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Sebhat Nega and Jawar Mohammed released from prison


Abiy Ahmed’s government claims the release of Sebhat Nega and Jawar Mohammed important for Ethiopian Unity

Sebhat Nega _ Ethiopia


The Ethiopian government on Friday announced that it has released Sebhat Nega, founder and political ideologue of  Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). The news comes as a shock to many Ethiopians, given the sacrifices paid to capture him and a few other key TPLF leaders  in a military operation carried out in Tigray in January  2021. 

The decision came just a day after the U.S. special envoy to the Horn of Africa,  Jeffry Feltman, arrived in Addis Ababa to hold talks with senior government officials.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government justified the decision to release arrested radical ethnic nationalist political leaders as a “measure that is in the interest of durable multiethnic unity of Ethiopia.” 

There had been rumours that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government was in negotiation with the TPLF, a group that triggered the devastating war in Ethiopia when it attacked the northern command of the Ethiopian Defence Force. However, the government has been denying that there would be no negotiation, whatsoever, with the TPLF forces. 

This week, TPLF leader, Debretsion Gebremichael, appeared on CNN saying that the war has to be concluded peacefully and that his party is ready for it.  His party has also been claiming that it withdrew from the parts of Afar and Amhara region of Ethiopia with the aim to pave the way for a political solution to the conflict. 

Other key TPLF leaders who are arrested along with Sebhat Nega are released too. Kedusan Nega ,his sister,  Abay Woldu (former TPLF chairman and president of Tigray region) and Abadi Zemu (TPLF central committee member)  are among TPLF leaders released on Friday. 

Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba 

From the radical ethnic Oromo nationalist politicians, the government has released Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba who were indicted in inciting violence that targeted civilians, mostly ethnic Amhara, soon after the assassination of Hachalu Hundessa in June 2020.  

Hundreds of civilians were killed and properties worth tens of billions of birr were destroyed. 

Eskinder Nega, leader of the Baladera For True Democracy party, is also released. Many of his supporters, and a considerable number of other Ethiopians too, believe that Eskinder was arrested to make Jawar’s arrest acceptable for Jawar’s support base which is in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

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  1. PM Abiy is not capable of being impartial, apolitical and direct with Ethiopians. He was given a mandate to secure the safety, peace and freedom of Ethiopians. His actions do not show that, destruction after destruction, in closed doors, unbeknownst to the majority of Ethiopians, his PP political party is playing games with the lives of Ethiopians. He should be questioned and challenged as to what his motive is and what hidden agenda he is cooking behind the backs of Ethiopians. He is no longer credible with these types of political games and machinations. It is also not possible and logical to defend these types of absurd acrobatic maneuvers from this individual. Basically, the upshot is destruction and wars, only to weaken certain regions, namely Tigray and Amhara. What a rubbish waste of human lives, so many thousands of innocent victims, so many millions displaced and uprooted. For what?????

  2. Subject: The Destiny of the Oldest Independent Nation around the Globe.

    Humble Commentary, 7 Jan 2022
    Good Luck, as a whole, to the only and only independent AFRICAN COUNTRY for seemingly time immemorial. It is a HISTORICAL CRIME to disintegrate it just to satisfy a few twisted individuals for THEIR OWN appetite.and/or to camouflage their deep canvasing intent to satisfy their hidden glory.

    Good Luck also goes to the young dynamic Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed for his dedicated effort to maintain the Oldest Black African Nation in the World — YES, the oldest independent BLACK RACE NATION on the Globe. IT is an absolute historical crime of crimes — by any standard — to disintegrate it for a couple of individuals!!!!!!. THINK ABOUT IT. It will be a laughing amusement to colonial powers of yesteryears and current Euro/America appetite. Needless to say, it will be deep sadness to the Black African Nations. WE BLACK AFRICANS do NOT deserve such a penalty by any civilized standard scale of measurement. THE END

