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Ethiopian parliament approved National Dialogue Commissioners 

National Dialogue Commissioners are entrusted to bring about consensus on a range of divisive issues in Ethiopia  

Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission _
Ethiopian Parliament Building


The Ethiopian Parliament on Monday approved the appointment of eleven National Dialogue Commissioners. On February 4, 2022 the parliament announced that 42 candidates were shortlisted from over 600 nominations. 

A parliamentary committee was assigned sometime in December 2021 to receive the nominations based on criteria the parliament announced, including Ethiopian citizenship. The Commissioners are presumed to be independent in the sense that they are not members of any political party at this point in time. 

The development has become a talking point on social media, and some seem to express reservation about neutrality on grounds that not being a member of a political party does not necessarily mean that political neutrality. Indeed, some commissioners seemed to have political party participation in the past. 

Work experience and educational qualifications were also given weight in the selection process. 

According to a report from state media, five members of the parliament abstained during voting while the majority voted for it. 

The Eleven members are :

1) Professor Mesfin Araya – Chairperson

2) W/O Hirut Gebreselassie – Deputy Chair

3) Dr. Tegegnework Getu

4) Ambassador Ayerorit Mohammed

5) W/O  Blen Gebremedhin

6) Dr. Yonas Adaye

7) Zegeye Asfaw

8) Melaku Woldemariam

9) Ambassador Mohammed Derir 

10) Mulugeta Ago

11) Dr. Ambaye Ogato

Tagesse Chafo, speaker of the House of Representative, claims that the selection process was inclusive, transparent and credible. 

Many of the commissioners took oath in the parliament on the same day. 

The commission is expected to bring about an end to political polarization in the country on a range of issues, including system of government, ethnic land claim and flag, among other issues. 

Citizenship rights have been under constant attack (through “legal,” political, administrative and outright repressive measures)  in Ethiopia since the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) took power in 1991. 

The constitution openly promotes and defends ethnic based federal form of arrangement,  which facilitated ethnic based massacres in different parts of Ethiopia. 

The massacre has been worsening, especially in the Oromo and Benishangul Gumuz regions of Ethiopia, since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took power in 2018.
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  1. This collection of Abiy’s picks are dead on arrival. When Amhara is the majority people in Ethiopia AGAIN and AGAIN Abiy’s Oromo apartheid government is trying to marginalize them without equal, fair and just political representation.

    No Amhara will agree or accept Prosperity aka EPRDF continuation of crime and Genocide against the people of Amhara. Amhara should never accept PP/EPRDF Oromo apartheid ruthless regime.

    This is Deja vu TPLF and OLF Amhara Genocide and scramble for Amhara land 1991 plot. All of those people with Amhara name are not Amharas but vast majorities are Oromos except for the very few Southerners, one Somali and one Afar. NO Amhara….
    When this should have been the opportunity to correct the past, Abiy and OPDO are getting on Oromuma first and last dangerous Apartheid political gamble.

    The reason for the release of Sebhat is totally not what Abiy has said. It is ALL for the concern of politically divided Oromos because of Jawar Mohammed.
    The only option for Amhara is to take action and defend themselves from the criminal gang of Prosperity Party dominated by Abiy Oromo OPDO criminals.
    Amharas escaping slaughtering from Shimeles Oromia Police and Government Sponsored Genocide in Oromia region have full right to live in Addis Ababa or anywhere else like anyone else.

  2. I was expecting more than 3 women in the dialogue commission but for now it is ok. Now those of us who are really concerned about the dire situation in that country should give this commission a chance, at least the benefit of the doubt. Age old problems cannot be solved in a flash and will take a slow and prudent process. Let’s wait what the commission will do or say at the start of its monstrous job. May The Almighty Our Creator Guide Them In Their Very Difficult Mission!!! Insha’Allah!!!!

