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Ethiopia arrested 34 suspected Al-Shabaab terrorists 

Some of the arrested Al-Shaabab suspects (Photo : ENA)


Ethiopia’s National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) announced that it has arrested 34 Al-Shabab members. The security agency was seemingly monitoring the group’s preparations to launch a terrorist attack before making the arrest. 

ENA, state media, on Saturday reported, citing a statement from NISS, that the Alshabab Members were “making preparations to carry out a terrorist attack in Addis Ababa and various parts of the country” 

The operation to arrest the suspects was coordinated with the Somali and Oromo regions of Ethiopia. 

The terrorist group was aiming to exploit the occasions of religious holidays to execute plans targeting urban centers including Addis Ababa, in the Oromo and Somali regions.  

10 of the arrests were made in West Arsi, East Arsi, West Bale, East Bale, East Shoa, West and East Hararge zones of Oromia regional state, and the remaining 24 were arrested  Afdera, Dolo, Gode, Jijiga and Shebele on Somali region, according to a report by the state media. 

From statements released at different times, there had been repeated attempts by the Al-Shabab group to execute terror plans in Ethiopia but none were a success so far. 

National Intelligence and Security Services speculates another possible attempt and is calling on the public to be vigilante and cooperative. 


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  1. Once these demons are proven guilty in a court of law throw them in the slammer and throw away the key. Then you watch, these bigots among us will make one or a few out of these demons in human clothing as some ‘freedom’ fighters wrongfully accused and jailed. May be not now but down the road a few years from now. You watch!

  2. How come we do not see captured violent Shene OLF photos. OLF Shene has been committing violence and crime against Amhara Humanity for four years yet we have not seen a photo of caught Shene/OLF criminal. In the meantime PM Abiy is busy preaching, planting, building parks by destroying historical places, giving how to cook leaves and eating banana with bread lessons. Complaining, chastising and accusing people who ask him to do the main PM job that shows his leadership rolls and protection of people from lawlessness and violence.

    What Ethiopians must do is take Abiy out of Arat Kilo and the PM position and instead assign him in City, Garden and Park Maintenance job. As for cooking job he must be forced to quit because he is not fit for it.
    Instead of preaching he should be send to attend Sunday schools just to stop him impersonating as a good person and enough to teach him how to become a good and honest person.


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