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At least five killed in ethnic violence between Oromia, Sidama region 

Security authorities in the Sidama Region call it violence in what appears to an attempt not to recognize the ethnic character of it 

Sidama _ Oromo _ Ethnic violence _ Alemayehu
Alemayehu Timotios (Photo : from Ethiopia Insider report)


Ethnic violence near the west Arsi zone of the Oromo region and the adjacent Sidama area left at least five people dead. 

According to a report by Ethiopia Insider, published in Amharic, which cited Alemayehu Timotios, Sidama region peace and security office head, the incident happened on Sunday. 

Fifteen people are said to have bullet wounds of which three are in serious condition, as reported by physicians.  

The source added that the violence happened in Cheri district of the Sidama region, and Alemayehu has confirmed to the source that an elderly man known as Halela Kebele was killed.  The victim, who was killed by an “unidentified man ” around 10 p.m. local time, is identified as Loke Yonie. 

Another violence was transpired in Halela Kebele after the incident and spread to neighbouring kebeles, the report added. Sucha Bekele of Cheri district from Sidama region and Shablen and Woro kebeles of the Oromia region were affected by the violence. 

Mr. Alemayehu is cited as saying that there was an attempt to give the violence an “appearance of ethnic violence.” He called it violence, not ethnic violence. 

According to an Ethiopia Insider report, two of the victims are from the Sidama region and three of them are from Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

Ethiopia has been facing pervasive ethnic violence in the years after what was the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), now Prosperity Party except that TPLF is no longer a part of it, elected Abiy Ahmed as Prime Minister in April 2018. 


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  1. The ethnic conflicts here and there in the country should be brought under control. Extremists who fan these conflicts should also face justice. More of these ethnic aimed attacks and displacements have been occurring in the Oromia region which is under the Oromo prosperity party. This clash between the Sidama and Arsi communities should be taken as a warning because the Oromo region has border issues to be settled with the Benishangul, Somali and Sidama regions and Gedeo area. Thus instability in the Oromo region will spill over and destabilize all the neighboring regions and areas. The conflict will not be limited to between the Amhara and Oromo regions as some Oromo politicians mean.

  2. Subject: At least five killed in ethnic violence between Oromia, Sidama region by Alemayehu Timotios
    April 5, 2022

    Humble Commentary
    Here is the so-called classical TRAGEDY.
    Here it is the disintegration of the Ancient Independent Black African Country into pieces.
    Here it is that colonial forces of centuries are at last succeeded in the complete disintegration of the Black African Continent. Who benefits out of that destruction? The answer is obvious.
    Ask America about the effective way to destroy a Nation — a Continent.
    What do supremely educated Africans, with the highest paper degree, do to save their dear Black African Continent ?
    Answer: Just look around without words.
    Western Civilization has done what it cooked for many centuries.

    Black Africa, on the other hand, is at the bottom of their BOOTS — never, never, never to recover. Prove it wrong, in deeds.
    Why do you think that WE Africans — regardless of our status — are scattered around the Globe, away from dear Africa????
    If, Dear Africans, do not wish to answer that question it is understood — as the colonizer already pronounced clearly our inherent characteristic, centuries ago.

    I do not wish to dwell further than what I hinted. AMEN – INSHALLAH in alphabetical order, please. THAT IS OUR LIFE.
    Believe it or not; like it or hate it; exist with it or go with the wind. THE END of ………fill the gap.

  3. So long as OPP is in power there will never be peace in Ethiopia. All conflicts and Genocide is perpetuated by the same daytime OPP and Shene terrorist by night. Now the instigation has widened to outside of Oromia, the bloodbath of Orthodox Christians (Amhara, Oromo, Gurage and others) and Amhara (Christians and Muslims). Unless it is forcefully stopped by ethnically united power it will keep leaking into every other ethnic zones. OPP/OLF/Shene must be spoken by same language they speak and understand.

    The end of OPP/OLF/Shene/Abiy and Peace for all Ethiopia is near.


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