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US wanted rebels “to enter Addis” – TPLF spokesman

by Teshome Borago

Rebel spokesman in northern Ethiopia revealed Thursday the United States wanted TPLF to enter Addis Ababa, in an exclusive Tigray TV interview. Getachew Reda of the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) said the US “and some European countries” openly expressed their intention for the Tigrayan rebels to overthrow the newly elected Ethiopian government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

According to Mr Reda, the Americans told his TPLF rebels to “forge an alliance with different groups” beforehand, to reduce violence during the much-trumpeted rebel takeover of Addis as well as to avoid the bad optics of another Western backed regime change. This bombshell account by Getachew Reda mirrored the recent US-UK coordination with Western media outlets to promote pro-TPLF groups including Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), which recently melted away from their strongholds in Bati and Kemise towns. In November, the US State Department also promoted a “new alliance” to create a “transitional government” in coordination with Western media outlets like Reuters, which organized a press conference for TPLF supporters and their allies in Washington DC. The scene became a subject of mockery among Ethiopians after some top leaders of the new “transitional government” – nicknamed the “uber alliance” – were reportedly late to the Reuters-State Department press conference due to lack of appropriate clothing and getting lost in traffic. 

The Getachew Reda revelation will likely add more embarrassment for Western officials who faced controversy when several diplomats were caught on a leaked video colluding with TPLF representative Berhane Gebre-Christos, including US ambassador Vicki Huddleston who wished “military success” for the rebels. 

With US already accused of downplaying numerous atrocities by the TPLF rebels, this controversy comes also as the Biden administration attempts to draw new lines against US foes by introducing an obscure “summit for democracy.” However, in this region, the US has a long rap-sheet of supporting abusive regimes, pushing the mantra of pro-West “stability over democracy.” After decades of arming the TPLF tyranny, the Americans helped pro-US General Sisi overthrow the democratically elected Egyptian government of Morsi in 2013 while Biden’s top diplomat Jeffrey Feltman recently green lighted the military takeover by Sudanese General Al-Burhan, an ally of el-Sisi. When America is not overthrowing democratically elected governments, it has been destabilizing unelected stable regimes who opposed US geopolitical interests, most notably the catastrophic destruction of Gaddafi’s Libya by US-armed rebels.

Despite facing US-backed rebels in northern Ethiopia, the current Nobel Prize winning administration of Abiy Ahmed is credited for domestic reforms and establishing independent institutions at the federal level, while holding a relatively free election with a historic first independent election board.

TPLF spokesperson appearing on Tigray TV (courtesy of Tigray TV)

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  2. Ittu Aba Farda

    could you please change your name and unmask yourself and tell us your real amhara name like difabachew, gichew, seliketew, ? you are inventing stories to use as pretext to kill our people. It will not do good to your people . You better work together with any one who want to remove Abiy and prosperity party cadres causing hostility among nations and nationalities who lived in harmony and set up a beautiful history . as along as we all are people of one nation , our histoy and civilizations are shared by any tribe within the unison. stop you nonsense in order to justify killings of tegaru, Oromo, kimant Agew etc

    የህይውሃት ጠላት ለነበረው ሥርዓት ጠንቅ ናቸው ተብለው አማራ ክልል ተብሎ በተለምዶ በሚጠራው ከተማ ውሥጥ በሚኖሩ የአማራ ተወላጆች ተጠቁመው የታሰሩ ሰዎችን አይተናል፥ ከሻቢያ ና ስፖንሰሮቹ አረብ ሀገራት ጋር አሁን በገዛ ሕዝባቹ ላይ ጭፍጨፋ ትፈፅማላቹ፥፥ከነፈሰው ጋር የምትነፍሱ የአማራ ጠላቶች ሆድ አደሮች ናቹ፥፥ ወልጋዳ ጠማማ እንጨት ለመጥረቢያ እጀታነት እንደሚያገግል ሁሉ የትኛውንም በደል ሕዝባቹ አማራ ላይ የምትፈፅሙ እናንተ እንጂ ሌላ የውጭ አካል አይደለም ፥፥

    የትግራይን ሕዝብ እየጨፈጨፋቹ ዓለም ስለያውቅ ህውሃት አማራን የጨፈጨፈ ነው በማሰኘት ራሳቹሁን ከወንጀል ነፃ ያወጣቹ ና ሕዝባቹሁንም ለአመፅ ያነሳሳላቹሗል የሚል ሰይጣናዊ አመለካከት ስላላቹህ ነው፥፥ በታሪክ እንደምናየው ስንኳንስ የጅምላ ጭፍጨፋ ግድያ መልካም ነገር ዋጋ ያስከፍላል፥ሕዝባቹሁን ዋጋ እንደሚያስከፍል አውቃቹ ደካማና ያልታጠቁ ወገኖቻቹ የበለጠ ዋጋ እንዳይከፍሉ ከአሁኑ ከእብደታቹ ተመለሱ ፥፥ንፁሃንን ማሰቃየት አቁሙት፥፥

