure and simple. Rest In Peace, my Hero!” 

General Gebremedhin was in Kaliti prison facing charges in connection with the attack of the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defence Force on October 24, 2020. 

Kaliti prison administration wrote a letter to inform the court about his death, which it described as sudden death, for the late general was expected to appear in court for a hearing. 

The general reportedly died on May 2. According to the narrative from authorities, he suddenly collapsed as he was talking to his family members during visitation hours. The Ethiopian government is yet to announce if an autopsy was administered and what the result of it was. 

The court ordered continuance for the hearing. 

Immediately before the outbreak of the war following the attack on the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defence Force, General Gebremedhin was serving as Defence Communication, Electronics, and Cyber Department Head.

He was charged with disconnecting radio communication between Defense Head Quarter ( which is in the capital Addis Ababa) and The Northern Command Force of the Ethiopian Defense Force, and handing over the radio to the TPLF force immediately before the war broke out in October 2020. 

Details of funeral arrangement undisclosed at this writing. 

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  1. That country has a history of its rulers since 1974 killing defenseless prisoners they kept in their jails. That has been the history of the door knob Mengistu and the ones that replaced him. Mengistu used to have fun times taking out political prisoners and mow them down or strangle them to death with piano wire in the dead of the night. When he was in good mood he would kill 50 but on days when he woke on the wrong side of bed that was when you should pray that your file does not come across his day. On days when he was in foul mood he would empty the whole front row in the prison yard. Once a countryman who was extremely lucky to have miraculously escaped Mengistu’s noose told me his daily prayer was that his file will not be on Mengistu’s desk on days he was in satanic mood. The ones that replaced were as murderous but much craftier than him. They were much cleverer than Mengistu that they knew how to calm down foreign investigators. Have you heard Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International crying foul when the late PM and his cabals took out and murdered POW’s who were leaders of the now defunct EPRP? Have you seen NY Times, AP or Reuters saying a word about it? Listen guys! No matter how we disagreed with them no political prisoners should be executed under any circumstances. If they deserve the death penalty, that should be handed down in a court of law. You remember Adolf Eichmann? He was responsible for the demise of countless innocent people just because he believed they were from subhuman race. He was somehow captured and taken to Israel. If the Israeli government decided to let him loose in the streets of Tel Aviv he would not have survived an hour. He would be stoned to death by enraged victims of his killing machine. But he was given the benefit of a doubt and put on trail. His trial lasted months, found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging. That trial was exemplary.

    Now Abiy’s government should come out clean on this one. This general was arrested on suspicion of treason and that must be proven in a court of law. Now he is dead before he saw a day in court. He might have had underline health conditions like uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes(which I heard that these two ailments are becoming more and more common in urban areas) or other diseases like obstructed arteries and so on that cause sudden death from a stroke. All this must be investigated by independent medical experts. Again, he could have been a murderer and guilty of treason but his fate should be decided in an open court of law. May be he decided to take his own life by ingesting something lethal but all that should be investigated by independent forensic experts. I like to see that Argentinean forensic group investigating this. Something has killed this man. Stroke, poison or suicide? What was it? Abiy’s regime has work cut out for it to come out clean on this one.

  2. That comments applies if his death was natural or due self-inflicted one, otherwise have faced justice in public court for past and alleged crimes The only reason Getachow Waraw is talking is he knows well and remembers they routinely tortured and killed suspects in jails

  3. And what did the TPLF commit, after he disconnected the communication between Addis and the Northern Command???



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