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TPLF intensifying offensive in Afar region targeting civilians

TPLF fresh offensive targeted civilians in Afar region of Ethiopia.  Abala and Magale towns in the area are reportedly under TPLF control

TPLF _ Afar
Afar region indicated in red in Google Map


It has been nearly two months now since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government halted the offensive on Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) after the latter was cleared from most parts of Afar and Amhara region. 

“Decision is informed by the long term interest and the unity of Ethiopia,” was the answer the government used to justify the unpopular decision. 

At the time, Ethiopians from all walks of life who opposed the decision expressed concern, on social media platforms, TPLF’s possible preparation for another round of offensive in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia. 

And it has been happening not long after the decision was made. Parts of Afar and Amhara region came under 

Today, Afar regional state released a statement in which it indicated that TPLF is intensifying offensive in the region. 

The designated terrorist group  is doing so from Aba’la and Megale districts of Kibatti zone of the region.  It has been shelling the towns of Abala, Magalle and Brhale targeting innocent civilians. 

The regional government believes that the new offensive is meant to compensate for the losses that TPLF suffered in the region before its remaining forces retreated to the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

Afar regional government confirmed that TPLF forces have captured Magale and Abala towns. Furthermore, heavy fighting is underway in the Aseda area of Barahle areas. 

The regional government also expressed its view that TPLF’s latest deepening offensive in the region could impact people in the  Tigray region as Afar region is the main access point to the region for humanitarian activity. 

“…the junta did not show any sympathy for the people of Tigray, creating conflict in the area and preventing the area from becoming a hotbed of humanitarian aid…,” the statement added. 

The regional government indicated that the international community has to do something about it.  It said, “the international community must also put pressure on the terrorist TPLF to end its war on the Afar people!,” said the statement from the Afar region.” 

TPLF is attempting similar operations in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. According to local reports, the group has been preparing trenches in Kobo areas. Similar situation prevails in the Adarkay area of Amhara region, a town that has been under TPLF forces for a long time now. 

At this writing, the Federal government has not remarked about the latest military development in the Afar regions.  

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  1. These deacons/darasaas of Marx/Lenin/Mao triads are at it again. They are staying steadfast true to their demonic scripture of commie sickness. Their conviction is violence and their temple is the barrel of their gun. This destructive behavior will only make the effort of those who try to mediate for lasting peace very difficult if not impossible. You see, that is how commies always behave. They are tested positive with a deadly viral infection of the demonic scriptures of Marxism/Leninism/Maoism. I hope and pray that those upright people of Tigray will somehow find the courage to stand up and tell these goons riding on their backs enough is enough and do that soon. This aggression shows that Debre and his cabals are unteachable about the merits of peace. It is sad but overwhelmingly proven true.

  2. I think that The Abiy government` s recent decision to release the TPLF guru and fascist Aboy Sebhat has sent the wrong signal to the TPLF because it reads it as a weakness and lack of more military offensive against it. Therefore, the TPLF will continue to attack and fight as long as it has the means to do so.

  3. Subject: “ TPLF intensifying offensive in Afar region targeting civilians” by, January 24, 2022

    Humble Comment, 26 Jan 2022
    For some mysterious reason, TIGRAYAN have lost their UNIQUE SENSE of SHARPNESS and WISDOM. I dare say.
    It is VERY UNUSUAL for such a SOCIETY to lose its inherent and unique characteristic — all of a sudden, out of the ‘ blue’.

    In short, it is absolutely absurd that TIGRAY is turned to be sacrificial PONY in a ‘Chess’ Game — ready to be sacrificed. Who is REALY behind it ??? Who are the PLAYERS ??? The ANSWER is very difficult to ‘swallow’ by REAL dedicated Tigrayan for the benefit of TIGRAY and ONLY FOR TIGRAY. Is that what is being cooked? NO ONE else but Tigrayan would answer that question.

    But then, there is ABSOLUTELY NO ONE to advice TIGRAY of its own LIFE. One re-learns, the hard way, what is of benefit to itself, by itself, for any reason. Needless to say, one wishes the people of Tigray the best to be tuned onto its original characteristic for the benefit of the entire people of Tigray i.e. against hungry individuals for self-power and aggrandizement. GOOD LUCK — the ‘road’ is wide open and long.

    The healthy choice and decision belongs to the WISE PEOPLE OF TIGRAY — NO ONE ELSE. The DESTINY of Tigray belongs to TIGRAYAN in TOTALITY — NOT TO A SINGLE AMBITIOUS PERSONALITY, nor to current individuals who are on a cliff attempting to save their quasi-heavenly life. There is always an end to everything.


  4. It is me again with a question about our dear Africa.

    Let me ask an honest question. about our dear African Union

    It was established on 26 May 1963 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    That was over fifty-nine (59) years ago —- almost sixty years of retirement age!!!

    The answer is for each of us to enjoy or to be depressed — free of charge.


    The answer is for each of us and forget it eventually, as we did, and still doing, about anything else in our Affairs.

    Colonizers knew about our natural characteristics when it comes to our own affairs.

    We can’t help it. And it was an open invitation to colonialism.

    Please prove me wrong (or miraculously right)— good for my brain ( I assume, I have one on my shoulder!!!



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