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Abiy Ahmed laying out principles and directions for his party


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Tuesday met with central committee members of his party, Prosperity Party, to discuss principles and directions of the party.

He still talks about reform with what appears to be passionate plea for his party’s central committee members to transcend sentiments of parochialism and ethnic radicalism. He told them to think in terms of Ethiopia while the very structure that nurtured ethnic radicalism is in place.

Mr. Abiy thinks that his party drew lessons from the failures of parties in other parts of the World. Watch his speech below.

Video : embedded from EBC Youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. No shred of truth will come out from Amhara Butcher Dictator Abiy filthy mouth. If there is any lie we have not heard or do not know, it must be the second version of OPDO Confuse and Convince plan created for those Amhara sellouts who are not still awakened.

    Of course he will not go to sleep until all Amharas are slaughtered and ethnically cleansed including those sellout hand clappers subjects.
    The other plan is the so called peace between Amhara and Tigres and allowing caravan of Tigres traveling to Amhara region.
    Amharas should block those Tigres posing as hungry refugees coming to Amhara region only to gather power and repeat the same massacre they did in Wello during the war.
    It is the Amhara Butcher Abiy’s and OPDO government responsibility to receive and feed Tigres refugees not Amharas who have been looted by Tigres and are in difficulties to take care of their own displaced people from Wollega Butcherers and the Tigrea Terrorists aided and abetted by Abiy.

    Amharas put your differences aside, come together, join hands, support each and put up a decisive and strong resistance. You have the number, man power, everything and every chance to insure your and your peoples survival. That is what Abiy, OPDO and Tigre Terrorist are afraid of and playing phycological warfare to send fear by massacring those unarmed individuals. Save your ethnic group from Oromo OPDO lead by Abiy the Amhara Butcher.
    If it was not for Abiy OLF/OPDO would not had the change to massacre and displace that much Amharas!! It is Abiy the enabler for Amhara Genocide.

  2. We all are laughing our hearts out here. The chutzpah of this fraud, “laying out principles and directions”, ha ha ha, ha, ha, ki, ki, ki,ki,ki,ki,ki. This psychopath has no principles. His first word out as a child was CUT. He is a butcher. He has no moral compass. His iq is at most two digits. His OLF-TPLF sycophants fare far worse, their iqs are in single digit. Their vocabulary is limited to kill, steal, rape, embezzle and mayhem. Abiy is an individual with no moral compass, no shame, no compassion and integrity. Nobody is going to trust this fool and opportunistic chameleon ever again. Time to step down, butcher!!!

  3. Abiy the Tyrant, you cannot cheat Amharas anymore. After betyaing the slauthered Defense Force by TPLF and Amharas you will not cheat and betray them again. But you are fooling Queeros who are slow to wake up.

    Dictator Abiy’s main principle is going back to serving Terrorist TPLF and selling out Oromo Queerro and the rest of Ethiopians who brought him by getting rid of TPLF.
    Abiy betrayed the slaughtered Defense Force also by going behind their back and sell them for TPLF. The Defense Force this time will not go to defend Abiy because they do not trust him.
    While fooling Oromo Queeros with Orommuma dilutional dream and letting to butcher unarmed Amharas he is secretly dealing and willing with the same TPLF terrorist junta back to power. Queerros who quietly and submissively protested down on their knees with crossed hand over head unlike today’s violent bravado will go back to kneel down for TPLF again,

    The Tyrant Abiy Ahmed, Shimeles Abdiss and, Adanech Abebe are plotting to destroy and change the demography of Addis Ababa by illegally snatching land from Addis long time residence around Flammingo.
    What is Oromia office doing in Addis Ababa while it has snatched the largest land from other ethnic groups without Amhara participation and agreement.
    Abiy and Adanceh soon will be faced with a much powerful protesters of Addis Ababa and all over Ethiopians fed up with the messy failed covered with evil agenda of Abiy and OPDO.

    Tyrant Abiy is making easy for Ethiopians to throw him out of power because he is violating their rights, pushing down and provoking Ethiopians to go where they do not want .

    Abiy has totally lost respect and everyone wants him gone. Amharas will not be controlled by ADPA Abiy’s puppet because they are not elected by Amharas and they are not even Amhara themselves. Abiy is copycatting TPLF/EPRDF sinister scheme against Amharas.

  4. Queero go back, down to your knees with crossed hands over your head. Abiy is brining TPLF back. Abiy who called you “mengas” has sold you by waving and flashing Amhara’s flesh in your face. When you are running around distracted with rampaging Amhara flesh like a starved wild animal Abiy was busy behind your back dealing with TPLF .
    Now the worry is shared by all betrayed Ethiopians, the Defense Force that includes every ethnic groups including Amhara and Afar people who lost huge number of lives and wealth while fighting with Terrorist TPLF. Others that Abiy betrayed is Somalis and Queeros except TPLF puppets.

  5. All the above comments are probably written by the same person. Abby is the best leader Ethiopia has in our generation. This man is amazing tireless visionary man who is trying to save all periods of Ethiopia. I’m Oromo. But I belive in Ethiopia. It can’t be that TPLF must be the only one to abuse the county and loot the money and kill people. Tigard will never given all of Ethiopia by force. Only if the oromos and amharas choose them. I doubt that.
    Hi ABIY! We love you and respect you. You are a good man. Peace

  6. “All the above comments are probably written by the same person. Abby is the best leader Ethiopia has in our generation.”

    Wow, just wow. Just because people don’t believe in the empty talks of Abiy you need to cheat your own self conscience? They say the musicians kept playing as the Titanic sunk or was that just in the movie. The Ethiopian ship with the incompetent Abiy at the helm is sinking fast. He is neither a visionary nor a good man. He is a coward that encouraged the massacre, displacement and torture of millions to advance the pipe dreams of his failed Oromumma. He is an undisciplined butcher, uninspiring, talkative, lying and exaggerating piece of “s***” sorry I meant piece of work whose 15 seconds of fame and glory have run their course. He needs to go and people press the mute buttons on their remote control, the moment he starts opening his loud mouth. Nothing of value and substance comes out of his trap- just deafening lies and more lies.


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