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New Cohen remark sees exile as best option for TPLF leaders in Tigray

Ethiopia _ Herman Cohen _ TPLF
Mr. Herman Cohen, Former US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa


Mr. Herman Cohen, Former US Assistant Secretary of State For Africa, was known for remarks that hail Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) military superiority and invincibility. 

In his latest Twitter message, he rather conveyed a message about the military superiority of Ethiopian forces. Not just that, he also said that TPLF “must cease to exit,” – in the interest of ending more suffering for people in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

He tweeted : 

” In #Ethiopia, it is time for the TPLF to accept the inevitable. The Abiy government has overwhelming military superiority. To save the Tigrayan people further hardship, the TPLF must cease to exist, and its leadership depart into exile. Exile under amnesty.” 

His remark bears a fundamental break from the views he has been advancing, which reflected the U.S. policy  towards TPLF, so to speak.

Some are even asking whether his twitter handle was compromised.  

His remark came at a time when the TPLF is reportedly launching fresh attacks in the northern Gonder and Kobo area of North Wollo. 

TPLF leaders have been involved in war crimes in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia. If Cohen’s remark are true, it remains a question whether there is a legal basis ( at least from immigration law point of view) to grant asylum to the TPLF leaders due to thier involvement in war crimes and rape. 


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  1. Subject: “New Cohen remark sees exile as best option for TPLF leaders in Tigray” January 11, 2022

    Happy Commentary, 11 Jan 2022
    First and foremost we should thank Mr Cohen for his honesty He actually made History with forty-one (41) words.

    Now it is up to the wisdom of Tigrayan Leaders to step up for the benefit of Tigray as well as Ethiopia in totality.
    Now it is time for Ethiopia to return to its ancient independent glory, accommodating all, as always ; and
    It is time to be busy with the monumental task ahead in the development of Ethiopia. with harmony

    Permit me to add an obvious fact: KILLING EACH OTHER HAS NO VALUE TO SOCIETY It is just as simple as that.
    As to the initiators of upheaval in a society (for their own hidden reasons) let history be a grand beacon for all, at large.
    Finally, needless to say, HATRED has absolutely no value under any circumstance.
    Please correct me, if it helps. THE END

    • Man, I don’t even know where to begin. Look around the world and you’ll observe that the ones that are developed, with an undeniable stability, are the ones who attained peace through social justice. Meaning; bringing those who had misbehaved to be accountable for their past actions. Now look at Ethiopia (or Africa in general) and her past leaderships: some were mowed to the ground with no Justice and some are left to lead a luxurious lifestyle in far away places with no fear for Justice. Granted that TPLF is Tigray’s problem but what did the rest of Ethiopians did to this clique that they went on pillaging it for near 3 decades? And if that wasn’t enough they followed it up with their wrath of revenge for being ousted. Who is going to stop Abiy from doing the same foolishness? History will only shows him to do the exact opposite.

      We live in 21st century where imposing one’s will is forced through democracy and not the other way around of exacting Meniliks’ ill doings, which were in a totally different world order…. A century has transpired for that to repeat. Not worried about the Tigrayans for they’ll figure it out, soon or later!

  2. I wish this dimwit stops ejaculating on the face of Ethiopians and on the black race in general. The TPLF is like Khmer rouge like criminal franchise that has its fingers in many media outlets and western gov’ts of higher echelons. Thanks to September 11 that the TPLF, Eritreans of Tigrign adherents and Arabic speakers got you all under their spell. For that you kept looking to the other side when the above mentioned groups colluded to embezzle and abuse power at will. We’d not have minded if they (meaning TPLF and their Eritrean lackeys) had stopped with their denigrating words like Tunchel, Baboon, Gondere, Donkey,…. These are people who raped women at will, executed civilians in mass, and started a push to impose their Tigrigna language on the rest of Ethiopians.

    No, no and no! It has nothing to do with Abiy’s military superiority. It has everything to do with basic human decency and the rights of humans born at any race, ethnicities and color of skin. They can run but they cannot hide! We will find out too if you’re implicated in any of these atrocities! We will send the coordinates to them and to you as well….!!

