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Hypocritical Stand on Ethiopia is a Blemish on Western Institutions and Values

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Aklog Birara (Dr)  

“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out … without  regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the  government he lives under is dishonest, insane, intolerable.” — HL Mencken 

Part VII 

In August 2019, John W Whitehead wrote “American Apocalypse: The Government’s Plot to Destabilize  the Nation is Working” in River Cities’ Reader. He opined that “The US government is working hard to  destabilize the nation. No, this is not another conspiracy theory. Although it is certainly not far-fetched  to suggest that the government might be engaged in nefarious activities that run counter to the best  interests of the American people,” 

As an Ethiopian American, I am confident that the US possesses strong national institutions including civil society and independent media that will mitigate risks and avert the “destabilization of this great  nation.” 

My biggest concern Is the US Government’s nefarious activities in destabilizing other countries, most  notably Ethiopia. The Biden Administration’s aggressive and pro-TPLF position has tainted constructive and mutually beneficial relations between the USA and Ethiopia that span 118 years. This is unfortunate. 

A concert of destabilizing actors  

I had thought naively that the 21st century will usher in a more inclusive, just, and democratic world. I  had projected wrongly that the global community will tackle any issue including the pandemic that has  now deepened injustice and inequality. I had also imagined that rich nations will help poor nations to  eradicate poverty altogether. It turns out that the rich are getting richer, while the poor are poorer.  Siding with terrorists creates instability. Instability is anathema to sustainable and equitable growth.  

The opposite of the ideal is occurring today. This century is characterized by “dishonesty, massive  misinformation, plots, neocolonial and imperial tendencies, sharp divisions between the rich North and  the emerging South, flawed and domineering international governance, mutual mistrust among the  global community at the level of the UN Security Council and relentless propaganda that suggest readiness to apply more punitive measures: punishing financial sanctions and military intervention in  Ethiopia and other countries where the EU and the USA have vested interests.  

This is the reason disadvantaged groups in the Caribbean, Central and South America, the Middle East  and Sub-Saharan Africa are revolting and changing their societies and governments. “NO MORE” is real.  

Targeted destabilizing behaviors and action steps are all done in the name of the common good prescribed by the West: human rights, the rule of law, democracy, peace, national security, and a  competitive global market. 

Three recent examples illustrate this concern. a) President Joe Biden held an online seminar on  democracy by excluding a large part of the global community that embraces democracy. b) The  European Union requested a Special Session of the UN Human Rights Council to “assess the grave human rights situation in Ethiopia” without a Black African state. c) The EU discussed punitive sanctions  against Ethiopia fortunately aborted by Germany. The intent is to do justice. This is synchronized: EU  action with the US.  

EU and US Governments are destabilizing Ethiopia  

Mr. Joseph Borrell, High Representative of the EU and Security Policy Vice President of the European  Commission lamented lack of consensus among European states to apply punitive sanctions on Ethiopia.  I commend the Government of Germany for frustrating this dangerous and precedent setting punitive  measure against an independent Black African nation.  

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) that Mr. Borrell protects implicitly is the culprit behind the  mayhem in Ethiopia. The tragedy is that this murderous and terrorist group benefits from a free ride  given by both EU and US governments because it serves their national interests best.  

The reasons behind are geopolitical and strategic. Geopolitical because Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia are  vital in controlling the Red Sea and the trade artery to the Middle East and Asia. It is strategic because  China’s penetration of the African continent through infrastructure, extractive industries, access to raw  materials and markets is huge. In this intense strategic competition between the West led by the USA  and the rest led by China and Russia, Ethiopia plays a critical role. As Ethiopia goes, so does the rest of  Black Africa. This is the reason I urge African youth and their governments to consider the notion that  Ethiopia is fighting Africa’s war too. Ethiopia has the right to establish economic and diplomatic relations with any country that respects its sovereignty and security interests,  

Humanity without human beings 

The EU initiative on human rights reminds me of the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 at which  Europeans met, dissected, and shared the entire Africa for themselves. They enriched Europeans and impoverished Black Africans. Fast forward to 2021, Europe plans to hold an exclusive conference to defend the human rights of Black folks. Forget this self-serving rationale. The intent is to determine the  fate of a Black African state that is fighting for its survival. I suggest a parallel they never contest. If the  state of Israel has the right to defend its right to exist as a state, can European and American leaders tell  me their reasoning why they are denying Ethiopia the same right to defend itself?  

In my assessment, the answer is straightforward. The West wishes to keep Black Africa condemned to  abject poverty, divided along ethnic lines and voiceless. This status serves the EU and the USA.  

The Human Rights Council is a Council of European and American white elites discussing the fate of  Black and other non-European people without their participation.  

I do not contest facts on the ground that all parties to the conflict in Tigray have committed violations  and abuses. However, the Council continues to be partisan. It wishes to punish Ethiopia. It does not care  to consider that the TPLF is still raping, murdering, and maiming thousands of non-Tigreans. It is  destroying economic and social infrastructure: bridges, highways, airports, schools, clinics and  hospitals. It is desecrating and looting Churches, Mosques, and monasteries. The responsibility to  protect paraded by the West is simply a joke. The West applies this principle selectively depending on  who that it wishes to punish or reward. 

