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Oromia police killed at least three Orthodox church followers during epiphany celebration in Addis Ababa

Woybela Mariam _ Addis Ababa _ Oromia Police
One of the victims of Oromia police killing in Addis Ababa (Photo : Social Media)


In a latest string of attacks on the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, at least three people were killed on Thursday when Oromia police opened fire on the followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church  who were in a religious procession as part of Epiphany celebration in the capital Addis Ababa. 

It happened in Woybela Mariam locality. 

The victims died in Alert hospital in the same locality of Addis Ababa. Another man is seriously wounded and still in the same hospital. Ten others have reportedly sustained light injuries. 

Apart from firing live bullets on followers of the church as the replica of the Ark of the Covenant was on its way back to Woybela Mariam Church from a designated baptism place, Oromia police fired tear gas on children’s choirs and stopped the procession. It means the Ark of the Covenant was stopped, and Ethiopian church followers were brutalized. 

The victims are not yet laid to rest. 

The solemn religious  procession was interrupted to the point that Archbishop of Addis Ababa, Abune Melke Tsadek , had to make a decision to temporarily keep the Ark of Covenant from Woybela Mariam at the Keraneyo Medhanealem Church. 

The incident is said to be triggered by forceful measures on the part of Oromia police when it stopped faithfuls who were wearing clothes featuring the Ethiopian flag. Those carrying Ethiopian flags were also snatched. 

The killing, for many, is politically motivated. And it is directly carried out by order from the government body. 

The Ethiopian Church mobilised followers from the entire Addis Ababa on Friday to finalise the interrupted procession, and millions have attended it. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government has been indicted for not being able to protect civilians from radical ethnic nationalist groups, primarily the armed wing of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF).  At times, the killings against Orthodox Christians in different parts of Oromia region are projected as the works of what the government calls OLF -Shane. 

In reality, Abiy Ahmed’s government is full of radical ethnic Oromo nationalists whose target, among other things, is weakening the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church. Administrative and political powers are exploited to pursue this objective. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who is very quick to share his remarks on different incidents in the country using his social media platforms, has not yet said a word about the killings of Orthodox followers in Addis Ababa. His government has not yet released an official statement on the incident, too. 

In February 2020, there was a similar killing in Addis Ababa during Takele Uma’s tenure in the Bole area of the city which was condemned by the Patriarch, Abune Mathias

There was another incident across the Oromia region right after what is said to be an orchestrated killing of Hachalu Hundessa, a singer, in July 2020. Dozens of Ethiopian Orthodox Church followers were massacred in a horrifying manner in an orchestrated attack by state and non-state actors. 

The Church has been under immense pressure from the different levels of government, mostly in the Oromia and South Ethiopia regions.
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  1. Prosperity Party/OPDO is another cold blooded murderous thugs regime that must be thrown-out and placed with morally and intellectually high individuals who can lead and respect Ethiopians rights. Without laws and order and targeting to kill the most majority Orthodox Christians that holds many other ethnic group is taking the country in a wrong direction

    For fear of its sheer number OPDO is afraid of loosing power has expanded the murdering of Orthodox Christians and Amharas in Wollega, the Oromia murderous zone and now in Addis.
    Under the cover of Prosperity Party OPDO is operating the same way as the previous TPLF lead EPRDF who is known for unti- Orthodox Christianity by labeling the religion as Amhara’s.

    Orthodox Christians livelihoods has been attacked and violated many times and Orthodox Christian and every law abiding citizens must unite and fight back until freedom of religion and human rights violation stops and good leaders are installed in the government..
    Oromia murderous zone administrators including Shimeles are all behind this crime that must be held responsibly for many years of Amhara and Orthodox Christians deaths and sufferings.

  2. This is one of the reason why Sebhat Nega the notorious TPLF terrorist looter and murderer was released. One frail old freed murderer terrorist now who has planted the hate seed on all Orthodox Christians, Amhara and Ethiopia. He is one happy cold blood murderer freed by Abiy Terrorist today. OPDO and Abiy are not reformed people. They are all the extension of TPLF hate and tribal thugs.

    People must prepare for the worse and start to defy the OPDO and Abiy illegal, violent and hurtful orders because it is not the same rule of law and order that protects and respects peoples right as in many countries. In OPDO/ Abiy case it is to selectively inflict harm, ethnically cleanse, violence and murderer those who fear of their sheer high population number. Therefore anything that is out of the ordinary is to be refused and defied.

