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His Holiness Abune Mathias making new claims about “Genocide in Tigray” , 120,000 rape cases

His Holiness Abune Mathias _ TPLF _ Tigray
His Holiness Abune Mathias, Patriarch of Ethiopian Orthodox Church, appearing on TMH cyber media. ( Photo : screenshot from the video)


His Holiness Abune Mathias Patriarch of Ethiopia (TMH caster avoided to call him as Patriarch of Ethiopia) appeared on Tigray Media House Cyber TV show on Friday. He spoke to the media via skype.

What initiated his appearance, from the interview, is the latest news about the incident in the Benishangul Gumuz region where a man was burned to death alive. There has been massacre of thousands of Ethiopians, mostly ethnic Amhara, in Benishangul Gumuz region of Ethiopia for more than three years now.

He made claims about what he called continuing genocide in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. Furthermore, he claimed that over 120,000 women were raped in the region. In fact, he went further to make the claims that the incident is innumerable and that the number he gave is only for those who reported to health facilities.

The questions about the accuracy of the numbers of woman allegedly raped in the region aside, and the claims about continuing “genocide,” His Holiness did not make a reference about the massacres that the TPLF carried out in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia.

He was not explicit about as to who is carrying out the “genocide” in Tigray at this point except that he mentioned at some point that Eritrean forces shipped loots from Tigray to Asmara.

The Ethiopian government has not yet remarked on the latest claim of the Patriarch.

Watch video of his interview below :

Video : Embedded from Tigray Media House YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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  1. Very partial, unholy and one sided Abune. This guy should leave and might as well join his political TPLF activist groups. He was quiet as a dead possum, blind and deaf when TPLF vandalized, pillage, looted and robbed, raped little girls and nuns, and destroyed Amhara and Afar region.

    But quick and never misses opportunity to accuse and criticize others even without verifying the fact when he thinks something bad happens to his Tigrayans groups.

    • If you think His Holiness is partial, why don’t you be impartial and defesnsive for all ethnic members ? Why are you blocking roads for over 2 years and starving children, women and elders ? are they all TPLF for you ?
      What is your measuring scale to call someone partial and impartial ? if it is word of God or even universal humaniarian laws , you are absolutely violating both these sacred laws. Hypocrite cannibals

  2. Is he a Patriarch for the TPLF and spokesman by the way ? He never talked about anything thing evil in the 27 long years of reign of terror, injustice, daylight robbery and wholesale of genocide carried out by the Woyane hoodlums.

  3. My bad, my apologies for criticizing and assuming His Holiness Abune Mathias as a partial and political person. I just found out his previous speech in tears when he was addressing the misery, displacement and cruel treatment of Amhara and Ethiopians in Benishangul Gumez by the party/criminal group Abiy Prosperity Party.

  4. His Holiness is a man of God!!! This is what a religious and faithful person should do. Stand for the voiceless, victims of government and anyone who uses his/her power unjustly, fight unjust, fight against cruelty. He has done all of it.

    The man of God fears and worships the only God. Has no fear of any person whether he is armed or uses his power to intimidate and repress because it is conditioned on time and place which will be lost in a matter of minutes.

    Abiy Ahmed thinks he is fortressed by Daniel Bereket and his kissing up likes but they will not escape Abiy’s use and throw scheme and loss of power including Abiy the famous lair of the world before they know it.

    Remember Abiy has duped The Norwegian Nobel Committee when he took the Nobel Prize for promoting peace only to turn back to operating Genocide on Amhara in many forms including education and putting the country in the hands of OLF for savagery and barbaric attacks against innocent Amharas. In addition he purposely stretched out the war and the killings by arming the Terrorist TPLF to fight with the Defense Force, Amhara and Afar so that many Amhars, Afars and Tigrays will die.

    He is the most viscous blood thirsty Genocidal demagogue that must be tried and sentenced in Hague the International Criminal Court!!!. All collaborators of Genocide and Abiy enablers and kiss a… puppets must go to ICC.


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