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Ethiopian Gov’t claims success in battling militant Oromo – “Shane group” 

Ethiopia’s Federal government calls Oromia region activity in alleged operation against OLF Shane as “encouraging.” 

Shane _ Oromo radical


The Federal government is claiming that it has cleared areas in the Oromo region of Ethiopia that were serving as logistical and arms provision bases. 

It was government communication Affairs Minister, Legesse Tulu,   who claimed so in a weekly briefing on Saturday. 

“The Federal and regional forces, with participation from the community, are undertaking operation in some areas of Oromia region and adjacent areas against Shene force which is engaged in plundering, destruction of properties, rape, murder and displacing civilians,” he said during the briefing. 

He described the operation as a “coordinated one.” Furthermore, he claimed that several members of the OLF had been “annihilated.” 

Mr. Tulu added that “those who were cajoled and engaged in this disgusting activity have been lured by Abagedas and elders, and have surrendered.” 

Furthermore, he went on to hail the regional government in the operation against the radical Oromo Liberation Front military wing – Shane. 

“Oromia regional state’s activity and the way it is coordinating with Federal security forces with the aim to bring about durable peace throughout Oromia is commendable and encouraging,” said Legese Tulu. 

He called on the regional government to supplement it with political work while continuing the work to clear all areas in the region from Shane. 

Ransom kidnapping of children forced contributions, rape, ambushing security forces and innocent civilians, and obstructing government service delivery have become common problems, and the public is expressing grievance about it, he added. 

The militant wing of the radical Oromo Liberation Front has been targeting civilians in the region, mostly ethnic Amhara, for more than three years now. 

The government, on many occasions including this year, admitted that the militant group was coordinating with some within the government structure. 


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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, hi hi hi hi hi hi, oh Abiy, come on just come out and say it loud and clear, “we the PP and led by our butcher PM and a party chairmen who we control, and all of us who are the servants of our political fataher and mother figures, our masters the TPLF have now managed to control the OLF Sheen we ourselves created out of ourselves and annihilated them by making them our official PP members”.

    “For these remarkable achievements, we will celebrate by slaughtering 100 fatty bulls for our parties and Oromumma Day invitations. We will also cut fifty 6 meters by 12 meters humungous cakes and open 10,000 bottles of champagne to mark the occasion” Listen to ESAT for the update.

    Meanwhile, in the real world, beautiful Ethiopian people in Afar areas, Wollo, parts of Tigray, suffer day in day out. In the rest of Ethiopia, except the bloated pigs in government, rest of Ethiopians struggle with 1000 birr oil price, 5500 birr teff, in Addis, people wait for 2 hours in taxi lines. Everyone suffers and worries about the next meal on the table,safety, security and even the fundamental right to exist as a human being.

  2. It is high time to resurrect what we read was popular during the derg era. The so called “Magalet Zemecha” must start. The history books tell us, in weekly, monthly meetings, the derg exposed what it called “anarchists” and “counter-revolutionaries” by encouraging members to name out the perpetrators and criminals in publicly held meetings. It is true there were massive abuses in the system. To avoid extra judicial vigilantism, the system can be updated by including the media. In a weekly meeting, media can be invited to record and broadcast to the public to the extent allowed by law, details of the abuses, criminal activities, thefts, embezzlements allowed in the civil sector controlled and run by the Abiy government. The public has a right to protection from the abus by government and accountability must be demanded from those entrusted with public safety, public service and public resources and money.

  3. tired of this play ….ba, bla, bla. As long as Abiy is in powwer., Shene will continue to kill Amhara and others with impunity. Other Shashamenes, Atayes, Batus (Ziways), wellgas,…will continue. O God save the innocent children.

  4. Shimeles Abdissa going at it again! OLF-Shene Abettor going after OLF-Shene. What an oxymoron!
    We have seen that, done that and have enough of that bs!! We are not confused or convinced!

    Oh really, of course they are all killed and no one caught alive with no proof to show right? Yeah, that is how the Oromia administration lead by the incompetent and accomplice Shimelis Abdissa jungle law works.

    It is amazing how Shimeles Abdissa Oromia Police only kill and never catches alive the violent OLF-Shene criminals training and running around in his backyard and office.
    We never saw anyone prisoned or waiting for justice for the many Amharas they murdered, vandalized and looted their properties.


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