It is worth repeating that in the recent past alone, countries have collapsed because of US led  interventions by the West. Afghanistan, Iraq (the non-existing weapons of mass destruction), Libya,  Syria, Yemen, Somalia. Ethiopians and the rest of Africa said “NO MORE” to intervention in Ethiopia  because they have witnessed the destructive power of gross interference. Failed states failed largely  because of intervention.  

The TPLF is incurably terrorist  

The TPLF that the EU and the USA still support has committed and still commits heinous war crimes and  crimes against humanity. The UN “High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, made a  strong plea for all parties to end the violence and prioritize the protection of civilians and full respect for  their human rights. She underscored the need to hold perpetrators accountable on all sides and has  stated on several occasions that the increasingly alarming human rights situation in Ethiopia merits  further urgent discussions by the Human Rights Council” Ambassador Lotte Knudsen, Head of the EU  Delegation to the United Nations in Geneva, is quoted saying.  

Why did the High Commissioner fail to highlight atrocities and destruction committed by the TPLF over  the past five months? Why has the narrative remained the same? Why draw attention only to Tigray?  

Sample evidence illustrates the crushing power of the TPLF since June 2021. 

1. Ethiopia suffers from two to three million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) caused by the  TPLF insurgency. There are 500,000 IDPs in the cities of Dessie and Kombolcha alone.  

2. The demographic composition of IDPS shows 546,814 females and 40,000 children.  

3. In five Amhara districts in South Gondar occupied by the TPLF the loss incurred by 643  households alone is 4,609 cattle slaughtered; other private properties looted and or damaged,  with a total loss estimated at Ethiopian Birr of 5.5 million. 

4. In Guna/Begemdir, Amhara region, twenty-three (23) religious institutions looted or damaged,  with a cost estimate of Ethiopian Birr 2.4 million lost; and 31 water facilities serving 20,538  people destroyed.  

5. In the same locality in S. Gondar, 178 cattle, 323 goats, 65 pack animals, 38 beehives, 4,072  poultry slaughtered and Ethiopian Birr 5.5 million lost. 

6. One hundred twenty-two (122) private hotels and shops looted or destroyed; several buildings looted, damaged, or destroyed; 569 other private investments damaged; altogether Ethiopian  Birr 261 million investment capital lost. 

7. Four power generators, four machineries, seventeen vehicles, 9 private grain merchant shops looted, damaged, or destroyed with a total cost of Ethiopian Birr 82.2 million. 

8. Government facilities are demolished or vandalized by the TPLF. In Nefas Mewcha, twelve health offices, Ambulance vehicles were looted, damaged, or destroyed with a total capital loss of  Ethiopian Birr 5.1 million 

9. In North Wollo 47 cattle were slaughtered by the TPLF, 321 hectares of farmland damaged, several  churches looted and damaged’ and tens of millions of Ethiopian Birr lost.  

10. This sample alone shows investment capital loss of Birr 362 million.  

It will take decades to rebuild and reconstruct lost investments. It will take years to treat the  psychological pain and suffering inflicted on Ethiopian victims, especially children and females.  

In Part VI, I discussed the human atrocities inflicted on the Amhara population that the EU and the US  ignored or for which they did not demand accountability. This commentary buffets TPLF heinous crimes  that amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity with an additional factor, namely, socioeconomic crime inflicted on the same population.  

In summary:  

1. TPLF human and economic atrocities are beyond barbaric. Representatives of the EU, the USA  and UN specialized agencies ought to listen to the agonizing cries of Ethiopian mothers, fathers,  spouses and other relatives in the town of Dansha, the Amhara region, Ethiopia. Their plight for justice and accountability deserves unqualified and immediate attention. To do this, the West  must recognize and appreciate the level of inhumanity, cruelty and barbarism inflicted by TPLF.  

2. If the EU, the US, and the UN wish to pursue the common global good; they must then stop  aligning themselves with champions of terrorism. They must also stop being destabilizers.  

3. I urge the Governments of the EU and the US as well as the UN Security Council to consider both human atrocities and economic destruction perpetrated by the TPLF. Jumbling up and  discussing the gravity of this human tragedy primarily committed by the TPLF is “dishonest,”  immoral and unacceptable. 

4. The governments of the EU and the USA as well as the UN Secretariat have a plethora of  information including from me, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Globe and  Mail of Canada and others to hold the TPLF accountable for human and economic crimes.  

5. I urge the Government of the United States to heed to an urgent call by the Rocky Mountain  Peace and Justice Center that “expressed concern about US intervention in Ethiopia.” In a  release on December 15, 2021, the Center said that it “strongly opposes any United States  military intervention or economic sanctions upon Ethiopia or elsewhere in the Horn of Africa.” I  am confident that ordinary Americans share this view. I agree that US military intervention will  have dire consequences. It will erase relations between Ethiopia and the USA for good. “The  disastrous consequences of United States military interventions in Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon,  Somalia, Nicaragua, Haiti, Serbia, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, and other countries should  convince any objective observer about the futility and immorality of such actions.” 