  3. This is now boom or bust for all stakeholders to take a deep breath and mull the only plausible way to take the country out of the conundrum ravaging that gem of the colored for decades. That only way is the peaceful way through civil exchange of opinions, a positive result producing national dialogue. Lasting solutions do not and never come out of the barrels of deadly guns or winner takes all stubbornness. They are only capable of finding temporary solution, patch up, just to be followed by much deadlier and more complicated problems leading any country into a failed state. This is not the time to brag about much ado about nothing bravado and deafening oneself with gerersaas, laloyes and zerraafs over glasses of khamrs. Conciliatory gestures by any one should not be taken as entitlements of victors and the vanquished. I applaud the government for taking these bold steps and the other side should, must respond in grace. The burden on these stakeholders is much lighter than the ones citizens of that country have endured since 1974. All these stakeholders were the ones who have been firing the guns but it was the civilians who were left with nightmares of murders, rapes, imprisonments and utter destruction. It is time to say enough is enough. Everyone’s eyes should be fixated on the ultimate prize where the rights of the individual are protected by and no one is allowed to be above the law of the land. There is the way if every stakeholder has the willl. Insha’Allah!!!

  4. Decisions are not free. They carry huge responsibility because thousands of families lives from the military, militia and other combatants that fought and died to catch those hard TPLF criminals hiding from top of mountain’s and dangerous cages. Innocent civilians lives, wealth, infrastructures and resource’s are being affected. That is because of the random , indecisive and irresponsible decisions of PM Abiy and his close OPDO and Prosperity Party. PM Abiy’s partial, weak and irresponsible decision affects the security and wellbeing of the country that should never be taken lightly. All of his major decisions has proven to show his incapability and untrustworthiness to stay impartial and strong. He talks but never show in action.

    He ignores all those calamities and many other sufferings while playing on going half way and return back that came with more devastations and Afar and Amhara sufferings.
    He is also not aware of being an exemplary by following the rules and policies in place. So if he is the first to break it, how could any one expects others to follow and respect the rule of law?
    For example the sudden decision to pardon hard TPLF criminals breaks the constitutional law because 1st, it is the President’s job and 2nd, all of the pardoned cases never went to trial and criminals were found guilty and convicted. To pardon any criminal the care has to be tried and convicted. So the PM kept on violating the rules and making a very inexperienced and messy job that left everyone to doubt his hidden motives.

    Of course if I were an Afar or Amhara I would be left to stay alert and tightly organized because of those sudden, random and erroneous decisions that will bring more sufferings to those still facing the danger.

  5. The decision to release the old guard of TPLF is, on balance, good for the country. They are too old, and are near death. The junta is done with, only waiting to be buried. The old guard will sit out the few remaining years in “hospice”. On the other hand, there is a huge political gain to be made for Ethiopia in the eyes of the international community. Abiye and his comrades have proven to all who had conspired to dismantle Ethiopia they are not push overs by any foreign white powers and ass kissing Arabs like Egypt, but rather are sophisticated and intelligent politicians not less than any foreigners.

    Ethiopia should continue to build a modern defense and intelligence forces both in numbers, fire power, and quality of personnel. TPLF had dismantled the Derge built military and industrial infrastructure, and that has to be rebuilt and expanded. That would also serve as engine of economic development and employment generation. Funds that will be needed for that may have to be re-allocated by reducing and streamlining the huge inefficient disruptive bureaucracy.

  6. Let us not play with emotions of ethiopians and try to burn our own houses ( goverment vs people) by making such half truth title. We are playing against ourselves. Include the release of Eskinder and Balderas as well

  7. If Tplf criminals who are responsible for many killings are freed from prison, then who is staying in prisons? I
    s being sick criminals the new qualifications for freedom? This is a very messy and wrong direction the country is going. Trying to sound the wrong decisions as and humble and right is a deceitful and very dangerous. Stop the insult on the ruthlessly murdered and the suffering are still fresh. Do not insult the brave fighters that are still fighting.

  8. It’s very obvious that deals were done behind closed doors, otherwise why the immediate release of the U.S. puppets after the meeting with Feltman.

    If Abiy continues with this mindset of forgiveness to criminals and murders he should step down as P.M. and become a priest.

    Their release does not make any sense.

    They should die in prison for their treasonous acts committed against the sovereignty of the country.

    • Agreed. PM Abiy is the wrong person for PM position. He is so secretive and arrogant and authoritarian in action that . He is doing whatever he wants despite what the public has to say. He should step down or get impeached. He will make a good priest but not a PM.