    The love connection between OPDO, Shimelis Abdissa, Lemma Megersa, Abiy, and TPLF enemy of Orthodox Christians is well seeded and with long history. OPDO is the same as TPLF when it comes to ALL Orthodox Christians and Amhara in general weather Muslim or Christian because they represent Ethiopia. Tyrants and murderers do not make good rules they make anarchism and misgovernment.

    • But but Abiy is Amhara man. We al remember when Abiy won the nobel prize he was revered as the first amhara man to win the top prize in the planet . የጥር ወር ላማራ ሊሂቃንና ለሠራዊታቸው ፋኖ የጨለማ ወር ናት አትሆናቸውም

      • No MFer Abiy is part-Amhara but has the agenda of Oromuma in mind. It is OK if Oromo ask for equal right as others, but to replace the hegemony of their teacher tplf..that is too much to take. And don’t say anything about the Fano here, you hear..

  3. I wish those who ordered the police to open fire and those who actually opened fire and killed the observers are not labeled with ethnic label as Oromos. Those were members of the government police force who might happen to be born to Oromo parents. Oromos like Amharas, Afars, Somalis, Tigres or any other ethnic groups are not primed to shoot and kill fellow citizens. Stop using such infuriating terms that may sound wholesale incrimination. To my understanding there are equally devout observers of Christianity among Oromos, Amharas, Tigres and many other ethnic groups. Stop using these ethnic panhandles to cook up sad stories. Please, please, please stop it!!!!

    • It is the same with the use of “orthodox followers” how low can they go!! ok Ethiopians if you wish to call yourselves this and that and divide your selves into religious sects you hade it ,TPLF is having a good meal at your expenses. Well done Broken for opening the gates of HELL!!!!1

  4. Let’s wait and see how the loquacious Abiy tries to bamboozle his PP cadres, psychopaths and sycophants out of this atrocious crime to escape accountability and trash the rule of law once again. The killing of innocent, unarmed parishioners in a Timket procession does not make the police from Oromia region powerful over the Orthodox religion followers. It just makes them weak, barbaric, backward and subhuman. The carrying of a flag, any type of flag, different from what some stupid nincompoop considers illegal, is not a crime punishable by death. Here is the irony and abnormality in the moral standings of the Abiy regime: sets free masterminds and financiers of the criminal TPLF responsible for the massacre, mayhems, deaths, and displacements of millions and simultaneously ensure the killings of unarmed parishioners in a Timket festival is condoned. Presently, please do come out and wear the pastor hat and preach the Gospel with emphasis on forgiveness. What spirituality and benevolence!!!! When people scream and demand for the rule of law to be enforced and due process be followed, it applies to everyone, including Green Martians from outer space who happened to be in Ethiopia. Pretty sure PP members and Oromia police will encourage the jailing and shooting of Green Martians from outer space who landed in Oromia zone by accident, wearing their green suits, coming out of their yellow spacecrafts, with red exit doors, mistaking them as “Minilik followers”!!!

  5. Bring Shimels Abdissa and Adanech Abebe to answer for the massacred Orthodox Christians Epiphany Observers by Oromo Police. Whet is the Oromo Police armed with Sniper and Armored Vehicles doing in the middle of Epiphany worshippers unless it is to show force and murder religious Orthodox Christians?

  6. Let’s take a moment to turn our attention to what else is going on in the rest of the world. The two grand bullies of their neighborhoods, Xi and Putin, seem to be a trigger away to ‘destroy’ two beacons of democracy close by. Putin seems to have written the death warrant for Ukraine, a fledgling democracy. On the other side of the world the other bully, Xi, is itching to do a dangerous break dance over another model of democracy, Taiwan. What bugs and keeps these two despots awake all night is not border issue or Ukraine will join NATO. It is not because Taiwan is a ‘rogue’ province. It is because both Ukraine and Taiwan have proven themselves to be models of working democracies. It has been truth and nothing but the truth that democracy kills despots. The two despots can not live with democracies next door just like el-Siri will never want to see a democratic Sudan just south of his border. They see Ukraine and Taiwan as bad examples to the people under their despotic rule. If Putin sends his troops into Ukraine it will not be a cake walk for him and he will be left with a badly bruised and bloody nose. If monster Xi decides to rumble into Taiwan using his copy and paste armed forces that tiny Island will not be an easy push over. Xi will end up with a profusely bleeding nose that he can’t stop. This one may bring the world to a brink of WWIII. This is more worrisome to me than any other conflicts now raging in different parts of the world. These two are determined autocrats and autocrats by their nature don’t care what the rest of the world thinks. Putin will never relinquish his grip on power until he dies. Xi has declared himself an ‘Emperor’ for life already a few months ago and will remain as the leader until he dies just like the bloodthirsty Mao. For me the world is coming closer and closer to an abyss because of these two megalomaniacs. Belt and road? What? My foot!!!! I call it road to loan shark and permanent servitude. Nuff said!!!

