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Ethiopia’s National Security Council vows measures tougher on those “aiding  enemy” 

National Security identified two groups of collaborators working with or for the enemies of Ethiopia 


Ethiopia’s National Security Council on Friday vowed that it will take appropriate measures against those who are engaged in aiding and working with the enemies of Ethiopia. 

The statement, which the office of the prime minister shared on social media, was apparently released after a meeting between the National Security Council unspecified as to who is the enemy force.  The meeting discussed current affairs and the security situation in the country. 

The Council said Ethiopia’s historical enemies have always been sleepless. “They will cease enmity only when Ethiopia no longer exists.” 

The statement, however, emphasised two other groups of local enemies who are collaborating and selling out their country for personal sordid gains, and for money. 

“Daytime they are seen preaching about patriotism and unity of the country, and in the evening they conspire with the enemy and dig a ditch for Ethiopia,” it said. 

Another group to which the statement made a reference are those who are collaborating with the enemy unknowingly. They were characterised as careless with little understanding of the impact of their actions. They convey all the information they are given without considering the damage it could cause to their people and their country, it added. “If the question at all, it would be late,” it said. 

The council also highlighted a form of economic sabotage that manifests itself in the form of food price gouging and smuggling out important commodity items like fuel. It also manifests itself in the form of obstructing development and investment, and public transportation. 

Furthermore, it made a reference to those who are allegedly engaged in land grab as parts of the problem but no elaboration was given on that. 

The council said that it will go after those, “based on research” and evidence, who are disseminating false information with the motive to incite inter-ethnic violence and cause a security crisis. 

Militant radical groups operating in the Oromo region who call themselves as “Oromo Liberation Army” had been making headlines in local news outlets for more than three years now have been engaged in the massacre of civilians, vandalism, destruction of public and private properties as well as making intra-regional public transportation a nightmare. 

During his recent meeting with military generals, PM Abiy Ahmed said Shane (“Oromo Liberation Army”) destroyed tools for the Wechi Project – one of the three national projects intended to boost the tourism sector in the country with a view to making local communities beneficiaries. 

The group has massacred thousands of ethnic Amhara farming communities who had been living for generations in the Oromo region of Ethiopia.  It is said to have some authorities working in the government structure mainly in the Oromo region. 

Federal and regional government authorities have been vowing to reverse the chronic security crisis in the country due to groups who are believed to be working with enemy forces but there has been gaps between rhetoric and action. 


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  1. This man talk too much and to vague. He has to talk the talk only but walk the walk . But again.
    unfortunately the existential problem is the rank and of the PP and its leadership are the same corrupt old people of EPRDF remnant of political outfit with no sense of ethics, integrity and professionalism , if not have criminal behavior and culture. .


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