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TPLF reportedly intensifying military campaigns in Afar, Amhara regions

Many Ethiopian activists have been putting pressure on the government with the claim that the TPLF still constitutes to be a threat to the existence of Ethiopia 

TPLF _ Afar _ Ethiopia
Militia forces are in the front line to battle TPLF forces ( Photo credit : DW)


The Tigray People’s Liberation Front is reportedly intensifying military campaigns in two areas of the Amhara regions starting this week.

According to local sources, the designated – terrorist group has carried out multiples of attacks on civilians in Kobo – which is only about 40 kilometers North East of Woldia town. 

In Northern Gonder, the TPLF is still in control of Adarkay, part of what used to be North Gondar administration, that was militarily annexed to the Tigray region. 

Two monks from Waldeba monastery are kidnapped by TPLF forces in the region, according to a report by Ethio-News. 

In the Afar region, where the TPLF attempted to hold Ethiopia in a choke position by cutting a major supply line in late November 2021, the TPLF has launched a fresh attack. 

This time it launched an attack in the Abala area which is adjacent to the Tigray region but it reportedly failed to take control of the place and make advances. 

Muhammed Zeynu, a human rights activist who is also from Afar region, wrote on twitter saying 

“heavy fighting have been launched since morning in Afar #Abala front , strategically suitable places being replaced  by our forces and the enemies line retreating back, terrorist #tplf group paying their value terribly! z enemy is at a loss, we’re gaining victory over victory.” 

The TPLF forces have massacred thousands of innocent civilians in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia and raped hundreds of women including underaged and senior citizens during its months of occupations of many areas in both regions. 

In late December 2021, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government ordered joint Ethiopian forces ( Ethiopian Defence Force, Afar and Amhara regional forces, Fano and militia) to halt marching to the Tigray region following major military gains that cleared the TPLF forces from most parts of Afar and Amhara regions. 

Many Ethiopians were critical of the government decision.  

A “Background Press Call by a Senior Administration Official on Ethiopia” published on White House website on January 10, 2022  seems to indicate that the United States was against the Ethiopian Defense Force march to the United States but it is unclear if  the Ethiopian government decision was informed by the US pressure. 

Another unpopular decision came last week. While Ethiopian Christians were celebrating Christmas, the Ethiopian government announced that it has decided to release key TPLF leaders, including the ideologue Sebhat Nega, who were captured during a military operation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia in January 2021. 

Apart from TPLF leaders, the Ethiopian government released Jawar Mohammed, a radical ethnic Oromo nationalist who is indicted in inciting violence in July 2021 that claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians. 

Government negatively impacted the united effort by Ethiopians in the country and abroad to support the government in its campaign against the TPLF. Ethiopians are still putting pressure on the government to reconsider its decision. 

A  document that is said to be leaked from the ruling Prosperity Party indicates that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government does have a tendency to believe that the war is concluded. In fact the government has been operating more like in a post war situation after it ordered halting the march to Tigary in pursuit of TPLF terrorist forces. Last weekend, the government promoted senior army officers during a ceremony organised to inaugurate a new building complex for the Defense Ministry.  

Meanwhile, the Ethiopian government on Friday accused the TPLF of obstructing humanitarian activity in the Tigray region of Ethiopia and treating people in Tigray as “expendables.”

The statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia said more than 1010 aid trucks are stranded in the Tigray region. 


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  1. It is hard to believe to see these two people, Afar and Tigre, are now embroiled in such bloody conflict. The trade routes that traversed back and forth between these two regions go back centuries. Thanks to arrogant and megalomaniac Debre and his predecessors it is now mangled and destroyed. It is fixable but it will take generations to achieve that. Sad but true!

  2. It’s because the government of Ethiopia keeps on playing hide and seek games with terrorist TPLF, which is a proxy soldier to Egypt and Ethiopian enemies.


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