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Deir Al-Sultan: Ethiopians, Egyptians clash in the Holy land 

Egyptians and Egyptians had clashed for several years now over possession of  Deir Al-Sultan in the holy land Jerusalem

Deir Al-Sultan _ Ethiopians _ Egyptians
Egyptian Flag painted on the entrance of Ethiopian Monastery in Deir Al-Sultan. (Photo credit : DW Amharic)


Ethiopians and Egyptians in the holy land of Jerusalem on Monday, according to a report by DW Amharic. 

It happened the night after Palm Sunday after the Egyptians painted their flags in the part of Deir Al-Sultan that is owned by Ethiopians. 

No injuries were reported however Police dispossessed an identity card of an Ethiopian, whose name is unspecified, who tried to remove the painted flag. 

The report indicated that the Egyptians painted it on the wall of the entrance of Golgota Ethiopian Monastery.  

Betty Kassa is a member of the Ethiopian Community in Jerusalem. DW Amharic cited her as saying that it is customary for Ethiopians to hoist the Ethiopian flag during feast celebrations. But this year the Egyptians warned Ethiopians not to do it. 

“They painted their own flag overnight,” she added.

 The matter is reported to authorities in the city, according to Betty. 

“Israeli police said, you [Ethiopians] remove your flag. We will make sure that Egyptians remove their flag too,”  is the response the community got, as quoted in the DW Amharic report. 

Abune Enbaqom, archbishop of Ethiopian Monasteries in Jerusalem, is quoted as saying “the disruption of peace that happened is usual. We will add or lose from what we have.”  

He recalled that there was a similar controversy last year. He added that it is inappropriate for Egyptians to paint their flag on the gate.

“The Egyptians do not want us to be visible here. They claim that the place is theirs but that is not right,” Abune Enbakom said. 

Furthermore, he said that Ethiopians ask authorities to resolve the matter.

Ethiopians and Egyptians had been clashing in  Deir Al-Sultan, the Holy land for several years now. The Egyptians have had claims about what is possessed by Ethiopians for ages. 

Both the Egyptians and Ethiopians in the area are followers of the same faith – the Orthodox Church. 

The Syrian, Armenian, Egyptian, and Ethiopian Orthodox Churches were celebrating the feast of Palm Sunday on April 17 as the rest of the Protestants and Catholics were celebrating Easter. 


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  1. Subject: “Deir Al-Sultan: Ethiopians, Egyptians clash in the Holy land” April 19, 2022

    Humble Commentary, 19 April 2022
    The Monotonous Trumpet of Egypt.
    It happened all the time for seemingly time immemorial.
    Egypt has self-appointed superiority Complex — over Black African Countries.
    Ethiopia has its own pride of ancient noble history, unparalleled anywhere.
    It is also admirable fact that Ethiopia is a peaceful country, believing in the equality of ALL.
    Egypt has a weak knee when it comes to facing Ethiopia — the reason for its charade.
    In any case, REALITY is REALITY. no matter how often vibrating the wings
    Peaceful environment is still the Moto of States who are historically sure of themselves.

  2. This is an Egyptian monastery. Even its nam “al sultan” is an Egyptian word. It does not even have an ethiopian name. We will not let the Ethiopians steal our monastery any more. Stop lying!!!


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