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Ethiopia says it has generated over $2.5 billion from export 

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Ethiopia’s Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration says it has generated $2.5 billion from export trade in eight months.

It was during an appearance at the House of People’s Representatives ( Ethiopian Parliament) that the Ministry reported the above mentioned figure. 

Gebremeskel Challa, the Minister for Trade, said, as reported by state media, that the plan was to generate $2.77 billion and that 91 percent of the planned revenue is achieved from export trade. 

The bulk of it was generated from the export of agricultural products ( $1.75 billion).  The Manufacturing sector generated $320.9 million. 

Export of products from the Mining sector generated $389 million. There were also revenues from other sectors that contributed towards the total $2.52 billion in the past eight months. 

The revenue is said to have shown growth ( by 20 percent) compared to revenue raised during the same period in the previous budget year. 

Meanwhile, the Ethiopian parliament ordered a new strong inspection to be in place to ensure that imported items, with the aim to ease the burden of unbreakable cost of living, are reaching consumers. 


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