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All Ethiopian Unity Party slams Ethiopian parliament over failure to exercise control over gov.t 

All Ethiopian Unity party
All Ethiopian Unity Party emblem


All Ethiopian Unity Party on Friday criticized the House of People’s Representative due to what it calls failure to exercise control over the executive in the interest of ensuring peace and security, and the unity of the country. 

According to Deutsche Welle Amharic service report, the party said that the parliament failed short of its responsibility to hold the government responsible  whenever necessary. 

Furthermore, the party wrote a letter to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, advising him that it is better for his government to look for means to protect the security of citizens and the country. 

Prime Minister Abiy’s government has recently been receiving mounting criticism due to the non-stop massacre of ethnic Amharas who have been living in the Oromo region of Ethiopia for generations. 

At least 187 innocent civilians were brutally killed in the latest string of massacres, in the Wollega area of the region, earlier this week. 

Neither the regional government nor  the Federal government did not offer a substantive statement over the massacre, which is increasingly seen as  an orchestrated one with support from radical ethnic Oromo elements in  the Federal and regional levels of government. 

Thousands  have been massacred over the past three years. Unlike the Rwanda genocide, the genocide in the Oromia region of Ethiopia is subtle in the sense that it is carried out in smaller scales and over a long period of time. 

The tragedy in the Oromia and Amhara region of Ethiopia hardly captured international attention.

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  1. The parliament is full of trash vulgar ignorant people like Angasa with zero knowledge of of Addis Ababa and Ethiopia history. The collection of lowlifes has become the legacy of Abiy and Oromo Prosperity Party
    The Oromo Prosperity Party’s unprofessional and bad behavior is also affecting the great city Addis Ababa City Administration . Rude lowlife people who are supposed to represent Addis Ababa are insulting Addis Ababa and working to cause damage to Addis Ababans. So collecting ignorant obnoxious people has become part of Abiy and Adanech Abebe plan.
    Addis Ababans deserve well educated and dedicated people that cares for Addis Ababa. Right now Addis Ababans are faced with dangerous ignorant collection of lowlifes that Addis Ababans must rise up against. Before things get worse Addis Ababans must get rid those lowlifes from their City .
    If those collection of rude and unrefined seating in the City Administration hate Addis Ababa they should leave and go to the place they care for.


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