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Ethiopia says Human Rights Council Decision does not carry weight

Ethiopia _ Press Secretary
Billene Seyoum, Press Secretary in the office of Prime Minister, during briefing on December 23, 2021 (Photo : EBC)


Last week the United Nations Human Rights Commission passed a resolution to establish an international commission of human rights with a mission, and mandate, to investigate allegations of Human Rights in Ethiopia. 

The resolution, “Human Rights Situation in Ethiopia,” was initiated by some member countries from Europe. Dozens of member countries have rejected it and voted “no.”

Ethiopia has rejected it as something that will not have an effect in Ethiopia. 

In a weekly briefing, Billene Seyoum, press secretary in the office of the prime minister talked about Ethiopia’s position. 

The UN Human Rights Council sees Ethiopia’s rejection of the resolution as something that demonstrates lack of commitment for human rights in the country. 

On the other hand, Ethiopia says the resolution was politically motivated. Politically motivated because it discredited the efforts by the Ethiopian government to investigate rights abuse in the Tigray region. Earlier this year, the Ethiopian government martial court looked into cases of violation by members of the Ethiopian Defence Forces. Those who are found to be guilty were punished in accordance with the martial court.

In regards to claims of genocide in Tigray by TPLF surrogates and some state actors tacitly supporting the designated terrorist group, a joint investigation by the United Nations Human Rights Commission and Ethiopian Human Rights Commission ruled that there was no genocide in Tigray. 

The press secretary on Tuesday reflected a view that the UN Human Rights Council should stop practises that sound as partisanship and consider the importance of investigating rights abuse by in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia where the TPLF carried out multiples of atrocities during the months of occupation in parts of these regions. 

Apart from massacring civilians, the TPLF forces targeted civilian infrastructures including health and educational facilities. The level of destruction is estimated to be hundreds of billions of Ethiopian birr. 

Meanwhile, there are reports that TPLF is said to have lost hundreds of thousands of its forces in the recent war. The bodies of many of the victims are transported to the Tigray region, according to social media sources. The purpose is to burry the war victims in a mass grave in Tigray as part of the preparation to launch a campaign of “genocide on Tigray.”

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  1. The resolution by the council is suspicious because it seems to ignore the investigations of the Ethiopian human rights council. The TPLF has been accusing it of being impartial and rejected its investigations which it had conducted together with the UNHRC and the resolution passed seems to address the concerns of the TPLF rather than investigating the alleged violations committed. In this kind of one sided resolution, the whole issue of investigation is to be a taken as a manipulation and deception to whitewash the TPLF.


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