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Ethiopian Defence Chief says Dumbfound if the UN Secretary-General reads and responds to TPLF leader 

If the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres is reading letter from the rebel leader Debretsion and responding to it, it is an intervention in the affair of a country says Ethiopian Defence Chief of Staff

Field Marshal Berhanu Jula _ UN Secretary _ TPLF
Field Marshal Berhanu Jula ( Photo : File/from EBC video screenshot)


Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leader, Debretsion Gebremichal, this week wrote “an open letter” to the United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, threatening to “resort to other means” if the peace option is working. 

Ethiopian Defense Chief of Staff, Field Marshal Berhanu Jula, seems to see the point that a rebel leader is writing to the UN Secretary-General as something outlandish. 

In a phone interview with Ethiopian Media Service, during the Ethiopian Good Friday,  the Defense Chief tended to place the blame on the UN Secretary-General if he read Debretsion’s letter and responded to it. 

For General Berhanu Jula, if that happened it is something tantamount to interfering in the internal affairs of a country and the government will have to respond to that. 

Last year, there were reports from Ethiopian publishers that the UN was allegedly involved in facilitating tacit support to the TPLF forces after rebel captives were caught with nutritious aid food that was meant to be delivered to people in Tigray. The UN agency was also allegedly involved in facilitating support to TPLF forces in Sudan by way of providing “asylum seeker” documentation. Furthermore, hundreds of UN trucks that were supposed to be used for humanitarian activity were diverted for combat activities – something the United Nations Agency in Ethiopia admitted. 

In what seems to be renewed infowar machination, the TPLF leaders this week made claims about US-brokered negotiation with the Ethiopian government regarding the withdrawal of Eritrean and Amhara forces from what they call the West Tigray and Tigray region. 

Tsadkan Gebretensae, one of the TPLF leaders who was once Chief of the Ethiopian Defence Force when the TPLF was dominant in the central government, made claims that Field Marshal Berhanu Jula was involved in the latest negotiation and that the latter also said, during the negotiation,  “Amhara and Eritrean forces are weak, and could easily be made to withdraw from the Tigray region.” 

Asked if he said so,  the Ethiopian Defence Chief said that he does not know anything about what Tsadkan is talking about. “I did not meet with Tsadkan, and where can we meet?. I do not understand why he said so,” Field Marshal Berhanu said during the interview with the Ethiopian Media Service. 

However, he made inferences as to the motives of the claim. One possible reason is, for him, that there is a serious crisis in the Tigray region (and he claimed to have information about it), and the morale of their forces is low.  And the new propaganda is meant to boost the morale of their forces.  The second reason, he said, could be a possible attempt to create a spirit of mistrust and suspicion between Ethiopia and Eritrea. 

(The interview is between the 44th minute and the 60th minutes)

In connection with negotiation for a ceasefire, he added that the Ethiopian government already announced a unilateral truce with the aim to facilitate the delivery of aid to the Tigray. 

In an open letter to the UN Chief, Debretsion made remarks about the overall situation in Ethiopia.  He said that the status quo in Ethiopia is unsustainable and could lead to state collapse and the disintegration of Ethiopia if what he described as “interlocking socioeconomic, political, and security” problems are not addressed urgently. 

Debretsion also described the situation in Tigray as “Hell” and the TPLF will be forced to pursue military options if the peaceful option is not working. 

He said :  “it should be clear that our preference is to bring this tragic conflict to an end through peaceful means. There has been enough death and destruction. However, absent a credible process to bring about peace, we cannot continue to watch our citizens perish from hunger and easily preventable diseases. Accordingly, if peaceful options are no longer viable, we will be forced to resort to other means to break the devastating blockade that has made Tigray hell on earth. ” 

At least 57 convoys of aid had been delivered after the Ethiopian government announced humanitarian truth last month via the Afar region of Ethiopia. On the other hand, the TPLF was reportedly obstructing the delivery. The US government last week urged the TPLF to further withdraw from the Afar region of Ethiopia. 


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  1. Bothe Berhanus, Berhanu Jula and Berhanu Nega are haters of Amhara and Ethiopia. OLF, Shene and TPLF servants.

    Those three dumb boring guys are Abiy’s boring trashy propaganda facilitators that have fallen deep into a trash can. They are sold and bought by Oromo Prosperity Party (OPP).