    • “Menilik’s ill doing..”

      Really? You dont like Minilik because he protected Ethiopia against colonization which you forgot to mention in your diatribe, boring comment.
      I notice, certain ethnic fanatics have been sayin 21st century this, 21stcentury that. They even equate christianity must be 21st century and would like to force bring over 2ooo years of history and event to be 21st century.

  3. I second the comments given in here following this news thread.

    Rezen is brilliant as usual, but… but…. thanking this evil creature? No way! If he were genuine he should have first evaluated his role for decades in bringing such misery to this proud nation. Then he should have admitted the crimes committed and share responsibility. Then we could say the past has passed, we only learn from it, and move on, and possibly pardon this man.

    Even the logic he expressed is shameless… He is abandoning the terrorist entity BECAUSE they are losing!

  4. The suggestion by this former official is someting to think about. But I doubt its practicality. I don’t think the leaders of the TPLF will go for it. They may think the war they instigated can still end up in their favor sooner or later. Such disasterous conviction stems from their school of thought and the deep seated contempt they harbor for the rest of the people. We have heard it all over the years from their echo chamber rabid operatives. They had told us again and again how they single handedly defeated the most powerful army in Africa when the fact was that ‘most powerful’ Mengistu’s army had imploded within itself. They and their KKK mouth piece in Oslo and the other at a college canteen here in the USA have told us the same when Debre’sf riff raffs were allegedly marching close to the capital just a month or so ago. Suddenly Abiy’s army was given the honor of being the most powerful army in Africa and it was beaten to a complete annihilation by Debre’s indomitables. We were told that General of Debre is at par with the greatest military strategists in histoty and his war plan and execution shoild be part of the text books at the renowned military academies in the West. So Debre’s and his cabals ego is still sky high. They are still heavily sedated with Mao’s demonic sermon of from countryside to cities trimphant long march. Long death march I may add. But if they are willing to abandon their reckless and destructive ways and quietlly go into exile that would be the right thing to do for those upright people of Tigray. But I seriously doubt it.

    • I agree with your points here. The hubris of the TPLF leaders is hurting most of all the Tigray people in whose name they have triggered this devastating war. I heard some days ago from a news outlet that the belligerency of the TPLF leaders has cost 400-500 thousand Tigtayan lives and the TPLF leaders are still mobilizing to continue the war. As an old friend or sympathizer, the former diplomat has suggested a kind of escape rout or exit for these war criminals and avoid more loss of Tigrayan lives. He has correctly read and interpreted the balance of military force which is not in favor of the TPLF and the worsening humanitarian crisis in Tigray. His advice and engagement are better than the so called vocal `Tegaru intellectuals` who encourage and promote war crimes. There are many who mean that these `tegaru intellectuals`were active partners in the pillage of Ethiopia under the TPLF and do not care about the lives of the ordinary Tigrayans.

      • Dear Ebanesso,

        I was not and will never be surprised if any leaders of so-called ‘liberation’ act the way Debre and his cabals have behaved. It stems from the fact that their credo in which an ethnic group should organize itself and fight for freedom alone first. They and their alike are violently hostile to the idea of standing in unity with others under one multi ethnic setting and struggle for Justice and equality. Then when they are successful it is a dead giveaway that they will turn into deadly looters, masters of jailers and experts into making opponents disappear without a trace. They can’t help because it is always the end result of their twisted ideology. That is not only limited to Debre and his outfit but also to all ethnically bases liberation fronts. They might have started out what seemed to sound ‘good intentions’ but over the course of time the inevitable had happened to them. Their tunnel vision had rendered them the worst bigots that country ever produced. Look at everyone of these .liberation’ fronts or armies. They are dens of murderous bigots much worse than the KKK, White Citizens Council and at par with the Neo-Nazis. Here is what I believe in which I maintained for almost 50 years. The problems bedeviling those upright people who produced us all can not be solved by struggling all alone. Never!!! If that Oromo liberation group tells you they can, don’t believe them. If an Amhara group tells you they can do it alone tell they to take it somewhere else. Same goes to Afars, Somalis, Sidamas and all others. We all have to tell each other ‘I have your back’. Didn’t the very recent situation in Afar and Amhara proved my spot on? When those fanos, qeerroos, Somalis, Sidamas and others saw their Afar brothers were mercilessly manhandled they told them ‘we have your back’ and dealt Debre and his hoodlums telling blows they will never forget. That is my unshakable conviction. Would you take that with you for me? Peace!!!!