  9. Abiy does not have any right to play police, judge, executioner and pastor all at the same time. If he were as erudite as he pretends to be, he would delve into a topic called separation of powers. His die hard defenders and supporters question the loyalty, amity, humanity of those who question Abiy’s often haphazard, illogical and absurd decisions and nonstop by now too familiar boring talks. On the outset, Abiy told Ethiopians this is a “rule of law operation”. Remember Sibehat Nega was no spring chicken when he was caught and handcuffed. Abiy supporter: “why imprison a harmless 86 year old man”? Counter argument “why handcuff a harmless 84 year old man, display his photos in public and send him to prison in the first place”? Abiy has a notorious weakness and imbecility to confuse forgiveness and and accountability. He has played god with the lives of far too many. The political opponents he does not want or like can die without any justification, and perpetrators of heinous crimes can be set free if that serves some hidden agenda Abiy or his party covets. He oversteps his mandate, he sticks his nose in the judiciary, putting his thumb on the scale of justice and generates the outcome that supports his pipe dream of Orumumma project. He shows his fake Ethiopianim card when he attacks his political opponents in the TPLF camp advocating for their version of Great Tigray project. Either out of sheer stupidity or possibly from mendacity, he wants to play pastor and premier at the same time. He lectures incessantly. Unfortunately, the more he talks, the more boring and uninspiring he becomes. Initially, when hundreds of thousands non ethnic Oromos were displaced from their homes, he pretended not to know or be involved by being abroad or outside of the vicinity in question. Never, ever was he seen apologizing or showing remorse to the plights of the defenseless victims. Not one single word of comfort or gesture of humanity, to those killed and murdered by his ethnofanatic Oromo first extremists. Ethiopians were forgiving and accommodating, but this individual, people forget is the brain child of EPRDF. His highfaluten speeches, often laboriously long, dull and content deficient are taken by millions of innocent admirers for erudition and deep knowledge. Close examination reveals nothing but empty promises, half truths and massive inconsistencies. By now, it must be crystal clear to many Ethiopians, that the aspiration of generations of Ethiopians to build a free, prosperous and democratic Ethiopia will not be achieved on the watch of this duplicitous and surreptitiously Oromo first prime minister. In a way, it is nearly impossible to demand from the current “it is our turn to lead” greedy, corrupt and parasitic clique service for all, integrity, impartiality and accountability. Just like their TPLF predecessors, they will loot, steal, and amass what they do not earn. This cursed fate is not inevitable until their avarice and greed test the limits of the many millions hardworking Ethiopian victims. Now that the modus operandi of Abiy has become easily predictable, it is high time to chart a different course and make difference to the lives of those who deserve a hand, irrespective of their obstacles and fate in life.

  10. From my point of view,i believe that criminal should be different from polotical prisoner. It is not new giving mercy for polotical prisoner. But, i have not seen before criminals realesed freely.

  11. The fundamental question of the separation of powers must be thoroughly discussed here. Does the current Ethiopian constitution allow a prime minister, essentially, the executive branch to interfere with the judiciary branch’s constitutional duty of enforcing the laws of the nation. Most people are arguing, even if amnesty were to be given, that would be the privilege of the president, not that of the prime minister. Hence, Abiy’s decision is illegal and unconstitutional. Since the rule of law has not been enforced, and due process not followed, the argument that the attorney general withdrew the charges doe not hold water. Such an act, will entail once again interference of the executive that is Abiy, with the judiciary by making a political decision, essentially ordering the attorney general and the courts from enforcing the laws of the land. There are no ifs and buts about this, Abiy has overstepped his bounds and violated the laws of the land by making an unconstitutional and illegal decision. The attorney general should bring charges against the executive, and assert the fundamental principle of separate but equal branches of government. Of course, that will never happen in Ethiopia. Fifty years after the government of Emperor Haile Selassie, every leader that came after, Mengistu, Meles, Hailemariam Desalegme, and now this Abiy individual, all have continued to act like an emperor by overriding the judiciary branch and legislative branch at will. To recall, the Negus Chelot, where Emperor Haileselassie personally invested his time and efforts to appeal the decisions of the highest court were then seminal cases, and sometimes acts of kindness and amnesty highly revered and done with extra precautions, deliberations, thoughts and discussions. They were done also under constitutionally and legally established principles. Ethiopia does not have a PM Aklilu now. We have a bunch of illiterate political fanatics that cut first and measure afterwards.