  2. What can one say about the tplf except that it is messenger of hell on earth? So sorry for the people of tigray, who by the way, have also been helf-turnedin into zombies by the callous propaganda of the tplf. Now, it is bracing for another round of war, when it lost more than 350,000 tigrayans in te last round. Do these tplf leaders have any idea about human life??????

  3. The Question is, what does TPLF really want?

    WelQait Tegede and Kafta Humera or the other areas bordering Sudan has never been part of Tigray. In History books written by the likes of Tekletsadik Mekuria and Professor Bahru Zewde, which were written years before TPLF annexed those areas, the people living there were never Tigre but many were speaking other languages like Arabic and Tigrigna beside their native Amharic. In 1974 an appeal was made to rename the old province Tigray instead of Tigre for that reason. Of course there was never a province called Amhara or Debub for that matter but there were Begemeder or Gondar. There is no ‘western Tigray’ and if there is one, it is to the east of Tekeze river. So that part was annexed at the barrel of the gun by TPLF and is now taken back by Amhara people. The mass graves in Welkait are a solid proof that TPLF itself never believed those people were Tigre. The Mai Kadra massacre in November 2020 on Amhara is still fresh in our minds.

    If Ethiopia stays united, the coming attack from TPLF will be it’s last one before it begs the West to save it. For this reason TPLF is now working on Ethiopians and trying to divide them. On websites like this one TPLF agents constantly cry pretending to be others, hoping to get some traction. There are also the youtubers who have to earn a living bringing ‘news’ from TPLF media every day and most of them don’t even care who is financing them. Some of those youtubers have learnt what gets them attention from TPLF the most is trashing the elected gov’t and some of its ministers or generals.

    “the Ethiopian generals can’t even put their pants on properly’ cried out one famous youtuber who was once TPLF’s servant and TPLF was in Debresina at that time. But before that he was saying Dessie was always the city to grab in order to throw out the gov’t in Addis, claiming both H/Selassie and Mengistu fled after losing that town. The youtuber was TPLF’s best cadre in Addis before his head got too big and switched sides and was allegedly raped for that in prison by TPLF. And now he has turned 360 degrees and is back where he started, even though his followers haven’t noticed yet. He even predicted ‘Abiy will be begging the mighty TPLF for mercy after fleeing to Sheno and some journalist will receive corporal punishment for saying losing Dessie to TPLF doesn’t necessarily mean losing the war’. And he was glowing like a young lady in the morning who had had the best night of her life when he was saying those things. Still the fools that support him didn’t see anything wrong with that. And a few days ago he twisted what the PM said misquoting him on purpose and glorified Meles Zenawi all at the same time. Those 5000 dollar donations are coming his way from the 30 billion dollars TPLF stole from Ethiopia and he knows it. Many normal people have dubbed that guy ‘the one with the Stockholm syndrome’ and rightly so cuz he is subtly working for his former tormentors.

    In a war my country is always right. That is the bench mark.

    You can’t say ‘the generals can’t even put their pants on properly’ and get away with it if the audience was able to think straight. Addis Ababa didn’t flinch and was ready to defend with a quarter of a million volunteers at that time. In the 70s too, mothers were volunteering to bake Injera in shifts for the Ethiopian forces and fathers were fund raising money for the war effort at every Kebele all over Ethiopia while their children were being tortured in jails for supporting EPRP. The gov’t at that time wasn’t even liked any more but there was no other choice. In retrospect, it is safe to say Ethiopian parents of that time made the right choice.

    The least Ethiopians can do now is stay united. There are some elements in the gov’t that are working for TPLF and it’s ally Shene but they are not the ‘berhanu’s’ . And the gov’t is making very unpopular decisions for very obvious reasons. The millions of IDP and the schools and health facilities that were destroyed and looted by TPLF need billions of dollars in aid. And there is the draught, we have seen kids replacing ox on farms in Borena. The Diaspora’s money is like a drop in the bucket when compared to what is needed. This world has never been fair to the black man but it is worst today. Beggars can’t be choosers.

    Chris Rock once said Ns steal from your house and greet you at your door when you come from work and say “I heard you got robbed’ with that annoyingly stupid smile.

    A hyena over heard a family threatening their crying child they were handing him over to AYA JIBO. The child didn’t stop crying and yet the parents were not throwing the child out. The hyena waiting outside got impatient and knocked at the door and when ‘who is it’ came from the inside of the house he said YELIJUN NEGER ENDET ALACHIHU.


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