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The Case Against WHO’s Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom

To: WHO Office of Compliance, Risk Management and Ethics (CRE)  

Dr. Tedros Adhanom has repeatedly and in multiple ways violated the Constitution of  the World Health Organization (WHO) during his tenure as Director-General of the  organization. His unethical and irresponsible conduct has made a mockery of the  flagship UN institution. His behavior completely fails to uphold the high standards of  impartiality and professionalism expected of his office. To allow him to continue as a  leader will erode not just WHO, but the UN as well. Indeed, the existing and widely  disseminated evidence of Dr. Tedros’s unethical conduct, and the lack of investigation  into this opensource evidence, already poses considerable reputational risk to the UN  system.  

We, the undersigned, formally request that Dr. Tedros be investigated for ethics  violations.  

The preamble of the WHO Constitution states that: “The enjoyment of the highest  attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being  without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition.” Dr.  Tedros, who has elevated his tribal and ethnic passions over his national, human and  professional responsibilities, has shamefully made exactly such a “distinction of race  and political belief.” On several occasions, he has spoken up about the current civil  conflict in Ethiopia, but only to highlight the harm experienced by the Tigrayan people,  with whom he identifies ethnically. He has acted in unmistakable antagonism towards  Ethiopia, and in support of the TPLF, the political party of which, for 12 years, he was  an executive committee member.  

Dr. Tedros has said nothing about the outrages committed against other ethnicities,  especially the Afar and Amhara peoples, in the insurgency war that his political party,  the TPLF, is conducting against Ethiopia. To have attained his current office as an  Ethiopian, but to turn a blind eye to the suffering of Ethiopians simply because they do  not belong to his ethnic group is an unspeakable moral offense. 

Dr. Tedros spoke up about the lack of medicine and food in Tigray knowing full well  that the challenges delaying some humanitarian provisions was due to the TPLF  shelling of access routes from Afar and Amhara to Tigray. This activity, a classic and  well-known insurgency tactic, is ongoing today and, similar to the TPLF’s campaign in  the 1980s, is being used to support false claims of ‘blockades’ and ‘sieges’. He has  been silent as TPLF hijacked trucks intended for delivering food and medicine are  being used to transport fighters advancing to the Afar and Amhara Regions. While  highlighting the lack of medicine in hospitals in Tigray, he has said nothing about the  destruction and looting of over 500 health facilities and 1,706 health posts in Amhara  Region, and 78% Health facilities in Afar Region.  

Dr. Tedros’ partisan press releases, his media interviews, and social media posts all go  against the regulations of the WHO and constitute a violation of the WHO’s Ethics  Guidelines. His social media posts, for example, are so blatantly one-sided that the  line between his private view and WHO’s position is blurred. A cursory look at his  official twitter account reveals the extent to which he would go to highlight the harm  and destruction in Tigray region while completely ignoring the destruction in the Afar  and Amhara regions. He has abused his position as head of WHO to advance a political  agenda.  

It is wholly unacceptable that, in his capacity as an international civil service leader, Dr.  Tedros has been permitted to opine on the civil conflict. At the very least, he should  have spoken about the suffering of all people in Ethiopia and not just one group.  Instead, he chose to use his position to uphold the banner of his former political party,  and to abandon his professional and human responsibilities.  

While Dr. Tedros has mismanaged the WHO response to the COVID-19 pandemic, he  has spoken against the injustice of the rich nations reserving the COVID-19 vaccines  for their own people. Despite raising this issue of ‘injustice’, he remains blind to the  injustices against his own Ethiopian people in both Afar and Amhara, where the TPLF  destroyed the health infrastructure. In suggesting that wealthier nations should do for  

“low income countries” what they are exclusively doing for their own, the crime he so  sensitively protests is that of partiality. But, by turning a blind eye to the suffering of  those Ethiopians he considers not worthy of his advocacy, he himself is committing the  crime of partiality. This behaviour is hypocritical and exposes a selective approach  towards humanity. That Dr Tedros continues to knowingly commit this violation is also  unacceptable. 

Chapter VII’s Article 37 of the WHO Constitution states: “In the performance of their  duties, the Director-General and the staff […] shall refrain from any action which might  reflect on their position as international officers.” Dr. Tedros’ conduct and behaviour  stands in direct violation to the very text and spirit this eminent WHO rule, as stated in  its preamble.  

