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TPLF led destruction on Wollo University estimated 10 billion birr

TPLF forces have used Wollo University premises as a mass grave where it buried the civilians it massacred

Wollo University _
Administration office of the University (Photo screenshot from EBC Video)


Wollo University on Sunday disclosed that the level of destruction that Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces inflicted during their month-long occupation of Dessie and Kombolcha is estimated to be about 10 billion Ethiopian birr. 

Mengesha Ayele, president of the university, also told EBC that TPLF forces used the University for mass graves to bury civilians it massacred. 

In the terms of destruction of the University, various facilities in different campuses of the University were targeted by TPLF forces. Administrative offices, cafeteria,  IT infrastructure, Smart class facilities, research laboratories, engineering and technology workshop, art and music academic and sport academy were severely destroyed. 

Dr Berhanu Nega, Minister for Education, led a team to Amhara region to assess the level of damages in the region. The estimate of the loss is over 11 billion. 

Amhara regional state education office head, Mateb Tafere, has disclosed that about 4000 schools in the region are destroyed. 

The TPLF has carried out similar destruction in the Afar region of Ethiopia. 

Apart from educational institutions, the TPLF has destroyed health facilities in the region. Ethiopian Ambassador to the UN, Taye Atske Selassie, called TPLF actions “unforgivable crime.” He tweeted : 

“The wanton destruction of Dessie Hospital in Amhara region glaringly testifies that TPLF cruelty has no limits.Razing to the ground a Hospital?This is the most unforgivable crime.We shall remember not only the wicked acts of TPLF but also the deafening silence of @WHO @WHOAFRO” 

The U.S. government reacted to it too but in a different way. U.S. State department spokesperson, Ned Pearce, used the news to support U.S. motives of political dialogue with the TPLF. 

Mr. Ned tweeted “The unconfirmed reports of human rights abuses, atrocities, and destruction of civilian infrastructure in Amhara and Afar by Tigrayan forces underscore the need for all parties to end the violence now.” 

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  1. your story is a good indication that ENDF and eritrean forces were hiding in Wollo univeristy in the same manner they were using universities and museums in another cities that caused the distruction of public infrastructure purposely :ahya ene kemotikut serdow ayibkelibetuu

    However, many people witness drones and heavy machines of END destroyed this building.

  2. Subject: “TPLF led destruction on Wollo University estimated 10 billion birr”, December 12, 2021

    Humble Commentary, 13 Dec 2021
    Amazing how times flows. Wollo was my first ‘door’ to modern education a, b, c, d…… Our teacher was Gashe Gobeze. Every kid — and I mean every soul — in that school (and in that City) called him by that name. What a Wonderfull memory.

    Reading the Article makes me ‘vomit.’ How could civilized people destroy themselves following the dictate of a single creature and his few followers simply because the leader did not get what he wanted to get i.e. the prime ministership of the entire ETHIOPIA ; the OLDEST INDEPENDENT BLACK AFRICAN COUNTRY around the GLOBE. YES, BLACK PEOPLE. Yes, around the World. and the people there in with their “wisdom “. And so, the entire Tigray which produced gallants like Emperor Yohannes and Ras Allula had to bow down to a single ambitious individual of Tigray Race because his candy dream was snatched by a 40-year old young ambitious Ethiopian of Oromo. It may be absurd to believe that a single ambitious human creature will be the catalyst to the destruction of so many human beings because he did not have his CANDY.!!!!!!

    WHAT A WORLD WE HAVE !!!!!!! And yet, we keep on going with enthusiastic blindness and liquidate each other for the benefit of one deranged creature. Human Life was never meant to be rational. How else could one explain the act of one person being ordered to kill another person that never met — and volunteered to be killed too !!!!!!!!!!

    Dear Reader: Please look yourself on the mirror intently and ask yourself the obvious. Be honest to yourself.

    THE END of you — voluntarily decided — is not too far. Say Hello, for me, to the Good Lord up in Heaven until I personally see him/her soon. If you find this advice to be humorous you will have a good LIFE, where ever you may be. Thanks for reading such a rubbish thing.

    Needless to say, I also apologize to the Management of You know by now that I am under your goodwill for any action you may take i.e. accept or delete in respect of your Readers and Your Organization. THANKS a million.

  3. How sad, deep dark and so ignorant the TPLF Tigrayan creatures are! It is very hard to believe the enemy of civilization are still living in this century! Who would have thought these many thousands of Tigrayans will be engaged in such destructive and disgusting criminal activities in todays life? It means that all of those gang of criminals engaged in theft, murder and destroying civilization are all ignorant and greedy that have the same cancerous brain .
    What a shame those creatures happened to be created in Ethiopia, the mother of Africa and the eldest civilized country in Africa!!
    Driven by ignorant and greedy ambition and unable to accept and understand.

    • The enemy of your civilization is Eritrea, tiny 6 miiilon people, and they are helping you to be popular in our planet as the only country colonized in the modern day world by iron fist of isyas.
      future generations will be ashamed of you and western historians will record your shameful story of modern day colonization and your only heritage to hand down to your children would be documents signed by isays to colonize your people and control the formely and historically secured ethiopian government offices.
      Ethiopian nver ever been the mother of Africa and the eldest civilized country in Africa. All what you brag about is taken from Tigray and Oromos.

      All fanos , former or present day gangs named fanos, are terrorists . They must be destroyed.


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