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Eshete Moges and Yitagesu Eshte valorous father and son paid in life together in Defence of Ethiopia

Eshete Moges (father, left) and Yitagesu Eshete ( son, right)


This is a valorous story of Eshete Moges and his son Yitagesu Moges. Eshete Moges  was born in Qewot district near Shewarobit. The 56 years old man was a father of seven and a resident of Shewaroit. He was a businessman in the town too. 

When the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces approached Ataye, which is in a proximity with Shewarobit, in late November 2021, he tried to mobilise fighters in Shewrobit and asked them to fight. “If we are not defending Shewarobit, who will? I will not abandon Shewarobit and leave,” was his word. 

Initially he started fighting the TPLF forces from Shewarobit. Because he was defiant for anybody else, his mother had to intervene, as in the tradition, to persuade him to leave the town. 

Because he had to obey his mother. He moved , with his son, to a place called Salaysh which is just 15 kilometres away from Shewarobit. Before no time, the TPLF forces reached Salaysh too. 

He was advised again to abandon Salaysh and retreat. This time he rejected it and resolved to fight the TPLF forces along with his son. 

When the TPLF forces made it to the house where they were staying. A shout out starts. Eshete Moges took down five TPLF forces first. His son killed two others as they were attempting to enter the premise of the house they were staying. The son had just a handgun but his father was armed with an AK 47. 

The son had to go out to get a rifle from one of the TPLF forces he shot. And they had to change positions. On the back side of the house was a sorghum farm to which they moved. It was during this time that his son Yitagesu was killed. 

In the meantime Eshte had to make a phone call to his brother in law and tell him the situation he was in. “Listen to me. They killed Yitagesu. Can you hear me? Pay attention. He is killed near Assefa Taye house in the sorghum farm. I am near his body. They have encircled me. I am going to die there too. our body will be lying there… I will pay it to you in the heaven.” 

The brother in law attempted to convince the father to leave the body of his son and escape. But the father said “never” and opted to fight till his last breath. 

The number of TPLF forces he killed after the phone conversation is unknown. But he killed two right after TPLF fighters killed his son.  

Retrieved transcript of the phone conversation between Eshete and his brother in law is released. Extremely moving and extremely courageous. 

Take a listen from the Audio video below.

Video : embedded from EBC Youtube channel 


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