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TPLF spokesperson leaks “The intention of America is for us to enter Addis”


In his latest interview with Dimsti Woyane, TPLF spokesperson Getahew Reda leaked secret about the U.S. intention in the war in Ethiopia. 

He spoke in the Tigrigna language. It is translated to English. 

He said :

“China’s intention is clear so I understand it. Whereas, the intention of America is for us to enter Addis. Some European countries also have similar interest. But they told us to forge alliance with different groups to avoid chaos when our forces take control of Addis. 

America’s concern is ridiculous and transactional. It looks like the Americans couldn’t make up their mind about us capturing Addis Ababa. 

There are interest groups who want Abiy to continue putting the country up for sale, and who do not want him to stop selling the country’s indispensable resources recklessly.” 

Watch a video clip of his interview 

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