    • I am beginning to wonder whether the “Ittu Aba Farda” is an implant under assumed Ethiopian name. Could that person be messenger of the Central Intelligence Agency or Britain’s equivalent? Russia and China stood on the side of Ethiopia , while America and allies that proclaim to be ‘defenders of democracy’ supported the terrorist junta that identifies itself as good student of Lenin and Marx communists. Russia and China have consistently demonstrated their principle of none interference in the internal affairs of others countries, while America and allies kept/keep terrorizing and destroying other countries and governments for the sole purposes of promoting/protecting their interests.

      I suggest readers pay closer attention in the future to the language used by what I believe must be an implant under assumed name “Ittu Abba Farda”. Look to the style of writing, words used, consistency of messages, etc. At least you may not be swindled again!

      • You got it all wrong about me. I am not a CIA implant but actually I was the one who created the CIA, The Scotland Yard, MI5/6, Deuxieme Bureau and their German equivalent. You have rudely demoted me and I take offence on that. You know what else did I do lately? I put super nano microchip in the Covid-19 vaccines so I can track everyone like you. I am sitting in my living room now and watching you live. So be careful who you’re talking to. I can even tell what you gonna think tomorrow, next week, next month and every day of the week until you die. Ladies and gentlemen! Worku just blew over my cover! I’m a CIA implant! Thank you for the badge of honor, Worku!

          • I forgot to mention this to you before. It was all me who created the KGB. My homeboy Putin just shot me an email and he told me he has one vacancy for someone who is seen defending him already. I told him I have the perfect candidate for the job. I am urging to get your passport in order. You are going to join my homeboy’s outfit. You will be paid in Rubbles.
            Hey Ittu! It is not Rubbles! It is Rubles.

  7. Put your eyes on Nile, Mercianaries the Tplf is weakening and now Olf and the left over Tplf mercinaries are reloading, say Nomore to Neocolonialism because that is the main divide and conquer

  8. As General Abebaw said in his interview with Fana Reporters, those who instigate conflicts under the barrel of the gun will be dealt with in the language they speak. Just kill them out of sight and sound. In this case, find the perpetrators of the violence, and deal with them, ie just kill them. Sooner or latter such lawful measures will be the best deterrent!

  9. Ittu Aba Farda, seriously???? Are you pulling an Abiy cheap shot right before our own eyes? This article is about the shooting and murder of innocent, unarmed, civilian parishioners during a Timiket procession by Oromia zone police. The issue at hand the carrying of a flag. The sentence, according to police in Oromia: death!!!! Do not distract or try to hoodwink by sleight of hand. Nobody is talking about Putin, or Xi here. They are not even remotely related to the story. The Police in Oromia zone brutally executed innocent parishioners for carrying a flag they do not like. There is no justification for this subhuman, barbaric and psychopathic act of terror. Abiy will as usual condone, or expound for days so and on, talking without a break and saying nothing that will make any sense. The PP members, followers, and supporters, as indicated by a certain reply here, will attempt their best to “confuse and convince” the gullible. Just bring the criminal shooter(s) to face justice. Will you support the rule of law to have primacy here, for perpetrators of violence against a community, protected by their government, cajoled, nurses and nurtured by their affiliates in the PP party??????

    • Good point. One can use this sad time to identify who the cold blooded person. This
      person is with a hidden agenda always talking rubbish.

