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UN Chief spoke with Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

UN Chief _ Ethiopia _ Abiy


UN Secretary General, António Guterres, reportedly held a phone conversation with Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed. 

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, the discussion focused on accessibility of humanitarian assistance to areas affected by conflict, and the current political affairs in the country. 

The ministry did not elaborate further as to what exactly the political discussion was about. 

There has been a rumour for many months now, which the government confirmed indirectly when prime minister Abiy Ahmed when he appeared at the parliament earlier this month, that there has been a negotiation with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). 

Neither UN Secretary General nor Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed disclosed, in their social media page, about their phone conversation. 

The TPLF was accused of blocking humanitarian aid routes to the Tigray region of Ethiopia via Afar. The latest TPLF military campaign in the Afar region of Ethiopia has displaced more than 300,000 civilians. Hundreds, including children and women, are reportedly killed. 

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  1. Although Abiy is trying to make people believe that the war with Terrorist TPLF is over, it is not over yet. Antonov Airplane is observed to have been flying from Sudan to Tigray while the Berhanu Jula and PM Abiy are silent and engaged in other fabricated lies.

    Many Afar and Amhara people and regions are being attacked and invaded by Terrorist TPLF. Yet PM Abiy cold as ice person perpusly is letting Afar and Amhara regions and people to be attacked by Terrorist TPLF and OLF while gone to other premeditated tricks and deceives.

  2. Let’s hope and pray that level heads will prevail and peace will come to the suffering people. Peace, so sounds of guns going off will be replaced by the sweet sounds of shovels and spikes in rebuilding what was destroyed by this absolutely senseless conflict. Deathly shrills of ‘I will kill you’ are replaced by ‘I got your back, brother/sister!’ Call me a dreamer and you are right in assuming I am a dreamer. I dream and pray daily that one day before I depart this good earth bigots will be rendered irrelevant and everyone over there holds his/her Allah Blessed hands and build/rebuild his/her Allah gifted land. Feel free to call me a dreamer for that because I believe it is possible and above all I have no other choice! I dream because I have that dream of peace and brotherhood/sisterhood!!!!

  3. Meanwhile, let’s keep our brothers and sisters of Mozambique in our prayers. There is a strong cyclone heading to that country and will make a landfall as a strong typhoon this coming Friday. Unless it dies out quickly after landfall it could be heading towards the capital of Malawi. What terrible misfortune has fallen on Mozambique? This must the fourth destructive storm on that country in just two months.


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