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Ethiopia says it has arrested 22 Kawarja Islamist radicals

Kawarja suspects (Photo : EBC)


22 members of Kawarja Islamists are reportedly arrested in the Bale Zone of Oromia regional state of Ethiopia. According to a report by Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), which cited police authority from the zone, they were captured in a joint security forces operation. 

National Information and Security Services, Oromia Police and Militia forces from the locality took part in the operation. 

21 of them are Ethiopians and one is said to be a foreigner. According to the report from state media, they have been engaged in providing training, under the cover of preaching faith, for unspecified terrorist mission. The type of training provided is military in nature. 

Police reportedly said that they targeted youth and individuals that seem to have credence in the community.  The source also cited Oromia Broadcasting network to report that the group has members who took military training in Puntland. 

Kawarja Islamists terrorists were said to have been operating at least since 2011. In that year, they were linked to the destruction of 50 churches in Asendabo, South West Ethiopia. 


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