    • Dear Honesty Bedtpolicy,

      Where in my comment did I justify the killing of these young men? As a father I mourn their untimely death in such cruel way. There is nothing that will justify the gunning down of Allah created human life just because what he/she wore that given was not liked by the officials. That was not a Nazi flag or a religious terrorist flag. Having said I am holding those sinister groups who urged/incited the youth to wear those flags hated by some bigoted groups equally responsible. Meanwhile, I strongly believe that we Oromos are not created just to kill others we don’t like. My equally noble Amharas are not born to kill others just because they don’t like them. The same goes to my dear Afars, Somalis and the rest of others in the country. I hate to read or hear stories of atrocities being told as if they were perpetrated by ethnic individuals. You see, when do that you put yourself in the service of those who are hell bent to start an all out bloody conflicts between my Oromos and our dear neighbors Amharas. Keep in mind these two ethnic groups have a combined population close to 70 million (by conservative estimate). These bigoted instigators are right here among us. You can see what they write on their social media. They call our noble Amhara neighbors fascists. They call me and my Oromos extremists. They want to see the mother of all bloody and destructive war between my Oromo and Amharas. They know that will be the real McCoy for their sinister scheme. They have failed and failed miserably so far. They have come to a conclusion that it is the only way they can go in and carve out a territory to call it their personal fiefdom under the guise of the Republic of this or that. I hope I have made myself very clear on the subject. I don’t like it when murderers are mentioned by ethnicity when they are government employees. I detest that like a nagging sickness. Peace!!!!

  10. The justice system in Ethiopia needs major reform. The executive branch of government led by Abiy and the legislative branch of government, comprising about 94% PP and the remaining 6% from other parties, must be put in check and balance by a. Independent judiciary branch. It is an unfortunate curse in Ethiopian history, that nearly 100 years after Ethiopia got her first written constitution, the judiciary branch has not been set free. Violent regime changes, revolutions, and successive wars that cost millions of precious Ethiopian lives have not managed to make a dent in the iron grasp of the executive over the legislative and especially the judiciary branches of government. In fact, now massive amount of evidence is pointing to an undeniable historical reality that the Imperial Government of Ethiopia had the most experienced and more honorable staff, , the more equitable and more respectable judiciary branch when compared to the subsequent regimes that followed it. The 1955 penal code to this day, remains as the seminal work that revolutionized the judiciary system of the nation. Ethiopia was then blessed with abundant talents like that of PM Aklilu Habtewold (educated at the Sorbonne) , Professor Haile Minase ( a PhD in Economics and also a law degree from Columbia), the two Oxford educated PMs, PM Endalkachew Mekonnen, and PM Michael Imru (the last two premiers just before the take over by the Derg regime). What followed since then has been disaster after disaster. Today nobody, not one single person expects equitable justice in Ethiopia. Bribery, corruption and decay of morality tarnish the courts left and right. Ethnic bigotry will probably not clear the justice system in the so called Oromia region for the next 100 years without significant reforms taking place now. These facts have been told time and again, ad Infinitum for the past three years. A democratic system of governance will never be realized in Ethiopia where political cadres run rampant, corrupting, contaminating and spreading social diseases with impunity. What this means is in a nut shell that without justice, the rule of law, there will never be democratic governance in Ethiopia.

  11. Instead of going after Queero Oromo violent hoodlums without religion who came out carring sticks to assult Epiphany worshippers, and Oromo Cadre hidden within OPDO, Adanech Abebe is adding the abuse by randomly raiding AA resident houses and arresting protestors.

    Adanech Abebe is not fit to do her job. As a mayor of a capital city her immature and inappropriate action and speech carries huge responsibility.
    Adanech Abebe Step Down.

  12. It is very clear that one hegemony is being replaced by another – tplf by Oromuma. Thay are all linked by their common hatred for EOC., Amhara, Tricolor, Menelik, Ethiopianism….. . The question is – what should be done to counter these two evils?

  13. How can anyone ever expect anything good to come out from Satan Tplf? OPDO are the same old people that served Tplf before it got thrown out. OPDO hatched out of Tplf rotten egg.
    Unless and until they are all replaced by educated and elected people theft, corruption, random imprisonment, murder and pitting people against the other will not stop.

  14. Below is the educational background of the Mayor of Addis Ababa (1969-1974), Dr Haile Giorgio’s Workeneh

    (Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1952. Master of Civil Engineering, Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1954. Doctor of Philosophy, Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1956.