  12. A line from one of my favorite movies, Troy, goes something like this, “War is old men talking and young men dying.” An indescribably large number of young men (and women of course) have died from this senseless war, and there is no doubt about this. Let’s say conservatively that one hundred thousand have died so far. And what if due to the latest developments, the deaths of a further hundred thousand could be prevented? That’s how I chose to look at the current situation. Another consideration might be the threat of further sanctions and other punitive coercive measures by Western countries that are sure to come if things don’t change soon. Can our country really withstand further sanctions?

    I’m not a politician, but I know this much about politics: zero-sum, winner-takes-all mentality usually leads to catastrophe. PM Abiy is doing everything he can to prevent Ethiopia’s further destabilization and eventual state failure. There is no doubt we all want the TPLF crushed out of existence because all of this could have been prevented if they hadn’t started the war. But another way to look at it is that there is no way the TPLF could ever be as relevant in Ethiopia’s politics as they used to be. Hence, the true nature of negotiation leaves everyone somewhat “unhappy” because it’s not zero-sum; it’s not winner-takes-all. (Make no mistake about it: there is serious negotiation going on behind the scenes.)

    I chose to continue to believe in PM Abiy because I chose to be positive. It’s painful, I know, but I have no other choice.

    • PM Abiy definitely is not fit for priest. He may be good for preacher/ Pastor as per his claimed religion. But in the eyes of many he is a big liar that uses religion for his own political gain to deceive, confuse and convince.
      Worst of all he chose the holy Gena day to deceit and betray his own countrymen that comes to trust and support him. No religion teaches one to lie and deceit.
      And no war is won by retreating, betraying and releasing prisoned wanted criminals before the war is won and criminals are tried in a court of law, convicted, sentenced or found innocent. So only his motives are left for question but as confirmation of his bad character he doubled down on the lie by presenting it on the very respected Gena holyday. Lying last minute announcement and leaving people with no opinion with decision before those affected. Where is justice for all those Military, militias, Fano, murdered, raped, robbed and displaced TPLF victims?
      PM Abiy is an authoritarian, good for criminals and terrorists but not for good citizens.

    • Obbo Gannoo, masculine version of BIlene Seyoum

      You posted an article sent from the genocider PM Abiy. All Amhara elites and those Oromos supporting Abiy must be locked behind bars for enternity.
      Amhara pastors are claiming that Eskinder will be the next ethiopian king and under his rule all western powers will pay tribute to Ethiopia and he will be the king of kings. Sadly, Eskinder will be arrested again ., according to Shabia spies.

  13. Many of the eskindir supporers destroyed oromo ethinics properties in Addis Ababa and that was considered as ani-oromo.

  14. Knowing what just happened , it is easy to predict what is next. Never Never Never trust PP and PM Abiy
    All TPLF and OLF Shene terrorists’ and leaders will not be caught. PM Abiy has decided to set them fee !!!!
    When he is releasing the father of Terrorist why would one think he go into Tigray and catch TPLF terrorist leaders?

    Now the secret behind closes doors is out. For all the past reason for the so called strategical retreats that allowed TPLF terrorist to walk and invade and loot Amahara and Afar regions are also part of the secret deal with TPLF.
    The reason for not to proceed into Tigray, arrest and bring the perpetrators to justice for murdering the North Command and invading, raping, murdering, looting and destroying Amhara and Afar region is also part of the secretive deal with TPLF.
    Of course he is not worried about the destructions and loss of lives and no talk of compensations except inviting the Diaspora to help him get more money to pay his supporters.
    When the war is still going on he is lying as if it has been won. The same lie Bacha Debele is repeating when TPLF still wages war and attacking places. Before people have recuperated, displaced families settled and reflected back on the gain PM Abiy is already in awarding medal of honors to Berhanu Jula and others who did not brought war criminals, Getachew Reda, Sadikan and Debretsion to face justice.

