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Drought affecting south Eastern Ethiopia

Reports say hundreds of thousands of cattle population died because of the situation

Somali region
Mustafa Mohammed, Somali regional state president, making speech after receiving support from Addis Ababa city Administration (Photo : screenshot from video by Somali region communication bureau )


A severe drought is affecting the Somali region, among other places, of Ethiopia in the south eastern parts of the country. 

According to VOA Amharic, the cattle population in the region is down by 160,000 due to the drought. 

The regional administration has been working, as disclosed by the regional president Mustafa Omar, on reducing the human impact in the region. 

Particular area of focus was to ensure that people in the region are not malnourished. 

Mobilised local support to reverse possible disastrous  consequences has been trickling in. The latest contribution came from Addis Ababa city Administration which contributed about 100 million Ethiopian birr.  

The Mayor, Adanech Abiebie, delivered it personally to the president of the region on Friday, based on a report by the state media, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC)


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