    So what Ethiopians should ask PM Abiy, is why cannot a competent professional be selected to be the Mayor of Addis Ababa? Why should a political cadre of the PP be entitled to be the mayor of a city, for that matter a major international city, a travelers’ hub, capital city, and diplomatic capital of Africa???? How come our standards have fallen so low and below the radar??? Half a century ago, the city was administered by a PhD Engineer and graduate of Carnegie Mellon, why settle for less now? The question is not about ethnicity, not about gender, not about political affiliation or religious denominations. It is about qualifications. The city of Addis cannot become a 21 century city, to attract investments, and make the first impression on visitors and locals alike if it does not solve its water problems, electricity problems, road congestions, traffic jams, safety of residents, hospital problems, massive transportation shortages and on and on, if political cadres sit at the helm and thwart development owing to ignorance, lack of education, lack of qualifications and lack of vision and public responsibility. In the developed world, mayoral offices are among the most demanding and most challenging jobs. Mayors in most cities actually even earn more than the more prestigious governorships and federal offices. This is done commensurate with the difficulty and challenging nature of mayoral posts. Nobody wants to be a passenger in a bus with an inexperienced driver. The steering will shift and take everyone over the cliff. The disaster and casualties will be unbearable thereafter. Ethiopia has been largely run by incompetent political cadres from the dregs era till now. There has been no change in the selection criteria. Affiliation to Ethiopian Socialist Workers party, affiliation to TPLF, affiliation to Prosperity party cannot, should not and must not continue to be the basis to assignment. When will Ethiopia’s political cadres learn to be humble enough and start saying “I am not qualified to be in this position” and leave the spot for a deserving Ethiopian with the education, experience and qualifications to faithfully execute and meet the demands of a position? When will Ethiopia ever be free from the abuse, mistreatment and torture of incompetent cadres???

  15. Ittu Aba Farda, this is what you said, “Having said I am holding those sinister groups who urged/incited the youth to wear those flags hated by some bigoted groups equally responsible”. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! The party which is 100 % responsible for this subhuman atrocity is the ignoramus police from Oromia region who pulled the trigger against the unarmed parishioners. Was there any ordinance violated? Answer is none. Obviously the shooter(s) were ignorant psychopaths, ill fitted for the position and a disgrace to their community and profession. Will Abiy and PP party sycophantic bring those responsible to justice??? Judging by past trends and ethical standards, the answer is no, When one’ moral compass is bent, finding true north is impossible. When one’s hands are soaked in the blood of countless defenseless victims, accountability and justice cannot be allowed on the minds of the diseased bigots.

    • Honesty BestPolicy,

      I agree with you on this matter. I really do. May be I should have been more detailed in my original comment. Let’s see how the sad incidence was reported. The youth accompanying the religious march was wearing a certain type of a flag. That should have been allowed and the situation could have ended without the gunning down of the youth. But it was painfully clear that it was not a spontaneous act by the youth but it was instigated by sinister group of individuals who always use the youth as a fodder for their hideous scheme. Now let’s go back to the scene where the youth was chanting what was in its mind during the festival. Then some bigoted groups of individuals incited another group of youth to come out with sticks to confront the flag wearing youth. Then things went out of control and now we have youth whose lives were senselessly cut short with mothers left hopelessly wailing. But the two sinister groups now got their wishes. I am holding those who incited the youth equally responsible. Meanwhile, I don’t buy this lame excuse by certain officials among the Oromia police force accusing the dead youth of trying to grab guns away from the policemen on the scene. They should have stood between the stick welding and flag wearing youths and the whole shenanigans could have ended without the senseless loss of Allah Blessed human lives. I had said this on many similar occasions before that I always hold those officials who ordered the police to open fire with live bullets equally responsible.

      Thank you for staying true to our legendary tradition with your civil conversation. You tried to get your point across and I respect that because you are entitled to it. Don’t I have the same entitlement?


  16. The main responsible person for Amharas and Orthodox Christians massacre is Shimeles Abdissa. Terrorists OLF Shene didn’t have more strength than Tplf. There are many evidences pointing at Shimels Abdissa as the one who is releasing prisoners, giving shelter, arming, aiding and abating Terrorist Shene.

