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Swahili language to be offered at Addis Ababa University 

Swahili Language _ Ethiopia
Addis Ababa University President. Tasew Woldehana, speaking to journalists, February 9, 2022 ( Photo : EBC)


Addis Ababa University is set to offer teaching Swahili languages. EBC, the state media, on Wednesday cited the University President, Tasew Woldehana, president, as saying that the preparation has been finalised. 

No timeline is indicated. 

Addis Ababa University language department has been offering foreign language courses, including French. 

In 2015, the University started a BA degree program in Chinese language when Confucius Institute was opened. Now, the Chinese language is set to be offered in Masters level.

Swahili is one of the most spoken languages in Africa ,and is one of the African Union working languages. 

It is spoken in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania – among other African countries.  

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  1. Excellent !
    What a progress !

    It shows the far sightedness of the University Leaders. of the 21st Century. to be fair, in tandem with the previous dedicated Scholars.
    I am lucky enough , with pleasure, to witness the progress of the Ethiopian University [ NO, let me not miss lead you. I was not part of the University}


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