Ethiopia, a WHO member state, has filed a formal investigation request to the WHO  Executive Board over Dr. Tedros’ conduct. We have requested that Ethiopia’s  delegation to the WHO take the appropriate measures in line with the WHO Office of  Compliance, Risk Management and Ethics (CRE) – and the African Delegation to the  WHO Executive Board – to complete an investigation of Dr. Tedros’ ethical violations.  An organization like WHO, whose essence is to uphold the highest ethical standards,  must have leadership that reflects its fundamental values. WHO should not tolerate  even the appearance of inappropriateness, let alone clear-cut violations.  

We respectfully request that the WHO Executive Board take the following actions during  its upcoming 150th session of the Executive Board from 24-29 January 2022:  

1. Immediately act on the Government of Ethiopia’s request to the WHO  Executive Board. 

2. Support the Investigation Request to the WHO Office of Compliance, Risk  Management and Ethics (CRE) to investigate Dr. Tedros Adhanom. 

3. Request the resignation of Dr. Tedros for violating WHO Ethics Guidelines. 4. If Dr. Tedros refuses to resign, he should be suspended of his leadership  post until a full investigation is completed.  


• American Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee  

• Concerned Ethiopians  

• Concerned Clinical and Health Researchers in Australia 

• Ethiopian Diaspora High Level Advisory Council on COVID-19 

• Ethiopian Medical Association 

• Ethiopian Public Health Association 

• Ethiopian Scholars in Nordic Countries 

• South African Medical Association 

• Lesotho Medical Association 

• People To People, Inc. 


United Nations Secretary-General, António Manuel Guterres 

President, Sahle-Work Zewde, of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed  

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Demeke Mekonnen  Minister of Justice Dr. Gedion Timotheos  

President of the Federal Supreme Court, Meaza Ashenafi 

Ethiopian Ambassador to the United States, Fitsum Arega Gebrekidan United Nations Permanent Representative of Ethiopia, Taye Atske Selassie Amde 

Note: As of January 19, 2022, over 53, 900 petitioners have signed requesting Dr.  Tedros Adhanom be removed. guilty-of-crimes-against-humanity


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  1. This guy is a tplf stooge and a dangerous thief. How come a biologist can become a head of such an international organization unless tplf did its dirty mafia-style maneuvering, including blackmail, disinformation, misinformation, nepotism, moral corruption and all the evil things on this planet???

    • ቅናት ካባ ግርማ ሥራሥር የበለጠ ያስለፈልፋል ፥ቅናት ለካ ደንበኛ ሥራሥር ነው፥፥ካልወሰደ አይለቅም፥፥

       The current WHO leader  is the best and one of the over qualified chiefs  in  history of WHO.  RIP amhara lihiqan ideology. No more Ethiopia! No more Fanos! NO more  expansionists like eskindir tenkuwayu, fano leaders etc etc  . RIP the ideology of expansionism and terrorism against civilians  from Tigray and Oromo in their own land.  Ethiopia should not be  in unison at the expense of one man’s death .
      1 Ethiopia shouldn’t live  AT THE EXPENSE OF a single MAN’S DEATH anymore. Let all tribes and nations live in peace and harmony independently than dying in vain for the so-called unity of Ethiopia .  Don’t use religion and orthodoxy as a shield to veil your extreme amharanized  political agenda and territorial expansionism.

      Amhara elites and Higdef  gangsters exported Somalians to massacre Orthodox Christians, Orthodox clergymen and monks and burned our  churches and sacred valuable assets . This genocide was drafted and planned   several years ago  and executed by  multiple foreign and domestic genociders. if you love Ethiopia and its history , you must have had objected the invasion and interference of Hidgef in the affairs of Ethiopia . Higdef and prosperity party imported extreme Islamic soldiers massacring our priests, and innocent  orthodox laity and sent fire to  Orthodox church, the oldest church , the  cradle and archive of Ethiopian Civilization and history.
      Your pro-Orthodox church rhetoric doesn’t make you defenders of Orthodox , but simply  shows how you are manipulating the religious aspects to your own advantage.HIgdef, Eritrean  criminal gang and its own hired aimless troops are undergoing a  clinical death  long ago .