  5. TPLF leaders who have been involved genocidal war should face justice. The military wing of fascist TPLF has to sign the instrument of surrender. That is the only way that this war will stop.

    • Well said! It is amazing, the mass genocides of Ethiopians , millions by Liberation Fronts installed by that man sarted prior 30 yesrs ago. Thry startrd killing Tigrayans to force recruit them. To say that Tplf must be saved to exile means, the blood of Ethiopians which is spilling till this day, remain in vain with no justice. The man is allying once again with the new kid in the block Olf, for another injustice to continue. The message above, is not for Tplf but the new kid on the block Olf, l am with you. Will the Ethiopian govetnment betray yhe people of Ethiopia? We know, its arm is being twisted. The people and government must not be divided and their loyalty should be for their country and not for Egypt or other countries.

  6. In other words, Tplf leaders who murdered Ethiopians by the thousands, stole aid money by the billions, and set in motion a never-ending ethnic conflict will be granted a free passage. The same Cohen who had arranged for Tplf to take power in 1991 is now arguing for their freedom to exile, with no consequence to their crimes over four decades! By recommending “exile” remedy he is killing two birds with one stone; he has had a business interest in Eritrea and so his recommendation will free him and his business partners to pursue their interests!

  7. During Yugoslavia war crimes included ethnic cleansing, Genocide,systematic rape, massacre and crime against humanity. President Slobodan Milosevic was arrested and delivered to Hague ICC court for this war crimes.
    Tplf war crimes have surpassed into more gruesome including cuttin animal meat from walking cattle and shooting livestock.
    That’s how war criminals are punished in Europe. But when it comes to Ethiopia, westerners are in a rush to give amnesty and scape to Africans/Ethiopia Tplf mass murders who are done worse than Milosevic in fleming brutal ethnic conflict? How about facing justice ? How about equal punishment?

  8. Recall that 60 plus high ranking officials of Emperor Haile Selassie’s government, including two exceptional premiers, PM Aklilu Habtewold who sacrificed 40 plus years of his life by tirelessly being an advocate of Ethiopia, the young and talented PM Endalkachew Mekonnen, the accomplished and talented General Aman Andom, and many other disillusioned public servants were summarily executed by machine guns without a day in court. Mengistu fled in exile. During the TPLF regime, most of the derg officials still in Ethiopia were arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment. There shall be no exception now. No other ex government officials have received a better treatment than TPLF in recent Ethiopian history of the last 50 years. In 2018, they were given a chance to live with their looted money. The arrogance and hubris of these over inflated egomaniacs and psychopaths have led them to their ignominious defeat, ridicule, and dishonor before the eyes of all Ethiopians. Now their manipulators and chieftain leaders like Tsdkan, Getachew, Werede, Debretsion and other riff ruff must wake up and smell the coffee. IF YOU DO THE CRIME, BE PREADY TO THE TIME!!!! Here is the world’s smallest playing in subdued volume, as you are sentenced for your crimes against humanity, rape, murder, treason, looting, massacre, theft, wanton destruction, disturbance of the peace, robbery, defilement of places of worship, annexation of land that is not yours,…… violin broke….. another smallest ever violin playing………………….

  9. This man’s interest is different, he works with Tplf and Shabia to affect Ethiopia. His message above is he wants to work with Olf via government/Dr Aby against Ethiopia for interest of Egypt and you know who to control Nile. The question is, is the governmen of Ethiopia going to continue this another round of ethnic fanaticsm by Olf and fulfill the dream of this man or bring peace and protect this ancient country?


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