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Abiy speaks at the Prosperity Party First Congress opening ceremony 


Abiy Ahmed, the party’s chairman, said Prosperity Party is the largest political party not only in Ethiopia but also in Africa. He is claiming that  the party has over 11 million registered and contributing members. That is a number that exceeds the combined numbers of Ethiopian Worker’s Party (EWP) and Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary  Democratic Front (EPRDF), he added. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed also claimed ideological uniqueness of his party. He thinks his party’s ideology is homegrown. Of course, the “privatization” of Ethiopia’s national assets does seem to be overlooked, and it is as if the economy exists outside political ideology.  

As many Ethiopian political opposition figures pointed out on different occasions, the ideology of “Medemer” did not bring about unity by weakening ethnic based divisions either. “Prosperity is the destination,” Abiy added. 

It has been four years since the party was established following the demise of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF)  

Watch opening speech of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed from the video shared below 

Video : Embedded from EBC Youtube channel
Cover Photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. Let’s take the words of this talkative, loquacious, mendacious, repulsive and unethical political hack’s words at face value. At 11 million party members and registered supporters, PP enjoys at most 10% of the support of the Ethiopian mass. It won’t be an exaggeration to state 90% of the Ethiopian people do not trust this slippery lizard’s treacherous and disastrous hidden Oromumma first and last agenda. PP is no different from EPRDF; it is EPRDF2. Here is the imbecilic Abiy’s, so called PM’s Medemer half baked political sleight of hand and shameful manipulations and machinations. Dear reader, recall at its political pinnacle, EPRDF claimed to have as many as 7 million members. PP= EPRDF2, Medemer= 7 million former EPRDF members + (-1.9 million TPLF die hard fanatics)+ 5.6 million die hard OLF thugs and murderers (including the 666 Jawas, Bekelech Geriba, Meraraw Godana, Adanech aka Asamemech Abebe etc)+ 300,000 sycophants from rest of country (such as Demeke Mekonnen, Worku Ayetenew, Agegnehu Teshager ( probably a blood relative of Debretsion)= 11 million PP members. Medemer is a fake and stupid man’s over exaggerated claim at nothing for nothing. Just fake. Abiy is fake!!!!!!!! Abiy is a liar!!!!!! Abiy is not worthy of the trust and respect of Ethiopians!!!!! Time for Abiy to go!!!!!!

  2. This Abiy clown is still talking? For $23.99 can somebody please order this clown, his clown shoes, clown nose, clown costume, and the OLF flag inspired, clown decorations? Once a week or so, it will be nice to see the Abiy clown show for 30 minutes, max on tv. Now somebody decide whether the clown nose should actually be replaced with a Pinocchio nose. Four years in power is 4 Pinocchio noses long , that is like a 4 meters long Pinocchio nose. Ouch, there is your Medemer, 1 meter plus 1 meter plus 1 meter plus 1 meter. Duce clown, “capo pagliaccio, vuoi essere un Benito Mussolini” ?

  3. PM Abiy is there only to protect, hold and abuse his power. There is no freedom of speech even within the parliament.
    He is a dictator quick to chastise anyone concerned about the way country is heading, the absences of rule of law and unity. He wants muted, unconcerned about Ethiopia who claps their hand during his uninspiring and false promises and lies while Abiy is not fulfilling his responsibilities taken as a leader of the country. But when people get massacred, abused and starved his ears are deaf and his heart filled with full of joy.

    Not addressing the real issues that need immediate attention are ignored by PM Abiy and his groups. Instead he is winning and dining and putting up charade by trying to give a rosy picture on his inability to deal with the daily gruesomely massacred bodies of Amhara people by Prosperity Party groups, the OLF and OLA.

    Genocide Against Amhara in Wellega and Benishangul Gumez, the lack of funds and absence of civil services including light and water in Wolkiet Tegede, the war in Afar and Amhara with the TPLF Terrorist groups and the invasion of Afar and Amhara land are all the games Abiy and his OPDO groups are playing.
    Under Abiy there is no government that is working as a government but that is working on destroying Ethiopians and Ethiopia.

  4. Abyi the all in ONE! The chairman, moderator, election contestant, elector, the PM, the author, gardener, farmer, preacher, Imam, dietitian, worrier, winner, psychological therapist, talkative, engineer, wanna be winner, EPRDF spy, dead possum on Amhara Genocide, intimidator, chastiser and frightened by those who speak the truth. All in all these and more represents phycological problems stemmed from immoral total absence of faith upbringing.

    After looking at the last video of the hilarious election drama of Abiy, PP/EPRDF people should start to be worried to keep him as one man everything and everywhere. He has exhibited and confirmed to be the most power hungry, attention diverter, divider, liar, politically ambitious, cruel and cold blooded Tyrant of Africa. If left it is inevitable more death and destruction will follow.

  5. You forgot Abiy the priest and also the Protestant pastor. Let’s just call me Schizo Abiy. He has at least 50 multiple personalities, 75 different hats and shoes and at least 25 different OLF socks. His pajamas have O L F written on the back, his mattress cover has at least 10 little jawar faces from top to bottom. He gets up in the morning, wearing his O L F t-shirt, TPLF shorts, and after getting dressed, finally dons his fake Ethiopianist necktie to cover his die hard Oromumma extremism from his audience.


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