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Ethiopian PM says 90 percent of Diaspora Ethiopians visitors happy


A dinner was organized for visiting Diaspora Ethiopians in the historical palace. The Ethiopian Prime minister made a speech on the occasion.

He told the audience that 90 percent of Ethiopians visiting the country are happy. He knew that Ethiopians in the country and abroad have been expressing anger over his government’s decision to release TPLF war criminals and radical ethnic Oromo nationalists.

Furthermore, he further said any decision his government takes is based on three principles ; sovereignty, national interest & national dignity.

He is still of the view that the decision he took about the prisoners is something that makes Ethiopia a winner – something that can not be proved right now. It is sort of a “trust me” imposition.

Video : Embedded from Fana Youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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  1. No, “trust me I know better” is not the corner stone of democratic governance; responsible and responsive governance is. If withdrawal of charges were made by the judiciary, then Dr. Gideon Timothewos, should lay out the legal principles and extenuating circumstances to the public in broad terms. If the decisions were not his, recall he said “it was a political decision”, then it would be incumbent on the PM (the executive branch) to explain the legal and constitutional mechanisms that allowed him or his PP, bypassing the legislative branch I.e. the parliament, to overturn and interfere in an active case under the jurisdictions of the executive branch. These are legitimate questions and demands from any population that expects the rule of to be supreme to establish a functional, democratic society.

  2. Correction: active case under the jurisdiction of the executive branch should read, as “active case under the jurisdiction of the judiciary branch”.

  3. The speech was asinine, to say the least. Abiy claims three self contradictory issues happened concurrently. The discussion to free people he accused of crimes occurred months ago. He was shocked when he heard it the first time and that somebody other than himself suggested the idea. So in a not shell, this individual is telling Ethiopians that a “law enforcement operation” to ensure the primacy of the law started. Precious lives were sacrificed to capture fugitives, only for Abiy and his team to realize that to err is human and to forgive divine. Also in the meantime, those displaced, massacred, raped, and murdered do not count. They should move on. And Abiy and his PP members think this is normal thinking others just should follow at face value. Here is the biggest albatross on Abiy’s neck. He forgets the massacre, torture, murder and displacements of millions occurred on EPRDF’s watch before 2018. In the name forgiveness, the criminals were given general amnesty. His own laborious speech attesting to the magnanimity and forgiving spirit of Ethiopians were told in his own mouth. No accountability was taken, no one was held responsible. In the last 3 bloody years, the same psychopaths continued to displace, torture and murder, and Abiy has the nerve to beg forgiveness on their behalf? UNACCEPTABLE!!! This is a banana republic. This is not democratic governance. This is not the rule of law. This is not the building of a just society. Abiy tries to dull the mind by incessant talk, frivolous and laborious speeches. Occam’s razor is needed and will solve the dilemma here. Why do Abiy and his PP , theories ex TPLF buddies always walk the extra mile to protect criminal behavior and make 180 degree turns, acrobatic tongue maneuvers?????? Magnanimity, generous hearts, super nice guys, dedicated believers, pastor and father figures???? What say you, Occam’s razor? Cut—————it all points to one fact…. they are perpetrators of crimes themselves, thus needing an escape route, a door, an exit strategy when their turn comes. Abiy= Not credible speech, massively illogical also unethical. If not the case, show that to the Ethiopian people. We will stand corrected when the evidence proves otherwise.

  4. There goes silliness, careless and reckless attitude that should not be coming from any PM. The PP government has become a ONE MAN SHOW.. A Sign of Dictatorship in the making. He speaks of unity while supporting OLF and Shene genocidal operations against Amharas.
    His mute against the massacre, rape, tortures’, displacement of Amhara by OLF and Shene Oromo barbaric terrorists means that he is supporting them. Do not expect or wait him to speak out. He is not!! Just look at his Action that Speaks Loud and Clear!!!
    But work on how to save and end the bloodshed of innocent Amhara, Afar, Somali or any other OLF victims lives. OLF’s or Shene plan is not different from Building the Greater Tigray delusional illusion ideological beliefs. It is exactly the same. Think it to the next level!!
    Abiy is the only PM figure known to talk too much useless childish information and jumping on every occasion talking about complete nonsense.. It seems like there are no other people representing other departments.. The PM position is getting into his head and taking him out of his main purpose. He simply tells the Parliament to produce whatever he wants as the law without any participation of people, announcement, consent, challenges and debates before such a thing becomes the law of the country.
    Examples, making Takele Uma as the Mayor of Addis and Berhanu Jula as a Field Marshall just because they are Oromos. They are all Abiy’s bad and illegal creations. All key positions and government employments outside of Oromia TPLF made zone are filled by one ethnic group that puts him in question of his main purpose.
    He never speaks of important policies, legislation issues, education, regulation, the rule of law issues and holding accountable terrorists OLF’s offspring OLF Shene who are surrounding him in the Parliament for its genocidal operation that keeps massacring innocent people in Wollega. .


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