  17. Look Ittu Aba Farda, I hope you try to get my position clear. Let’s dial the clock back to Oct 2, 2016. In Bishoftu, the police massacred peaceful Irreecha protesters for opposing the marginalization of the Oromo. Those police were barbaric, subhuman and out right criminal murderers. I do not see one iota of difference between those two incidents, and the barbaric acts of those who irresponsibly cut precious lives down with impunity and arrogance. What a sad mother to be when your sons and daughters go out for a religious festival like Timket or Irreecha and never return. Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of those unlucky Ethiopian mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. The lives of their loved ones are suddenly and violently cut short, with no hope, no consolation, no future. Is this the Ethiopia we want? People in Timket procession do not go and attack the police. This is not a new holiday. Hundreds of thousands in sub cities and million and millions nationwide have come out and celebrated Timket for hundreds of years and will continue to celebrate it in the future. Nothing new, except the barbarism of some.

    • I don’t see any difference in cruelty between those two police men. If you had the chance to bump into my comments on another website in 2016 I had condemned those who shot and killed the unarmed protestors. I had also made myself very clear then that I would hold those who instigated and urged those young people to go out there and protest knowing for fact that the officials then were as trigger happy as these ones. Also during that region wide protest I also condemned in the strongest terms I could utter the burning down of factories and other implements of progress. Factories in still developing countries like Ethiopia are my untouchable people’s properties no matter who owns them. Some irresponsible individuals here among us were urging the gullible youth there to go out and torch down every factory and businesses they believed belonged to the ‘Woyanes’ and their supporters. Those individuals used to run around here in the West telling newspapers and other media outlets that the youth was told to torch only those factories and farms owned by the then officials and their cronies. How stupid was that? You don’t burn factories where tens of thousands are making a living from/at. When the despots are gone the factories will still be there with the will of foreign investors remaining unaffected. I was called all kinds of names for those comments. I said ‘tough luck’ and moved on. If you don’t agree with me there is nothing I can do about it. I now leave you hoping that we have agreed to disagree, if any.

      I bet you and your family nothing but peace!
      Stay safe.

  18. Obviously the government is part of the crime against humanity by allowing a collaborated genocide against Amhara.
    What proves systematic genocide happening is the massacre or carnage, destroying farms, burning houses and created homeless populations, kidnapping people, looting their wealth and distributing what was looted from Amharas among PP and Shene criminals.

    It is not only murder and theft case but also exposing those who could not murder to another deadly situations as homelessness, wild animals, sickness, rain and environmental problems to further their demise, suffering and deaths.

  19. There is an enduring message that is becoming clearer and clearer following this tragic event. Those who wanted to use this sad incidence for their wicked scheme are being told in clear clarion voice that it will not spark an all out war between my upright Oromos and equally noble people of Amhara. These war mongers who have beating the drums of ethnic war from here among us are once again smacked in the mouth. They yelled and cursed just to end up with stinking bad breath. And I can tell them this with absolute certainty and they can quote me until the end of time even after I have departed life on this good earth. Write this down so you will not pull that despicable convenient memory spiel.


    For now just stifle and eat your crow!!!!

  20. Ittu Aba Farda,
    Don’t lose your breath on obsolete news. It does not smell good.
    Amharas have endured and suffered so much and for 30 years under two brutal EPRDF regimes. Where is the protest by other ethnic groups against Amhara genocide? Like the Amharas protest when any ethnic group get attacked?
    After Woyane left the murder and killings including losing of wealth and properties got worse while PP/EPRDF government kept on ignoring and dismissing their grieves, cries and calls for help. But there is limit for everything
    Finally, after so much patience Amharas have said enough!! Now they are pushed to the edge to where no one want to go. Now the inevitable time has come!! Fight back and very hard!!!
    The time for sweet and numbing empty talks taking advantage of Amhara loyalty to every citizen and unity have expired. Such shallow fake talks with insidious intention insulting Amhara’s intelligent like “my upright Oromos and equally noble people of Amhara” is ditched in a dumpster.
    They have lost everything and nothing to lose even if war breaks out. The only way to go is UP and OUT of poverty, misery and death which the gov. has planned for Amhara. Time for break even!!! Amharas must walk, do and TALK to OLA, OLF or TPLF in the exact same language they speak !!! To stop the carnage Amhara must do what its enemies are doing to them. Then the enemy will start to crumble.





  22. Right now it isn’t a matter of what anyone wishes or not. You haven’t felt or suffered what Amharas have to endure. The last 30 years of living in hell will end soon. The worst kind of pain and sufferings that no one wants to suffer was done by their own countrymen under the watch of calloused government.

    I say so long to fake sympathizers personalities and implants.
    Only and only Amharas define their future.


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