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Ethiopian PM’s ruling party purging senior members in regions 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s ruling party is firing officials in some parts of Ethiopia over alleged ethical breaches

Ruling party _ Abiy _ Ethiopia
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed during his election campaign in South Ethiopia ( Photo : Reuters/file)


The ruling Prosperity Party had been undertaking evaluation and training sessions for party officials this past week. The party, it  seems, is  extensively purging officials in some regional structures. 

According to a report by DW Amharic service, the Sidama regional state has purged 146 senior level ruling party members over an alleged failure to discharge party responsibility. 

238 other party officials have received written ups, the report added. A total of 2490 officials were evaluated in the region. 

Abraham Marshallo, the region’s party office head, told reporters that members have reached an agreement that the party can no longer allow members with ethical problems and practices that  violate the code of conduct of the party.

DW Amharic report further indicated that a task force composed of public prosecutors , police and other organisations were formed to look into ethical breaches. It may mean that a prosecution process could follow. 

In a related development, the Amhara region prosperity office has suspended some of its members. Three members are allegedly indicted for borrowing money from the party in a way that violates the financial practice and guidelines of the party, it was said. 

In a statement it shared on social media, the party’s Amhara region office said the three officials are suspended until  a final political/administrative deliberation is made. They are also required to return the money they borrowed. 

There are views from the public, as reported by DW Amharic, that those officials who allowed the loan from the party should also be held responsible for it. 

Corruption has been a rampant problem in the country since the time of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi who admitted it during parliamentary sessions. 

Abiy Ahmed talked about the problem when he made his latest appearance at the parliament last week. He has announced that state media outlets will embark on investigative journalism. 

Political leaders are rumoured to be spending on projects in a questionable way. The latest example is the renovation of Addis Ababa City Administration. Adanech Abebe’s administration claimed that it spent over $43 million dollars ( about 2.2 billion Ethiopian birr for the renovation project). 

Oromia and other regional states are yet to disclose about the outcomes of their party evaluation. 


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  1. The idea sounds great and noble but is it really great and noble is the question. Who will be purged is yet to be seen. Is that going to be those undeservingly holding positions, rotten in greed and ready to enrich themselves or those who are perceived as threats because of their political stands is what it needs to be followed carefully. Adanach Abebe holding the highest seat in Addis Ababa City Administration should take the responsivity followed by those unprofessional who are not serving the city and who insults Addis Ababans with unfiltered speeches and treats the city as their garbage dumper must be removed. Addis Ababa youth are very aware of the abuse and unless PM Abiy sooner addresses and alienates the unemployment problems and put measures to control irresponsible expenditures of city funds things will go out of his hands and will face great problems.

  2. The chronic disease of Ethiopia. This guy is a demagogue and power monger.
    Problems grew in 10 folds by Abiy. He is the creator and instigator of all problems.
    Abiy does not want Ethiopians to take a single breath in peace. He is constantly coming up with different problems filling up the air with dark, doom and gloom feelings just to prolong his power.
    Good relationships, religion, places, names, flags and everything that had never been problems has turned into divisive fights, including massacring’s of innocents people.. Things has gone worse than the time of TPLF .

  3. Good job! Keep throwing the bums, inept and those with sticky fingers out. They are more than a burden. They are liability. In doing so great care should be taken to avoid innocent officials being lumped together with those that deserve the cleanup. Now y’all be ready to hear some of them arriving here and screaming ‘Abiy brutality’. Then they will start some podcast and YouTube channel and mumble/jumble around. Their conniving craftsmanship had gotten them lucrative positions in the former EPRDF or the reconstructed PP and now as political refugees will do a different lucrative career as pundits and ‘experts’. They know there is a huge market in news hungry and splintered Diaspora. Some of will turn into the worst bigots that country ever produced and others will deafen their audience with made up ‘leaked’ documents. I get translated scripts of some of what they tell their listeners. They tell those listeners who hail from Gondar region that Abiy is planning to disarm everyone in that region so he can send Oromia Liyu Force and Debre’s forces to rule over them. Their rating will shoot up on YouTube and that means big money, baby! ‘We have a highly confidential document’ they tell their audience. ‘Abiy and Debre are seriously negotiating and that will be the end of Amharas’ they growl! Some others will tell their followers that Abiy and his neftegnas are planning to strip every Oromo his/her human and democratic rights and turn him/her in eternal serfs. ‘To accomplish this’ they blubber, ‘Abiy has given the green light for heavily armed neftegnas to march into Oromia and carry out massacres’. Folks, our hunger for the latest news has created a lucrative market for these connivers and will continue to be so as long as we remain divided on the issues that matter most for the glorious people and country that produced us all.


  4. There is one more task these former officials-turned-refugees undertake in earnest. Since they used to be at vantage points as government officials they have pretty much knowledge of what was going on in the ruling circle. They write books spilling every bean under their loose lips. The book may cost $10.00 and will be listed for $59.99 or even much higher. Like I said previously the real story hungry and so fragmented massive Diaspora provides a huge market for these smart alecks. It was All Hail Meles/Abiy before but now it will be a loud Down, Down Meles/Abiy! I see what is going on in my community and my Amhara friends tell me stories similar to what I have noticed already. We are so gullible that we have rendered ourselves to be a lucrative yapping shop for these timeservers!!!!

  5. Why not start for the head? Who is going to purge OLF Abiy Ahmed who selling Ethiopia for United Arab Arab Emirates and gong back serving his TPLF masters?

    Ethiopians do not have problems living with each other but the main cause of the problem is PM Abiy and Prosperity Party Groups.

