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Oromo Federalist Congress grades Prosperity Party-led reform as failure , claims to have new strategy for struggle 

Oromo Federalist Congress claims there was civil war in the Oromo region for three years but it is not given the attention it deserves 

Ethiopia _ Oromo Federalist Congress
Oromo Federalist Congress Leaders seated in the Front row. (Photo : OFC social media)


The Oromo Federalist Congress undertook this week the Second Congress of the General Assembly of the Party.  

It said that it assessed what it called the fifty years of Oromo Struggle, the progress of the Oromo Federalist Congress as a party, the failures, and successes of the “change” in the last two years. 

With regard to its evaluation of what has been presented to Ethiopians as  “change,” (and the Oromo Federalist Party expressed its conviction that it was achieved through the sacrifices of qeerroo and qeerree without even mentioning the contribution of many other Ethiopians) which OFC rather described as “transition,” it said that it has been “Scuttled.” 

A statement that was released in the name of the participants of the congress further said that the “hope of a democratic transition has now given way to despair, civil war and the spectre of disintegration.”  

OFC remarked on the recent humanitarian truce and called on the Federal government and Tigray regional government ( Ethiopian parliament was rather making a reference to TPLF terrorists following majority vote designation May 2021) to take the agreement to the next level. 

On the other hand, OFC made complaints that the “Civil war in the Oromia region,”which it said has been going on for three years now, is not given the attention it deserves. It called on the Federal government to reach an agreement with the “Oromo Liberation Army” in a peaceful way. 

Thousands of unarmed innocent civilians in farming communities in the Oromo region of Ethiopia, mostly ethnic Amhara, had been slaughtered by the armed wing of the Oromo Liberation Front which OFC described as the “Oromo Liberation Army.” OFC was often criticised for being silent about it which some political activists on social media tend to see as condoning the massacre. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government had admitted that officials in the government structure had been involved in facilitating the massacre. 

Before Abiy Ahmed took office as Prime Minister in 2018, a considerable part of what OFC described as the “Oromo Liberation Army,” were operating in Eritrea under the Oromo Liberation Front. It was Abiy Ahmed and his OPDO colleagues that invited them to enter the country and operate peacefully. Other armed groups organised on a pan Ethiopian basis were also invited to enter the country. 

OFC also made remarks about the National Dialogue, for which the Ethiopian Parliament appointed about eleven Commissioners from around the country, which is something that OFC, as it claims,  had been clamouring for many years but now, it said, the situation in the country is not conducive for it. 

“We do not believe that a national dialogue that does not include all stakeholders and is led by a neutral body can resolve all outstanding issues facing the country,” said OFC. 

It called for an end to hostilities with armed groups – TPLF and OLA – and for the unconditional release of political words, specifically, it is a word that OFC used, the leaders of Oromo Liberation Front and OFC. 

The statement also went into a fit of advocacy for displaced people and called for unity among Oromos and solidarity with other nations. 

Finally the party said that it has a new strategy to continue “struggle” but did not reveal it.

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  1. Pastor Ayalkebet Abiy, now in the process of negotiating with itself, or pardon my French, he is ironing out the differences between himself and his violent wing of PP in Oromia aka OLF-Shenie. The issue at hand is the wanna be pastor and wanna be pm and fake Ethiopian, feels the murder of about 9999 innocent non Oromos a week is sufficient for the cause of Oromumma, and his fanatic murderous OLF thugs won’t settle for anything less than the blood of at least 10000 non Oromos a week. To settle these disputes these Oromo extremist thugs and their sycophants like Debezeze Mekonnen, Yilekal Weshetu, Agegnehu Lebenetu etc have to sacrifice 100 bulls and cows and cut 1000 cakes a week per meeting like they have done since 2018.

    Meanwhile real Ethiopians, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters suffer in so called killers in Afar, in Amhara, in Tigray, in and rest of Ethiopia. Pastor Abiy is the joke of the century.

  2. Now both these young men are released from jail and have found their freedom, Obbo Eskinder and Jawar have both to grow up. That country, that glorious and gem of the colored is not like a fixable desktop ornament that can be broken and put back together. It is in a fragile state and one you two help it broken it will shatter into tiny pieces and you or no one else can return it to its original one piece. Having dedicated followers comes with a huge responsibility. You should always keep in mind that no matter where they come from or what their ethnicity identifies them as such, at the end of the day they are brothers and sisters. You should never think again about sending some of your followers to Egypt or some wilderness joint for military training so they can come back to duke it out in the capital. I can tell you this as a fact. It is not the first time Oromos lived at several localities where they are surrounded by Amhara majority. It is not also new for Amharas to live in so many localities where they were surrounded by a majority Oromos. It is not new and has been around for centuries. They knew and had devised means to live in harmony until that demonic philosophy of Marxism/Leninism set its foot in the minds of intellectuals who used to be just as young as you are. The Almighty’s Our Creator eternal curse Shall be upon you if you call my harmonious Oromos extremists and equally so The Almighty Our Creator’s Shall cast his eternal curse upon you if you call our noble neighbors Amharas as fascists/neftegnas. The same eternal curse Shall cast upon you if you call our upright brothers and sisters of Tigray using ‘Woyane’ as pejorative epithet. Don’t even think about denigrating our harmonious neighbors in Afar, Somali, Sidama, Benishangul, Gambela and the rest of groups of people who call that country their home. I had said many times in the past and I can say it again with all assertiveness. All the injustices emanating from marginalization are all solvable(corrigible) through step-by-step peaceful struggle without wholesale incrimination of others and without taking to the bushes for violent alternatives. That did not work and we came to realize that in the most painful ways. Didn’t we? Let’s not recycle such violent and destructive ways. It is not funny, okay!!!!