    Amharas will continue to be slaughtered and looted unless Amharas stop it. Because it is not stopped it will continue and go to other ethnic groups to steal land and wealth. The whole reason of the slaughter and genocide on Amhara is to steal Amhara land and wealth just like it was done 30 years ago between TPLF and OLF. These groups are known to have no discipline, ethics and believing in working hard. Amharas are known to be hard working best farmers that are feeding Ethiopia when TPLF and OLF Shene are burning and stealing crops from Amhara farmers.

    Now people should take the law in their own hands and protect themselves from PP and PM Abiy dangerous and secretive decisions that puts Amhara lives in more danger.

    • This and similar other comments along the same line are typical of TPLF/OLF Shene propaganda. Under cover enemies of Ethiopia, shedding crocodile tears. Your types of politics are for the bygone years (60s, 70s, 80s) and Ethiopia has discarded you. The new leaders, such as Abiye, are the future. You absolutely can not match his intelligence and leadership style. Disappear!

  15. However uncomfortable. Emotional,
    and disagreeable it is, this is a quasi to the right direction step at this juncture, because a war cannot be and should never be forever solution. and blood sports to an internal dispute politically, militaryily and financially speaking. It is not sustainable in terms of the medium- and long-range peace settlement . There must be reconciliation and peace negation contingent plan sooner lorm or later. As matter of factor, I scribbled few months ago at the hight of conflict for the release of all political prisoners to deprive and placate popular support of the Woyane and OLA. The only downside seems 1) it is done too fast and without reflection ,2) it is done without wider public consultation and comprehensive peace negotiations, 3) it seem there are weakness of courts system for collection of evidences and prosecutorial methods so they likely and prematurely charged some p of them politically swithout much concrete material evidence. ,4 ) I am not sure yet what their cconditions for release were such as their political activities and civic f involvements, etc .for certain pperiod .

  16. Is OLF- Shene really a separate political group or the militant wing of Abiy’s PP in Oromia? Now that neither Abiy nor his opponents can justify the so called “ rule of law operation”, as Abiy has overstepped his bounds and violated the cardinal principle of good governance, that is the separation of powers, what are the options for the rest of Ethiopians? To move forward, the elephant in the room has to be faced: the aspirations of generations of Ethiopians of seeing an Ethiopia where the rights to liberty, equality and justice for all will not be realized on the watches of this duplicitous prime minister. He has wasted the trust, mandate and votes of tens of millions for a nebulous, fanatic pipe dream of Oromumma. He had the unprecedented support of many millions in side Ethiopia, millions of the diaspora and many friends of Ethiopia; that kind of coalition was hard to build. Even bystanders joined for a cause greater than their daily mundane interest, only for the ignoramus and his clique to waste it on injustice and wishy washy equivocation. The rule of law is for justice to triumph over injustice here and now in the physical world we live in today. What is even more insulting to the sensibilities and conscience of many, is the trivial way Abiy and his clique dismissed the suffering, marginalization, death and uprooting of the poor, voiceless and defenseless. It is unconscionable to condone, rationalize and accept the unprincipled, self contradictory and repugnant positions of this individual who does not have a moral compass that should point to the true north, day in and day out.

  17. Sibhat Nega was the boss of meles. Nobody is above him in TPLF. All the dollars that is stolen from the country is in Swiss bank in his name. He has much more dollars than the current Ethiopia. In order to move the money he must go to Swiss in person. Now those of you that call him old guy , think twice . He is the most dangerous person for Ethiopia. Now TPLF can afford any weapon as well as lobbyists.

  18. Decision to release leaders and cause of war Sebhat Nega and his groups must be rescinded. Dr. Abiy must stop continuing to deceit with his wishy washy, messy and flimsy war strategy. Old, sick or not criminal is a criminal. Especially TPLF leaders that drags the country into 1 year old war, deaths and destruction that should never be even considered for pardon. Old and frail Nazi Jew genocide participants are still hunted down from anywhere the world and sent to prison to teach the world that geocide criminals will not go unpunished. Sebhat Nega is the same genocide criminal. that deserves to die in prison.

    The arrogance and abuse of power lamping innocently imprisoned Eskinder Nega and his groups together with his prior imprisoners and repressors of TPLF lead by Sebhat Nega. Who abused Ethiopia for 27 years waged war and vowed to destroy Ethiopia.
    PM Abiy is still trying to justify what he did wrong as if he is the only one who knows best for the country which is again one of his weakness, arrogance and authoritarian tendencies. He is not even accepting how his wishy washy decisions prolonged the war and sufferings after leaving Mekelle 15 days after defeat.