    PM Abiy is not serving Ethiopians but consumed with creating political plots one after another against the very people he promised to protect and lead. He never solve problems but make non issures as big issues.

    New leadership is a must. New Government that represents every one should be made. People do not respect a liar and deceiver who has no shame or problem when lying and deceiving. He cannot go on with such despicable behavior.

  6. What should happen is for evryone to take a middle ground – tplf to disappear from Ethiopian politicics forever (because it can never accept anything except hegemony – which others will not take any more), the OR- group to accept equality and not ‘teregnagnet’, the AM extremists to stop fretting and act normal, the intellectual rubbish – to go to hell with their toxic tales….

  7. Abiy now is wearing another new hat. A Nutritionist hat!!! Abiy the Corrupt Cook without Oil
    He is telling people to live on one kilo undescribed boiled leaf with sprinkle of salt and without oil and onion. Such demagogue PM who wanna be the know it all speaks loud for arrogance, power monger and total ignorance.
    Abiy, Adanch, Takele UMa, Shimelis Abdissa, Aba Dula and the rest of Oromo OLF and the ruling Prosperity Pillaging Corrupt Party are scattered around with their families pillaging Addis Ababa and the country’s economy.

    Desperation to scape from popular unrest the compulsive lair PM Abiy now came out with another premeditated lie hoping to pre-empt outrage by economy disaster. But he is not going to scape the massive popular unrest because now everyone is affected except the ruling mafia Oromo fascist and their organized families and groups which do nor represent 1% of Ethiopians population.

    The rest of Kegna Ormos are still poor been had, played and used to furter those corrupt Oromos political gain. The truth is caching up with Abiy

  8. Abolish the formation of political parties because: a place to fatten pockets via corruption, is very divisive, forces favoritism and bias, creates dictatorship and demands loyalty for the party instead of for civil societies, appoints only for affiliations and does not appoint based on merit , ethics, experience or knowledge, easily will be subdued by foreign entities via threat or benefit, creates secrecy against population and mistrust

  9. Subject: “Ethiopian PM’s ruling party purging senior members in regions” ,, March 5, 2022.

    Humble Comment, 9 March 2022
    It seems Ethiopia is going down the drain.
    Very hard to believe.
    Let us see the reaction of the Government before reaching to emotional conclusion.
    After all, we know the ambitious internal forces, hungry to satisfy their appetite.
    It is not a new phenomenon — look around the Globe
    Surely, the NOBLE ANCIENT HISTORY of ETHIOPIA can not go down the drain via initiatives by hidden characters, for their own ambitions. The people of Ethiopia have responsibility to retain the dignity and admirable rich history of an Ancient Black African State — ETHIOPIA.

    Let CIVILITY, LEGALITY and WISDOM continue to be the History of the ANCIENT INDEPENDENT COUNTRY around the Globe — ETHIOPIA. One can’t help remembering the recent proudest moment, in our BLACK AFRICA, when Black African States came to the support of Ethiopia in the international political maneuvering. It will be sad, if such unique honour is tarnished by internal squabbling on internal unproven matters. THE END

  10. Oh boy, if so called Oromia zone does any honest evaluations, it will have to purge 99.9% of its corrupt, incompetent, racist and ignoramus buffoons, thieves, embezzlers and bribe hungry locusts and ticks stuck on Ethiopians from its 100% Oromumma die hard ethno-fanatics dominated so called PP. One can use one’s right hand or left hand, or at most both hands and feet to count honest, capable and efficient government employee of any rank in so called Oromia zone. For every 1 capable and efficient government employee into called Oromia region, one to one’s chagrin , will meet 99 other butchers, thieves, embezzlers, looters, murderers and what have you.

  11. OPDO doing evaluations of Oromo militant PP members aka OLF, is tantamount to playing 10,000 arenguade termusoch begedegedalaye, at the end of a true evaluation, 9,999 Oromo militant green bottles will have to be purged for not holding their water. What a scenario!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Abiy and his militant cohorts in PP are going to purge members not advancing PP hidden Oromumma agenda. These idiots are going to fill the seats with the Jawar, Bekelech Geriba and Merraraw Godana die hard OLF fanatics. Abiy is an individual with no moral compass, no desire for justice and the supremacy of the law over cadre fanatics tantrums and whims. Abiy is an unprincipled political opportunist, a power hungry vulture and a closet OLF baptized Oromumma first and last vampire sucking out the blood of Ethiopians everywhere and everyday since coming to power 4 years ago.

  13. Abiy Ahmed the cold blooded Amhara murderer after losing popular support because of his twisted mind, and continuous lies is planning for worse kind of crimes against Amhara and Amhara leaders.

    Abiy Ahmed hands are stained with Amhara children and people blood. In his government has sponsored OPDO cadres and the Oromia Police to Massacre thousands and thousands if not millions of Amhara farmers, mothers, children and young and old innocent Amharas. He created so much hate between Amhara and Oromos and made Oromos the most hated people in Ethiopia.

    Abiy Ahmed is very dangerous evil man. Addis Ababa banks, city administration government offices, the Ethiopian Airlines are filled with OPDO cadres and Pentes by marginalizing every other religions and Ethiopians from the same opportunities.

    Now he is plotting and going after Gedu Andargachew, Demeke Mekonen and Amhara officials. Abiy is pressuring Demeke Mekonnen to leave his post only either to murder him or imprison him.
    Amhara people and officials must stay alert because Abiy is after another plot to assassinate and kill more Amhara officials/people. After using them he wants to quietly get rid of them without giving them opportunity to speak out and people to know where they went.
    Now he is looking after another Amhara puppet to replace Gedu and Demeke. Do not allow Abiy Ahemd to murder Amharas!!!


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