    • This comment and call also include Abiy and Debre with all their cabals. Y’all need to temper your tongues. The words that come out of the mouths of those in the positions of powers weigh heavy and can have far reaching unwanted consequences. They can douse cold water on raging fire and choke it up or it can also dump gasoline on the already runaway flame. It can be constructive or it can also be so destructive. Watch your language!!!

  3. What is the reason for the negotiating between Abiy and the same greedy, cold blooded and ignorant murderous Oromo criminal groups?
    None of those Oromo Political groups condemn Genocide against innocent Amhara in Wollega and other areas by the violent barbaric OPP wing OLF-Shene.
    No Oromo political leader condemns injustice, stealing and looting innocents Amhara farmers cattle and crops.
    No Oromo political leader
    They all agree on murdering innocent Amharas and Ethiopians and grabbing land and wealth by stealing from hard working Ethiopians but they may disagree on the low number of massacred Amharas and who stole more than the other?

    Just yesterday the criminal Oromia group of PP, Abiy and Shimeles Abdissa crime against Amhara has been caught and exposed.
    In North Showa, Menjar Woreda a place called Amorabet, violent Oromia aka OLF-Shenie and Oromia Militia aka daytime Police and nighttime violent savage OLF-Shene suddenly drove in trucks started randomly shooting at innocent people and houses killing one Federal police and many innocent Amhara people. After being shot Amharas started shooting back and managed to catch and kill the violent OLF-Shenie who came to murder them. But when started to see the dead bodies of OLF-Shenie what was found was Oromia Militia uniforms and ID cards. Then suddenly after the initial news have reached everybody’s ears the Oromia zone started a cover up and damage control fake news.

    Whether it is Abiy, Merara, or any Oromo they are all the same criminals that must go to jail. Peace and civility will never come in Ethiopia because they are all criminals who are thirsty to drink Amhara blood.

    Patient has run out. People are fed up with ignorant, inhumane and barbaric Oromo controlled brutal and Genocidal regime. No Amhara should take Abiys orders because the country has no leader or responsible government. Amhara should take the law in their hands and save themselves from regime that murders and lies to them. Amharas must take back whatever PP wing violent Shene stole from them.

    Those Geocide perpetrators will be held responsible as long as they are breathing!!!!

  4. Situation with the backward, greedy for power and money, medieval mindset Prime Monster Abiy, the uncivilized and unrefined Oromo controlled PP government inability to rule is getting worse day by day.
    Violent wing of OPDO/PP OLF-Shene is encouraged to get away with murder and go on with rampage on Amhara people and land in bid to steal Amhara land and wealth when people flee away from violence.

    Regime change is a must and Abiy and his Oromo mafias must get out of power. Fresh Census Population count must start. The backward, unjust, unfair, partial, medieval undemocratic constitution cooked only by TPLF and OLF must be scraped out and be replaced with a new democratic, updated and impartial constitution.

  5. From the words of that scumbag, sociopath and butcher himself, aka PM Abiy, when this imbecile was asked to ensure the rule of law and protected the lives of innocent and defenseless citizens, two and three years ago, before the war started, he answered “yehulum ej bedem yetechmalek naw” ie, “everybody’s hands is soaked in blood”. This moron and his half educated Oromo militant and thugs did not grasp the concept of monopoly of violence by elected government (to protect the innocent by taking appropriate and commensurate measures against criminals and disturbers of peace in society). The s***head somehow in his muscle head thought this as a ‘carte blanche’ to eliminate, assassinate, imprison, depose, displace, starve, rape and subjugate torture against individuals and groups who he in his puny mind fears oppose his dictatorship, threaten his Oromumma beastly project. Together with his mentors and father and mother figures TPLF murderous thugs, this no good, imbecilic Abiy sat in smug face and watched , and orchestrated behind the scenes the demographic changing projects of Lemma Megaerssa then, the massacre, torture and marginalization of Amharas, Afars, Somalis, Tigres, Sidamans and many more by violent Oromo thugs and murderers. Early on during the Burayu massacre, this fool tried to deceive the Ethiopian people by taking fake trips and claiming on national tv that he was not there , he was not aware, he was not informed etc. Abiy the fool, played dumb for two years, when people finally realized his evil intentions, he coined the fake term Shene and claimed it was not Prosperity Party per se but OLF Shene. Shameless Abdissa is OLF Shene, Adanech Abebe is OlF Shene. Just take off your fake Ethiopian cape ie “yehaset Ethiopia kabbahe awelkew”. Show your OLF t-shirt your hiding underneath your fake Ethiopian shirt!!!! Show your ONEG socks you covered underneath your fake Ethiopian shirt. Now that you know that the Ethiopian people know who you truly are, it is high time for you to know that your game is over. Accept your failures, your disgrace, and be ready to face the consequences for your betrayal, crimes, treachery, bigotry and machinations. IT IS WRITTEN ON THE WALLL, YOU BETRAYED ETHIOPIANS, AND ETHIOPIA SPAT YOU AND YOUR MURDEROUS THUGS, FRIENDS AND SYCOPHANTS OUT!!!!!!!!

  6. Tell me anything Oromos have done in history that stands out as a marker of civilization. The inter-ethnic, clan, and multi-religious conflict and mayhem among and between them is the single most critical source of the problem in Ethiopia today. Look around, give me an example of a civilizational achievement in architecture, literary and artistic development, scientific endeavors…. there is nothing but chaos and bloodletting…


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