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Ethiopia’s tallest Man is now Negawo Jimma. Watch his interview 

Tallest man in Ethiopia – Negawo Jimma

Tallest man _ Ethiopia
Ethiopia’s tallest man Negawo Jima with EBS hosts, Etsegenet, Yonas and Dagim ( Photo : EBS)


Asrat, who is now living in the United States, used to be Ethiopia’s recorded tallest man with 2.02 metres. Now it is Negawo Jimma. He is 24 years old and 2.25 metres tall. 

Appearing on the EBS weekend show, he said he started to grow taller at about 15 and 16 years of age. He has his own custom-made bed but had challenges with getting shoes. 

He wears 56 (in European) or about 19 (US) shoe sizes. When using public transportation, he has to use spaces for two people. 

Relaxed and outgoing, he shared humorous experiences related to his size.  “I was travelling from Meki to Addis Ababa. The vehicle I was travelling in was stopped at a checkpoint. Police requested travellers to alight for checking, and I remained in the car. The policeman asked me why I was not getting out of the car. I told him that I have only two smuggled guns. The policeman insisted that I have to get out of the car. When I got out of the car,the policeman passed out.” he said. 

Watch video of his interview with EBS below 

According to the World Genius Book of World Records, the tallest man is Sultan Kosen from Turkey. He is 251 centimetres tall. 

Robert Wadlow is said to be tallest man who ever lived on earth . He was 271.78 centimeters tall.


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