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Opposition party reacts to Oromo Federalist Congress inciting statement 

NaMA sees OFC’s accusation against Amhara forces as a sort of move to “externalise” internal problems

Belete Molla _ NaMA _ Opposition
Belete Molla, leader of National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) and Innovation Minister ( Photo : SM)


A day after the executive committee of Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) issued a statement accusing forces in the Amhara region of Ethiopia of what it called “land grab” and “invasion” of Oromia, the National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) said that the former is making using a failed tactic of creating “external enemy” as a technique to end the rivalry between Oromo political forces. 

NaMA did not utterly reject the entire statement from OFC. It rather identified those with political and economic benefit for Ethiopians and commended them. 

OFC’s call for the peaceful settlement of war between Oromia region security forces and Oromo Liberation Front – Shane is commendable, and it is something for which the National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) could give full support, it said. 

It also supported OFC’s call for government action against the unbearable cost of living in the country – a matter that was raised during the course of which the ruling party initiated a discussion in different parts of the country.  

It also said that NAMA condemns any form of attacks from gunmen in any region, zone, or kebele. Our movement believed that no difference [political] could be resolved through war or force and that it will support, in all its capacity, any effort to stop any entity, if there is one, that is supported by any authority to launch an attack against any group of people in Ethiopia or any part of Ethiopia. 

On the other hand, NaMA condemned what it called the move to scapegoat the Amhara people and Amhara political forces as a cause for security problems in the Oromo region which is caused by, as NaMA believes, political rivalry within Oromo political forces. 

It also highlighted that the areas that OFC mentioned in its statement, which was released on Monday, including  East Wollega, Horo Guduru, West Shoa, and East Shoa are areas where there have been recurring attacks and displacement of Amhara people – and that it is public knowledge. 

Amhara will be responsible for security problems in those places only if there is the claim that OLF-Shane is Amhara and the gunmen are Amhara farmers, it said.  “We hope that OFC will not indict OLF- Shane and its gunmen as Amhara,” NaMA taunted OFC. 

Furthermore,NaMA said that there is concrete ample evidence that the OLF-Shane has been attacking innocent civilians and destroying civilian infrastructure in the Benishangul Gumuz region, Sidama region, South region, and Amhara region in addition to the attacks in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

Motive Behind OFC Accusation of Amhara forces 

NaMA believes that  OFC made accusations against Amhara forces as a strategy to diffuse tension in the Oromo region of Ethiopia due to the bloody war between OLF-Shane and the regional government, and the rivalry between various Oromo political forces. 

NaMA, said the statement, is saddened by the OFC statement in which OFC made claims that gunmen originating from Amhara region are invading the Oromia region. 

The idea of “creating a common enemy for the sake of bringing about unity among Oromo political forces,” has been tried for several decades and did not work, NAMA said in a statement it issued on Tuesday as a response to the OFC statement. 

It called on OFC and other political forces whom it said are employing similar tactics to refrain from such practices. 

In the end, NaMA painted its understanding of the root causes of the prevalent security problems in Ethiopia. It said the security problems in different parts of Ethiopia are related to structural arrangements and are products of the system. 

Many Ethiopian politicians who are not organised on the basis of ethnicity espouse a similar belief that power and administrative arrangements have caused political, economic, social and security problems in the country. 

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  1. The fundamental problem with the imbecilic Oromo militants is their failure of understanding their Achilles’ heel : Oromo gluttony, greed, and barbarism. Oromo militants, and their leaders including the Jawars, the Abiyes, the Megerssas, the Abdissas, the Abebes and on and on cannot, should not and must not scapegoat the Amharas, the Tigriyans, the Somalis, the Sidamas, the Afars the Gujis or any other ethnic groups or class in Ethiopia. The Oromos have been historically responsible for their massive land grab, displacement and extinction of many other non Oromo tribes in Ethiopia, including the Dewaros. In addtion, it is a fundamental fact that the Oromos are not even one group, and atrocities between the different Oromo clans, between Oromo Orthodox Christians, Oromo Protestants, majority Oromo moslems, Eastern Ethiopia Harar etc Oromo clans, Shoan Oromo tribes and those in Arsii, the traditionally militant Wollegan Oromo clans and tribes and so on have been the cause of centuries of bloodshed, displacement, wars and clashes in Ethiopia. The Oromos are not a homogenous group. They have never been so in the past and will not and cannot by the nature of their history and migratory patterns be so. There is no land called Oromia in Ethiopia, either. Oromia is a fictional, political land structure carved out of air by militant TPLF thugs and their Oromo sycophants. The Oromo should stop attacking Ethiopian history and Ethiopian unity. In a fractured Ethiopia, the first group that will go will be the Oromo because of internal implosion, irreconcilable differences in language, history, migration within Ethiopia and from without over the centuries of the different Oromo clans and tribes. It behooves the so called educated but unlearned Oromo so called elites to pay attention to the realities on the ground, come to their senses and start the journey of establishing a secure and viable Ethiopia where the individual Ethiopian can live with liberty, equality, and the pursuit of happiness with freedom in any parts of Ethiopia based on his or her individual inalienable rights as an INDIVIDUAL CITIZEN OF ETHIOPIA-HENCE THE INEVITABILITY OF AMENDING THE CURRENT UNTENABLE SECTIONS OF THE CONSTITUTION DRAFTED DURING THE NOTORIOUS MELES ZENAWI’s ERA.

  2. There has never been a place called Oromia for as long as Ethiopian history tells. It is a fictional, political land structure carved out of air by militant TPLF thugs and their Oromo sycophants only 30 years ago just to massacre and impoverish Amhara and non-Oromo and non-Tigrea ethnic Ethiopians.

    Non-Oromo forced to change to Oromo and accept Oromo dominated rule in the fictional zone called Oromia must be liberated from Oromuma brutality and live as themselves.

    Oromos are known as nomadic lifestyle, non agrarian society and very violent to non-Oromos also known for land grab by following Gragn Mohamed’s foot step. The forcefully occupied place today, called Oromia zone is not a place of one same ethnic Oromo but collection of many other non Oromo groups forced to change their identity and call themselves Oromos. Those people’s voice is silenced and must get their freedom and liberation!!!

    The tribal behavior of Oromo clans that has not travelled and modernized itself with todays modern day is taking the country backward spreading havoc and violence.
    In order to escape justice, to keep up with the land grab by massacring Amharas and other non-Oromos the same barbaric Oromo group is blaming and accusing the victim brutally massacred Amhara people itself.

    Arat Kilo and Addis Ababa must be cleansed from Abiy and Oromo barbaric clans.


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