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Mersa : the new addition to the list of devastating military loss for TPLF

Mersa _ Ethiopia
Google map of Mersa


The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) continues to suffer battle losses in the Wollo area, north Ethiopia.  Its latest devastating loss happened in Mersa, which is only about 30 kilometres south of Wolida – a city which the TPLF has been controlling for over five months now. 

It also controlled Girana, Wuchale and Wurghessa – south of Mersa. 

EBC, Ethiopian State Media, on Friday said “The joint Ethiopian security forces controlled Mersa and Girana” 

The report added that Ethiopian forces have controlled strategic locations , along the Zobel mountain range , including mountainous areas North of Raya. 

It has been over a week now since the Ethiopian government disclosed that Ethiopian forces have  fully controlled strategic positions and are able to cut the Woldia- Mekelle route – a supply line for the TPLF. 

The places the Ethiopian government claimed to have controlled, as disclosed in EBC report on Friday, North of Raya are close to the Tigray region. 

If the claim by the Ethiopian government is right, the TPLF will not have an access point to the Tigray region via Woldia. 

The Afar -Mekelle alternative route is not possible for TPLF. The last option is from the Sekota side – north of east of Lalibela. That is not an easy route too as Ethiopian Forces have control over a key military position. 

 According to a government report, the loss in Mersa, where the TPLF forces were engaged from the direction they did not anticipate, is said to be devastating. Hundreds killed, thousands wounded and the remaining surrendered. Libso, Kille and Habru districts are also under the Ethiopian forces. 

The next stop for the Ethiopian forces is believed to be Woldia. The capture of Woldia may mean that the TPLF forces will be under full circle of the Ethiopian forces. 

There are expectations that the Ethiopian forces might march to the Tigray region.
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  1. There are news that say the TPLF leaders are in panicking and preparing to vacate their center of power, Makelle. The Tigrayan families whose children and members have been killed in the war should now hold the TPLF leaders accountable. The cost of this war the TPLF`s fascist leaders have triggered is unbearable and unsustainable because it is sacrificing almost a generation of the “golden and superior people”. Given the calamitous situation in Tigray, it is the TPLF leaders who are sacrificing the generation of Tigrayans for their unachievable and diabolic aims, that should be charged with the crime of genocide. The way the TPLF leaders are conducting the war ( deploying Tigrayans in human waves) is a war crime and genocide.

  2. ……. reckless doctrine of war with human wave and human shield… Genocide of Tigrayans by the TPLF. Too bad, not many of their cultist followers, especially the blood-thirsty diaspora, would see this reality as it is. They continue to live in a bubble of delusional assumptions and hopes gained from TPLF’s short lived pyrrhic victories, feeding off of the imbecile Getachew Reda’s and TMH’s fabricated information, and denial of the reality on the ground leading to their cognitive dissonance. May Allah give us peace!.

    • Yared Michael , tenkuway ye seb bela zer

      Satan exhibted himself in the name of an arch -angel and Tigrean church scholar ” Yared & Michael”

      shameful to see satans with beautiful names like this . fanos are terrorists and Amhara should condemne their atrocities. Abiy is an amhara man. Abiy Ahmed will be remembered the worst person from amhara in east african history

  3. Hey you Ethiopians! This is the most famous college professor is talking! I am giving all of you to shut up and listen to your master here. Boy, I hate even the word itself called Ethiopia. I am asking you how come those towns with Oromo names like Girana, Wuchale and Wurghessa are in Amhara region. Who gave them to you? I want you to return all of them to me pronto, not tomorrow or next week but now as we speak. Otherwise I’m gonna take a leave from my professor position and come there and kick your tooshie until you think you robbed a bank!!!! I’m about 6’4″ 225 sculpted like Steeve Reeves and you wouldn’t stand a chance with me. I was also hand fed and bred by the greatest thinker of our time Comrade Sebhat Nega at Mekele campus before I came here. Who told you to ‘liberate’ my Oromo towns? I want you to put them back right in my hands now!!!!!!!

  4. As promised, Wollo is about to be the graveyard of the invading waves of the TPLF forces. These forces have been sustaining heavy losses from the battles in Northern Shoa, Southern Wollo and Afar. Mu Afar acquaintance told me that parts of the liberated areas in Afar are covered with piles of TPLF corpses and the scenes are horrible. Normally, the Afars are sharp shooters but the human waves the TPLF or TDF leaders have sent into Afar were good targets for the Afar youth who practiced and improved their skills of sharp shooting. The TPLF human waves in Northern Wollo will face the same fates, extermination and rotting in the areas.

  5. I just read a copy of a letter Debre sent to the UN posted on one his operative’s websites. He is telling the UN that he has withdrawn his mob to give peace a chance. Folks, he was stealing two cans of sardines from the UN food aid warehouses just yesterday and he is now telling the same sponsoring outfit he is giving peace a chance. John Lennon couldn’t be any more proud. Hey folks, hit it with my homeboy Debre!
    All we are saying is give peace a chance
    All we are saying is give peace a chance!

    One more time! You got it! Boy, you sound so good!!!
    Hey Abiy! You heard me! Let’s give peace a chance!
    What? What did you say, Abiy!
    Abiy be saying ! McFadden & Whitehead, hit it!
    Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now!
    We’re on the move!
    Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now!
    We’ve got the groove!

    You patriot you!!!


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