    • Yes I know and all others know that bigots like see alll Oromos as people who never see or think out of the box. You take them as people, more than 45 million of them, who should always subscribe to your line of ideology or thought process. In fact you see them as people who don’t even think except like you. They are supposed to be or born to be your loyal beast of burden who never get tired carrying you all the way to your destination. In your twisted conviction we Oromos are either servile for life to you or ‘extremist’ machete(men ha) toting murderers. If you are one of those who now brag about kicking Debre single-handedly I remind you to think again. Debre was kicking your behind out of Waldiya, Dessie, Lalibela and the entire area all the way to the banks of the Blue Nile until my Oromos along with their Sidama, Somali, Gambela and Southerner friends came to the rescue. If not for them Debre would have been chillin in Gondar and Bahir Dar by now. We saved you at Adwa in 1896 and you can raise up Mikael(Mohammed Ali) of my Barentuus and ask him about it. Stop bragging on empty shell. Your zeraaf, zeraaf was all noisy chorus and good for nothing!!!

      • Ittu Aba Frada you are servile to Amhara neftegna, and enslaved by Eritrean filthy ideology. Your country is now colonized by eritrea and enslaved by Arabs from the middle east.

        Amhara elites are arab slaves and they successfuly helped eritrea to colonize Ethiopia.
        Ittu Aba Farda metetegna tenkuway : spokesperson of Abiy ahmed , and servin g fomerly as an arabic translator for neftegna cadres .
        Ethiopia will be detsroyed just like pile of hay.

          • Ittu Aba Farda is eportedly sponsoring ENDF and EDF terrorsts and serving PP as an advisor based in overseas.

            Eritrea , tiny powerful country , is colonizing Ethiopia which is famed for zero-colonization tales , propaganda of no-wheat from US , no-more cries against fomer colonizers while more yeses to ERitrean dictator , Isayas who subjugated 120 million population magically twisting the hand of Abiy Ahmed who helped him brainwashing the entire ethiopians who were never colonized ;
            Tamrat Negar is resportedly taken to Eritrea – unsaturated ditch to keep prisoners of Isayas.
            Ittu Aba Farda is eportedly sponsoring ENDF and EDF terrorsts and serving PP as an advisor based in overseas.
            Ethiopians say a huge no-more to Eritrea before you extend your tongue against former colonizers who are still feeding their wheat , providing you colthes, telephones,and many other basic materials for required for life than bowing down before eritrea which can’t do anything for you except brewing hate, war and genocide with no cost but stealing your own resources. Remeber Eritrean soldiers are payed billions to wage war in Ethiopia and kill your own men and women , but EU is still feeding .

            Th sea port is yours and you could share it as it lies just close to your border .

  3. The US has been a major western power in installing and maintaining the fascist rule of the TPLF in Ethiopia out of its misguided Geo-political policy in the region. Specifically influential elements in the Biden administration have strong bonds with the TPLF regime. The indications are that the US was caught unprepared or unaware of the popular uprisings that drove the Tigray fascists out of power in Ethiopia. That is why the Biden administration has devised and is involved in a diplomatic and political activities and pressures to save the TPLF and help it keep its power in Tigray. Then the US will likely use the TPLF as a bulwark against its long time foe Eritrea and the Abiy government.

  4. One should not accept all what this TPLF goon says as truth because the TPLF guys are pathological liars. The policy of the Biden administration has already created the impression of bias in favor of the TPLF, and has outraged many Ethio-Americans. The trust in the US role as a seeker of peace and stability in Ethiopia is very low now. The US is discrediting itself and losing the friendship of Ethiopians. The diplomatic and economic pressures the US is applying in its apparent effort to salvage the TPLF will backfire.

  5. I’ve no appetite to listen to any TPLF any more, a summary of what was said by Ethiopian medias I trust is enough for me.

    There was a leaked radio correspondence a few weeks ago mentioning the terrorist activities of TPLF being too much for those who were providing TPLF with GPS [leaked on purpose to scare Ethiopians or to make an impression that the West cares or not]. I think their plan was for TPLF to get as near to Addis as possible and quickly even without the heavy hardware while US embassy leads the propaganda in order to create a possible scenario that can be believable. Mean while somewhere in Shewa some folks who were aware the heavy equipment were not there were ready to fight in their own terms and ready to take heavy casualty if need be. And the ‘martial plan’ mentioned by Eleni G/Medihin and the ‘problem of ultra nationalists’ was supposed to be all everybody should be talking about after the repeat of 1991. A repeat of 1991 didn’t happen. and even Tabor Nagy and the other diplomat were frustrated when that failed.

