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Ethiopia to repatriate 100,000 immigrants from Saudi Arabia within 11 months 

Bertukan Ayano, chairwoman of committee established to repatriate Ethiopians (Photo : MAFE)


Ethiopia says that it has finalised preparations to start repatriating Ethiopian migrants from Saudi Arabia. The first schedule is said to take place this Wednesday. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia on Monday said that the committee that was established to oversee the repatriation process had a meeting on the matter. 

The Committee draws membership from 16 institutions, as reported by MAFE, has revealed plans to repatriate as many as 100,000 Ethiopian migrants in a span of 7 to 11 months. 

Ambassador Bertukan Ayano, State Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, chairs the committee. 

Ethiopian Migrants in Saudi Arabia were subjected to inhuman harassment, many of them in prison facilities, for several months. 

A video that was released earlier this year purportedly showing the situation of Ethiopian migrants, which was circulating on social media, outraged many Ethiopians, and the Ethiopian government has been under pressure from activists to repatriate them. 

Under the repatriation program, the Ethiopian government is flying the migrants back to Ethiopia, provide them temporary shelters including the provision of food and clothing and finally enable them to go to their respective home region. 


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  1. It is evident that all these returnees will need help financially to start new lives in their country. I call upon everyone of us to share the last spare penny in our pockets to help these countrymen/women rehabilitated. You all be blessed!!!


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