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Mesfin Tasew named new CEO of Ethiopian Airlines 

Mesfin Tasew has managerial experience in maintenance and engineering, planning and automation, among other things, and has served Ethiopian Airlines for 38 years 

Mesfin Tasew is appointed as the new CEO of Ethiopian Airlines


A day after Tewolde Gebremariam announced resignation due to health reasons, the Board of Management of Ethiopian Airlines named Mesfin Tasew as the new CEO.  

On Wednesday, Ethiopian also announced that Girma Wake, who served as CEO for seven years before Tewolde Gebremariam took the position about eleven years ago, as Chairperson of the Board of Directors. 

Mesfin Tasew has 38 years of working experience in Ethiopian Airlines, including managerial experiences in different departments. 

Ethiopian has released a statement regarding his appointment. It is featured below : 

“ Mesfin Tasew Appointed as New CEO of Ethiopian Airlines Group

Addis Ababa, 24 March 2022

The Board of Management of Ethiopian Airlines Group has announced the appointment of Mr. Mesfin Tasew Bekele, as Chief Executive Officer of Ethiopian Airlines Group, effective March 23, 2022. Mr Mesfin has been a successor to the former CEO of the Airline group, Tewolde GebreMariam whose early retirement request due to health issues has been approved by the board. 

Mr. Mesfin has 38 years of experience in airline management and operations in the areas of aircraft maintenance and engineering, procurement, information technology, flight operations, capability development, capacity building, development of corporate strategies, airline operation management, and corporate leadership. He earned Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Open University in the UK, MSc degree in Electrical Engineering specializing in Communications Engineering from Addis Ababa University, and BSc degree in Electrical Engineering from Addis Ababa University. 

The Board Chairman of the airline, Mr. Girma Wake said, “I would like to congratulate Mr Mesfin on his new appointment and I am fully confident about his capabilities. We believe that Mr Mesfin will lead the airline to an even greater success, keeping it on the right track that will see it grow through many generations to come. I urge the 17,000 employees of Ethiopian and the board members to stand with the new Group CEO to keep the airline fly high. We are also thankful for the remarkable contributions of the former Group CEO.”

Mr Mesfin Tassew on his part said, “I am honored and humbled to be appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Ethiopian Airlines Group which I have been serving for nearly four decades in various positions. My new role gives me the opportunity to carry on with the fast and profitable growth of our beloved airline and take it to the next level. I call on all my colleagues at Ethiopian to join hands and forge ahead for further success.” 

In the different capacities he served during his 38 years of service, Mr Mesfin has been a key player responsible for planning and execution of strategies that led the airline to shine in the African skies and beyond. He assumed responsibilities including but not limited to overall maintenance of Ethiopian fleet, capability and capacity development, leading the automation project of the Maintenance and Engineering Division and managing projects related to aircraft acquisition. 

Mr. Mesfin has been serving as a Chief Executive Officer of ASKY Airlines since 2021 and has led the airline with a profitable growth strategy until the time of his new appointment. He has served as a Chief Operating Officer of Ethiopian Airlines from 2010 –2021 and successfully led the operation of the airline in an efficient and cost effective way by optimizing processes and developing internal resources to cope up with the airlines growth strategy. 

Besides, he was Vice President of Maintenance and Engineering from 2006 –2010; Chief Information Officer from 1998 – 2006; Manager of Planning and Automation, Maintenance and Engineering Division from 1995 – 1997; and Avionics Engineer and Supervisor Avionics Engineering Group from 1984 – 1994.  

He took part in numerous local and international seminars in the aviation industry and general leadership. He received training’s in leadership and airlines operations management, aviation regulations and aircraft maintenance among others. 

In 1984, Mr Mesfin was a gold medal award winner of Addis Ababa University Faculty of Technology as an Outstanding Graduate of the Year. “

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  1. Smooth transition of management marked by highly qualified professionals at all levels and uninterrupted services to clients, all admirable qualities of world class Ethiopian Airlines. The company’s management experiences beat trainings offered by top business schools of the world. And the credit goes to all those involved in building the company from its inception over 70 years ago, which by itself should be lesson to others about how to build businesses, economies, and governments as well. I am certain the new CEO faces still many challenges internally, not least undoing rumored corruptions and culture of favoritism related to the TPLF politics of three decades. The new CEO has proven himself to face any challenges successfully, backed by an equally competent and experienced Chairman of the Board. All aboard for take-off higher into the universe!

  2. Let’s wish Obbo Tasew continued success in his new appointment as a group CEO of our beloved airline. Now, go get’em tiger!!!!

  3. I am wary of such new words added to institutions “group” is new name shrouded in institutions that “used” to serve populations such as World Bank Group, now EAL group? What does it mean? Note, there is nothing wrong about businesses and privatizations but if it is to the point to empoverish societies it’s use only for self profit. Capitalism has turned into feudalism the same system that people used to accuse of kings and queens hundreds years ago and it is not the same, this is unprecedented to the point it is threatening humanity.

    • It is funny how the writer just slipped in the word “group” meaning the EAL maybe dangerously privatized by suspicious group profiting out of the misery of Ethiopians. The EAL leaders must be asked what this “group” mean?

      Note: Ethiopia does not need fat cats but that advances her to peace, well-being, success, faithful, role model, strong, she does not even need sky scraper to compete with the fake way of growth that is full of atrocities against humanity. Indeed, Babylon is here

  4. While EAL is changing hopefully for better, change the language message on the EAL intercom, announcements in each EAL offices back to Amharic. Many Ethiopians whose first language is Amharic and most can not speak or hear English, the country is controlled by some foreign entity is proof of this. How do the people understand when their turn inline to purchase their tickets are called out in English? Go to every country in the world, they start with their own native language announcements and messages. I remember elderly lady’s turn passed and she was sitting to be called in EAL office, she approached the front desk after long hrs and she was told her number was called which was automated in English and it had passed her turn. So the colonized EAL offices just serving foreign interest rather than for citizens it is getting profit from. The world corporations are even buying islands that is how we are approaching towards anti humanity


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