  3. In the middle of all new developments in the old country, we might have been distracted by another much more dangerous situation in Europe. The bully in Moscow seems to have now pulled all the stops bringing the world to a potentially calamitous conflict on humanity. I applaud our Kenyan brother Ambassador Martin Kimani for having the courage to speak against Putin’s violation of international law. His other colleagues from Gabon and Ghana have also condemned Putin’s actions against a sovereign state. I have been worried about this man since he came to power after listening to what he was saying about the defunct Soviet Union in light of the current Russia. He thinks the death of the Soviet Union was a prestige unjustifiably lost. He called that the greatest injustice ever. He sees himself as the manifestation of democracy. In his mind democracy is him and him only. I am unsettled by the latest development in Ukraine. What I am also concerned is this flagrant behavior by Putin may embolden other bullies with nuclear arsenal to take similar actions on their democratic neighbors. South Korea, Japan and Taiwan have been on the cross hairs of despots for quite some time now. I am very worried that the world may be heading into the mushrooming despots everywhere. I am more worried for the younger generation.

  4. Indhee , how’s it logic that the commissioners have only two Muslim members when Ethiopia’s population is more than half Muslim. You people are looking for trouble everywhere

  5. This is not a National Dialogue Commissioners but Abiy talking to himself and his admiring OPDO Oromo Puppets and muted Clapping hands.

    Must include Amhara, Orthodox Christians and more Muslim. Right now there is NO single Amhara and Orthodox Christian and not enough Muslims.

    They are all Abiy’s puppets and OPDO Oromo extremist radicals with total disregard and disrespect to the majority of the population and religions. Abiy hides from questions and journalists and feels comfortable in muted environment so that he is the only one taking unchallenged and looking he is knowledgeable.

    Before going any where those collection of Abiy Clapping hands have failed miserably and gone right down in the drain. Typical Abiy’s project that has no goal. Abiys should stop this whole charade and start paying attention to peoples need and demands. Right now he is drunk in listening to his rehearsed empty speeches rather than listening to people who are talking sense.

  6. Most politcal crtcs in Ethiopia arise due to lack of position lkie Berjahemeskel Segni who used to be advocate of Dr Abiy for some time and this time he is totally against all Ethiopians evene insulting those abused and raped Amhara women.Berhanemeskel is known as MESMARE because of his agitation to block roads that go to Addis Ababa bu rebel youth. I follow Ethiopian politics since childhood time and this peace and reconciliation is the real solution and the elected people are very fair that I know one Melaku Woldemariam who was among the founders of Ethiopian Human Right agency led by professor Mesfin Woldemariam .Please stop rejecting for the purpose of rejecting but reject as constructive criticism for our nation Ethiopia,

  7. What? There is no Amhara in the National Dialogue Commissioners? So what is the point of the Dialogue? Then who is more important than Amhara that is involved in fighting TPLF Terrorists war, deliberately displaced, robbed, looted, massacred and impoverished by Abiy government sponsored Shene OPDO Genocide?

    Abiy said he doesn’t know where Shene Terrorist hid. Does anyone accepts such lie and idiotic reason from a leader?
    Abiy is full of lies. Such a person shall not be called a leader. He is a disgrace and unworthy of trust.

    The National Dialogue Commissioners is not representative of the very important groups that must be represented. Minority and non essential groups Abiy collected can not solve the majority and very essential part of the groups. So the intention is not to solve what TPLF and OLF created but to worsen the problem by putting pressure on Abiy’s Amhara ODPA puppets that do not represent Amhara to sell OPDO and his bid.

    The problem with Abiy supporters who blindly want to support him either for personal gain or other reasons expect others will disappear when they are bashed by them. That ship has sailed long time ago. When Abiy ignores peoples rights, covertly helping and unleashing OLF or OLA terrorist to terrorize, loot and massacre innocents Amharas no decent human being will be bashed and stay away. The fight and opposition has just started.

    So from the get go the government is abusing its power including God given rights of Afar, Amharas, Orthodox Christians and Muslims.


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