    [Unashamedly though, some ‘journalists’ who never spent five minutes to say bad things about TPLF for a whole year are now joining in celebration of Ethiopian combined forces. They seem to forget what they said about Ethiopian generals ‘that can’t even put their pants on properly’ only a few weeks ago and their dooms-day propaganda of Dessie’s strategic importance hiding behind ‘criticizing a journalist that dissed Wollo’ when he did not. ‘listen to me carefully, underline my following words, if Dessie goes to TPLF Abiy will be in Sheno begging for a ceasefire’ they added while gloating. They were recruited and groomed by TPLF and held positions like vice minister or being in charge of the whole Addis’s youth before they ‘converted’ to the Ethiopian side. As their name indicates they have turned 360 degrees and are back to where they started. Which is TPLF.]

  6. Just look at this man. Just look at him. Just look at his waist line. Then look at the photos and videos of the ordinary citizens coming out of his region. The UN should accuse this fat cat for chowing down the bulk of the food aid looted from their warehouses in Kombolcha. He ate’em all! Is this fat ass really a guerrilla fighter? The great patriot Abebe ibn Aregay that grandson of Gobena is turning in his grave upon hearing about it. I tell you he is the one that my Oromos will have an easy time fragging his ass!!! You watch once they start marching toward his joint. I want them and their compatriots to capture his big asses and Bacha telling him saying ‘get down and give me 50!’ everyday until he looks fit to face the judges in a court of law. That is is because there is no truck powerful enough to haul his fat behind to court. Hey Abiy! You better be prepared to allocate a big chum from the national budget just to feed this walrus in prison. He wouldn’t touch split peas and beans with a 14 ft pole. Center cut Chumaa from Western Haraghe, honey from Gojjaam and whole milk from Ambo. What? Bread made from millet? Forget about it!

  7. America has proven, by its actions, how it does not really promote democracy and poverty alleviation around the globe, but rather to promote instability around the globe to maintain its cultural, economic, and military power. It latest actions on Ethiopia, a country it superficially deems long term ally, is just one proof. Look what it did in other countries, like Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Venezuela, and even a tiny neighboring country Cuba. We need to separate the people from the government, however. Citizens are known to be welcoming of all (except the racists particularly in the South and farm country with still many uneducated among them), generous with their time and money. Despite many immigrants from Ethiopia being largely supporters of the Democratic Party, perhaps in the false belief of being the more progressive of the two dominating political parties, but the democrats have historically been the back stabbers of Ethiopia. The Biden administration is no exception.

    Ethiopians have proven, yet again, to be united behind their government when they feel their country is threatened by outside forces; this time by the coalition of evils led by United States. And yet countries the United States accuses of being autocratic bullies, such as China and Russia, do not go around the world destroying countries and governments like the United States and white cohorts in Europe had done (and continue to do). It is time the rest of the world unite to stand up against such saboteurs of peace and economic development across the globe. A famous and influential US Secretary of State named Dulles (in whose name the Dulles International Airport in Virginia is named) reportedly coined the phrase ‘there are no permanent friends in international relations but only permanent national interests’, which still is the guiding principle of American foreign policy. Ethiopia should realize that, and never consider the US as their permanent ally; build alliances based on enduring national interests only.

    The unity of Ethiopians exhibited today must the foundation to build the newly emerging Ethiopian nation. I believe Abiye Ahmed (and people around him) is the right leader to lead his contemporary young generation to build the future Ethiopia!

  8. It is totally unacceptable when ethnofascists kill innocent people who do not belong to their tribe simply like that. What does the tplf gain by killing poor (and very poor) Amhara folks, unarmed and going about their daily lives with no political conniving. Their tears call for justice. If tplf is courageous enough, it could have attacked military barracks and army camps, not poor farmer housteads and their meagre food supplies. History will k=judge the hew “Nikael Sehuls”. As for misguided Shene youth, take your time and read history….eliminate your ignorance

  9. I just can’t get through looking at this photo of this walrus. I just counted two, no, three big ass hot dogs wrapped around his nape and three flapping fat chins right below his lower jaw. Hey UNWFP! The food aid you have been sending to Debre’s joint is paying dividends. Your orphan walrus is getting fatter and fatter by the day. Congratulations!!!!


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