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Tamrat Negera released on bail after four months behind bars 

Tamrat was held incommunicado for several days after he was taken by security forces from his residence in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa

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Tamerat Negera ( Photo : from VOA Amharic)


Owner and Founder of Terara Network Media, Tamrat Negera, was on Tuesday released from prison after a supreme court in Oromo region of Ethiopia allowed it.

The known condition for his release, as reported in the media, is a 50,000 Ethiopian birr bail. 

Gemechu Gutema, told VOA Amharic service, that he asked the court for a bail right. 

Tamrat had been in jail for over four months now. For the first few weeks, the government did not disclose his whereabouts.  After he was arrested in early December from his residence in the capital Addis Ababa, he was transferred to the Oromia region without legal procedures as the Oromia region does not have legal jurisdiction over Addis Ababa despite exclusive claim over it. 

Initially, he was arrested on alleged grounds of terrorism-related suspicions at the height of the state of emergency in the country – something which was triggered by TPLF forces advance, at the time, into Debre Sina – which is about 150 kilometers north of Addis Ababa. 

Tamrat was detained for several weeks without charges. 

Among the charges, which came later, and as revealed by his lawyer, Gemechu, Tamrat is indicted for “taking part in a movement that advocated for dismantling Oromia region” something which the region’s prosecutor used as an argument to make a case against bail right. 

Tamrat has been, openly, vocal about the need to dismantle ethnic-based federalism in Ethiopia. Ethiopian activists who are active in social media had been calling for his unconditional release. 


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