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Prosperity Party claims “success” in Defending Ethiopia’s sovereignty 

Demeke Mekonnen Prosperity Party Deputy chairman (left) speaking during the meeting. He is flanked by Adem Farah, the party’s office head. (Courtesy : FBC)


Three days long preparatory meeting of the prosperity party, which is said to have prepared it for the upcoming party congress, is reportedly completed. 

The meeting that took place in Nazret (Adama) was chaired by deputy prime minister, Demeke Mekonen. 

He is cited as saying that demolishing past achievements, focusing on points of divergence rather than points of convergence, lack of practical approaches and impunity of individuals when they act as if they are more important than national affairs as key problems that the party was facing. 

Demeke claimed, reportedly, that the Prosperity Party is on a path that would overcome the above-mentioned problems. 

“During the last three years, we have attained success in terms of defending the sovereignty of Ethiopia despite many challenges. We have to strengthen our unity so as to overcome the challenges, ” he said. 

Some political activists have been linking the release of Key TPLF leaders, who were captured during a military operation in the Tigray region in January 2021, from prison with US intervention in the internal affairs of Ethiopia. 

TPLF’s military control of the Tigray region of Ethiopia is also something that makes the Prosperity Party’s claim of defending Ethiopian sovereignty questionable, according to some Ethiopian political activists.   

Furthermore, corruption, cronyism and nepotism have been identified as the key ethical problems within the party. 

Adem Farah, head of Prosperity Party Office, on his part said that problems related to ethics and implementation of party mission need to be resolved, and the unity of the party strengthened, FBC reported. 


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  1. Yes, they really did. That country was extremely lucky that the opposition was not running the country when Debre and his beast of burden were rampaging on their way to the capital. Once again very, very lucky!!!

  2. Abiy and the EPRDF/Oromo Prosperity groups are working in a secretive and sinister ways that should alarm and concern every other ethnic groups .
    When they are acting as separate government they should be treated as separate groups that do not represent Ethiopia. Abiy has now lost every inch of shame and control over himself, that lying has become so easy and one after another. Such delusional and continuous lair person is crying out for medication and treatment. He must be removed immediately!!


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