6. I also share the sentiment expressed by RMPJC about the futility and precedent setting nature  of US military intervention. It will be reckless and damaging for the US. “The center said it is particularly incensed by information that the United States is allegedly giving propaganda and  covert material support to Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in the current conflict in  Ethiopia. The grim history of Western colonialism in Africa and elsewhere provides further  reason for opposing any U.S. military intervention or economic sanctions upon the Horn of  Africa.” I agree with this urgent call for restraint by the Government of the United States.  

7. The Federal Government of Ethiopia must demand that the TPLF, its agents and supporters  within and outside Ethiopia must pay compensation to Ethiopian victims of TPLF mayhem and  destruction identified in this article plus others not covered.  

8. The proposal to discuss Ethiopia without representation of a single Black African state or  government brings the worst fears of all Black Africans, namely, the colonial and imperial past is  resurfacing in a new form. There is no way that Black Africa including Ethiopia will succumb to  this undemocratic, unfair, and unjust policy of the West led by the Government of the USA. 

9. Finally, it is time for the West led by the Government of the United States to stop destabilizing  Ethiopia and the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa.  

Part VIII will be issued soon. 

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  1. My Humble OPINION.

    IT IS ONE AMBITIOUS MAN who wanted to be the Prime Minster of Ethiopia like the previous compatriots from Tigray. who died as a result of ——————-

    Anyway, having failed to full fill s dreams because of an unexpected young 40-year old Oromia , the angry loser decided to ‘punish’ Ethiopia by abandoning it! and be its tormentor !!!!!!! The distinct possibility of consequential death of so many innocent Tigrayans and other human beings didn’t matter at all. Amazing how human beings are manipulated by ambitious multicolour ‘HITler’ .

    Please take a few minutes to contemplate on such mad people roaming around the world inciting wars and the death of so many foot-soldiers giving their dear Life at the dictat of CRAZY individuals. I am just Just thinking.: Why would the ordinary people of Tigray give their dear Life fighting against their equivalent person from the overall country Ethiopia???? The same question in revers — all for no reason at all? Why would a Tigrayan kill a Gruge that he never met.? It goes on, and on, and on, until the initiator satisfies his madness. or dye running away to safety. Hitler was an exception. Dear All Sane People: Can You make Sense out of such Madness? Just curious. THE END
    Post Script
    The Initiators of such absurdity — the Powerful so-called “CIVILIZED” ha ha ha ha ha WHITE PEOPLE are of course immune from criticism for the initiation of such horrendous savagery and cruelty. Ask the Most Powerful Initiator Around the Globe who happened to be the MOST POWERFUL PRESIDENT on EARTH. Imagine, your life is based upon such a person that you never met!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It does not matter. Your LIFE is just a cheap toy. . Good Luck in your struggle for survival.

    • “Why would a Tigrayan kill a Gruge that he never met.?” a silly question you made ? what do you mean ?

      I guess your phd is expired. you are making illogical and irrational statement. It is not a question of meeting or getting to know each other. We share the same cultural, religious and national identity which makes it weird for us to engage in such massively repulsive and destructive war.
      Apart from this reality, we shared our family members among each other to become husband and wife and give birth to children . And the same children who were born to these nations who formed a multi-ethnic country are shamelessly and sadly killing eacother.

      However, as opposed to your propaganda , Tegaru are not fighting to prolong the days of TPLf or TDF leaders nor to protect them , but for their own freedom and bring war criminals who designed the Tigray genocide and deployed agents of genocide , ENDF , eritrean forces and amhara fanos , to justice by walking all the way through cities and villages where genociders hide and and built a fortified citadel using civilians as a shield.

      • You are one of the so called `TPLF fascists and racists` who had been killing and pillaging the country as rulers before and rebels now. As a notorious fascists and racists you and your TPLF gangsters are alien to universal values such as human rights and justice. Your fascist leaders were let and forgiven to enjoy what they have pillaged but chose the path of war and violence sacrificing tens of thousands what you call Tegaru. Duped by the TPLF narrative of superiority and invincibility, your TDF forces are being killed like flies and their corpses are littering the lands of Wollo and Afar. The TPLF fascists who have sent their own children and families abroad are using the children and families of the poor tegaru as cannon fodder and devastating Tigray.

        • It is tragic that the human waves the irresponsible TPLF or TDF leaders have unleashed are falling like flies in the Amhara and Afar areas. Any Tegaru who have some sense of compassion not for the non-Tegaru, but their own children, sisters and brothers who are falling like flies to speak out and save lives. Tigray as the poorest region in Ethiopia (in terms of natural resources) can not become a viable and self sustaining state. The Tegaru are not the master,superior and special people as the TPLF maintains.


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