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Adanech Abiebie’s says she “had productive meeting” with Abune Mathias

Ethiopian Orthodox Church _ Addis Ababa City
Adanech Abiebie, Addis Ababa Mayor, pose for a picture with His Holiness Abune Mathias , Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, on February 6, 2022. (Photo : From Adanech Abiebie social media page)


Addis Ababa City mayor, Adancech Abiebie, on Sunday said that she met with Patriarch Abune Mathias. The discussion I had with Holiness Abune Mathias was productive, she said, in a status update she shared on Facebook. 

Furthermore, she added that an agreement is reached to resolve issues raised on the part of the Holy church in a ” discussion , peacefully and legally.”

She thanked the patriarch for the time she had. 

From the picture she shared, the meeting happened in the patriarchate. Earlier this week, she refused to meet with the Holy Synod in the patriarchate and proposed the meeting to take place at Sheraton Addis. 

However, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church has not yet released a statement regarding the meeting between the Mayor and Patriarch Abune Mathias. 

Addis Ababa city Administration, and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government, had been giving lip service to address demands that the Ethiopian Orthodox Church has. 

One of the issues was the ownership over Mesqel Square, where the church celebrates Meskel Bonfire, an event that is recognized as UNESCO heritage. 

Adanech Abiebie made a remark about Meskel Square during a speech she made in an event organised by a protestant Pastor, Zelalem, saying that Mesqel Square belongs to all Addis Ababans. Her speech outraged followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. 

Her remark came at a time when the laity was mourning the killings of three young men in the capital Addis Ababa on the occasion of Epiphany celebration. 

Followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church are disenchanted that attacks on the Church have been intensified at different levels of government, especially after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (who is a Protestant) came to power in 2018. 

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  1. Bullying the largest Orthodox Christians and the Synod isn’t acceptable.
    Adanech Abebe you don’t represent 70 million Ethiopians.
    The request for meeting was not today but for many days later and with the whole Synod. So why does Adanech forced the Pope to have meetings with him and taking picture with him?

    She is not Orthodox. That is why she found it easy to play her dirty sinister game trying to divide us as Woyane. It didn’t work for Woyane and will not work for Adanech the bully unpopular Mayor.

    Adanech Stop your dirty gambling at the expense of Orthodox Christianity.
    Just because you are not an Orthodox abusing the Mayoral position is wrong and does not give you any right to bully the Orthodox Christians Synod.

  2. Adanech Abebe just as in the nature of PP/EPRDF just got caught lying. The Holy Pope and Synod are the very respected hearts and souls of every Orthodox Christians.

    She is over stepping her authority. Interference in the holy Synod process is not part of authority.
    Her disgraceful and disrespect for the Holy Synod and Orthodox Christians has angered and agitated every one. She should step down!

  3. Adanech Abebe you are nobody but one who doesn’t know anything about the Orthodox Christian religion. You may be a Communist ,or an atheist first ignorant Mayor. Let alone the Holy Pope any Christian or Muslim will not fear you. God is the only super Power to be feared.


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