  19. Abiy is one of the most brilliant and talented leaders ever to grace the Ethiopian political arena. His charisma, eloquence and kind hearted nature are the guiding lights in these uncertain times. Now that Sebhat Nega, the chief architect of TPLF, financier and originating father of ethnic fanaticism, ethnic bigotry, massive embezzler and looter of Ethiopian resources is freed, on the condition of his age, and the kindness of the esteemed Prime minister, the one and only Abiy, it is also high time to set Abdi Ilay, the former official of Somali region free. Setting Abdi Ilay free will also unite the people in the Somali region with the rest of their Ethiopian brothers and sisters. It must be recalled that under TPLF and Meles era they were marginalized, ill treated, and even though the size of Somali region is somewhere 6 times larger than tiny Tigray, they did not benefit from the so called ethnic federalism abusive system that Meles and his clique set up in favor of tiny Tigray at the expense of the rest of Ethiopia. In addition, since PM Abiy has brilliantly discovered, to err is human and to forgive divine, and that perpetrators can be forgiven if only a government tries, then it is high time to also rescind the crimes levied against the former Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam. Mengistu is in the same age range as Sibhat Nega, and the crimes he is accused of are similar in some areas with that of Sebhat, minus the looting and embezzlement. Therefore, it should be really easy for PM Abiy, to announce the pardoning for Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam as well. Perhaps the announcements for the release of Mr Abdi Illay and the pardoning for Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam can be announce on Epiphany’s day, ie Timket. That will be fantastic news for Ethiopians, and can elevate the status of this great PM, who is impartial, fair and believe in forgiveness for all.

  20. Every soul in Ethiopia and aboard are angry and condemns PM Abiy’s irresponsible, disrespectful, wrong, ignorant and outrageous decision sending shock wave through out the country on one of the most important Holyday.
    He failed fulfilling his sworn duty and respecting people’s choice.t. Instead of dropping his wrong and irresponsible decision Pm Abiy has doubled down on the lie and callousness. He lied by saying that he was shocked when he heard notorious TPLF criminal were forgiven. At the same times claiming to be brave as to Atse Menelik and Ras Woldgiorgis. PM Abiy certainly not Atse Menelik and should never try to mention his name in the same sentence. Those kings, especially the renowned Atse Menelik leadership skill and quality has no match even in todays time that the whole Africa is proud of.
    1- Unlike now the war was not between a government and mercenary Terrorist group that sworn to destroy Ethiopia but between two competitive groups that vowed to protect and loe their country.
    2- They do not arrogantly made random decisions to release and forgive the leader of their enemy in the middle of war, that stole the country’s wealth, placed the country in danger and responsible for plotting the murdering of the defense force .
    3- Unlike PM Abiy, those great kings did not came up with fait accompli decision that did not involved the readiness, participation, consent and approval of their people.

    No smart leader jumps to release stolen EFFORT billions of dollars back to its enemies who will not refrain from using it to further the war.
    No smart leader treats its enemy better than its war victim citizens by rewarding enemy billions of EFFORT stolen money from the country Smart, responsible and good leader would have hold TPLF notorious mercenary thieves financially accountable to compensate those invaded and looted areas of Amhara and Afar people..
    All this wishy washy, cowardly and mysterious behavior of the PM exhibits lack of skill and weakness and inability to make good decision a leader should possess.

    Refusing to accept populous outcry and outrage and resorting to dictatorship as the only man that knows everything by telling “I know what is good for you” is another weakness and sign of ignorance. Abiy’s arrogance is going out of control. He talks a lot and does the exact opposite. He doesn’t even remember what he wrote in his Medemer book, that says good leader should communicate and listen to is people. Now the other lie is doubling down by saying he was shocked as well when he heard about the

    While TPLF terrorist is still invading Amhara and Afar regions murdering innocent people the Field Marshal Berhanu Jula is no where to be seen.

  21. Borkena Publishers,
    Do you not publish comments that do not agree with you?
    I sent you one suggesting the title above should read “Sebhat Nega, Eskinder Nega, and Jawar Mohammed released from prison.”
    Please post it. Thank you.


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