  2. The most unqualified person in the history of WHO.
    A member of Terrorist group, a bigot and who failed to perform his main responsibility.
    The man who exploits WHO’s position to run TPLF Terrorist propaganda
    The man responsible for the spread and mutation of Covid-19

  3. The cases against the TPLF henchman Dr. Teodros Adhanom are well founded and form the basis for the investigation of his position and leadership. in the World Health Organization. The UN as an international organization should consider these cases and launch a transparent investigation not only for the sake of the WHO but also its credibility and transparency. The WHO case is not the first one revealing the misuse of the UN agency by the TPLF. There are also complaints about the misgivings/ corruption in the other UN agency, the High Commissioner for Refugees, For example it was revealed that the agency had been collaborating with the TPLF and resettling the TPLF Tigrayans as Eritreans in the west.

    • The problem there is everybody knows China backs them…and for all the virtue-signalling everyone does, nobody wants to offend the world’s largest cinematic viewing audience (or insert any other market/industrial example here), so nobody will do that as they don’t want to offend the CCP. No matter WHAT insane $#!^ they get up to (Disney thanked them for letting them film Mulan there. RIGHT beside the prison camps where they kept Uiygars, IIRC)

  4. The problem with “Ethiopians” and “Eritreans” is that we are very naive. These organizations know exactly who Dr. T.A.G. is. They know the ethnic divisions we foolishly engage in and they have already chosen which side they support. Tigray is being rewarded by their puppetmasters for being servants the past 38 years. They want to use Tigrinya speakers, or more specifically Cushites from Abyssinia, to control Africa and everyone with Black skin.

    That’s why they force this idiotic Pan-African agenda on us. Do not allow it! They want us to become like Negros and Africans, rather than our true selves. Your children probably listen to rap music and eat McDonald’s. That means our enemies are Black-Americans, rap music, and poverty… not the WHO.

  5. You could start by refusing to addressbor list him as “Dr.”…he ISN’T one at all & this is well known.

    His doctorate isn’t even medical, it is philosophical (ANY course in philosophy is a course that is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to fail, BTW – mb could if you just didn’t show up etc) & the closest thing he has (medically related) is a Masters of Science in immunology.

    He is barely suited to work in a lab analyzing samples, if even that. Sounds perfect to run a medical organization/be the 1st ever D.G. without even so much as a BASIC medical certificate to run it in all its 72+yrs of existance.

    Funny Mugabe recommended him…I remember Mugabe from the supposed “land reclamation” where the farmlands Mugabe seized etc were to go back to the families that supposedly owned them prior. Then Mugabe just gave said land to his pals or auctioned them off to the highest bidder/kept the profits himself (yet “Shoot the Boer” is still a popular tune there/they blame whites to this day). What a GREAT endorsement!

    It’s hilarious how he is also listed as being Ethiopia’s Health Minister, yet they conveniently leave out him being caught covering up a cholera outbreak as “acute watery dhiarroea”. What a GREAT “Doctor” & I can think of nobody better to put people at ease in the current era than a philosophical immunologist who has been caught lying about outbreaks before.

    Maybe if he was called professor (OR even just the charlattan he IS) rather than the undeserved & misleading title of “Dr.”, there wouldn’t even BE such a discussion or case to be made.

    …which is why I say NOT calling him a Dr. (since he ISN’T one/it’s a 100% fact) would be a good start.

    (P.S. he is also a member of the TPLF [considered a terrorist org since they took power by armed coup d’etat & Tedros was their 3rd highest member of their PolitBureau back at that time) & has had soldiers outright gun down unarmed protesters at a festival [which he claimed didnt happen til pics of troops deployed w AK’s AT said festival came out, to which he then claimed the troops he denied were ever there to begin with had used non-lethal rounds only. SURE they did.], making him a murderer as well as a liar and a fraudulant poser-“Dr.” & [depending who you ask] a terrorist as well).

    …Sounds like a solid dude/seems legit, I can see why the WHO wanted him as a poster-boy. They pay better than ISIS anyway, from what I hear…

  6. 2,000,000 people disappeared from the Ethiopian Census under Tigrayan rule.

    I somehow doubt they all went on extended vacations to hang out in American ghetto’s & eat trashy fast-food. Especially if they were too poor to buy a plane ticket.

    I also doubt either Ice Cube or McDonald’s has reduced the country’s #’s by any comparable amount.

    Based off that alone, I would say poverty is the only viable enemy tree you see in such a forest. Yet the country’s leaders don’t look like they want for much (least by the look of their many chins & neck wattles)/dress better than these rappers & western CEO’s do.



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