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“TPLF is defeated ; surrender to Ethiopian forces,” Abiy Ahmed message to TPLF forces

Ethiopian PM was speaking from Gashena – part of the conflict zone where the TPLF forces are said to have a fortified trench.  


In his latest message, and this time it is from the strategic Gashena front which is along the Woldia – Debre Tabor road, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahemd on Tuesday said that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is defeated. 

The video footage of his message was aired in the state media, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation. He said the army is in high spirits and that the enemy force that entered the area with a blind strategy does not have a chance to exit. 

He also talked about Tigray youth whom he said are shedding live leaves in the war. In what seems to be an effort to rescue the remaining Tigrean youth who are said to be in an unpromising battle situation, he advised them to lay arms and surrender to Ethiopian forces. “Ethiopia’s interest is peace and development. We were forced to enter this war. our victory is inevitable,” Abiy Ahmed added. The war started on November 3,2020 after the TPLF forces attacked several bases of the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

In fact, the terrorist group, as designated by the Ethiopian Parliament, has suffered a devastating defeat in the Bati and Chifra front so much so that it had lost controls of several strategic positions and towns in the region including Chifra, Kasagita and Bati. 

According to the video message from the PM, the TPLF forces were still in control of a fortified trench a few kilometers away from the spot where Abiy Ahmed held a meeting with military commanders and his video message was recorded. In the video, he is even seen pointing the location in his index finger. 

He spoke authoritatively that the battle plan to retake Gashena is complete and Gashena will be under the Ethiopian Forces in no time. 

Other sources hint that Ethiopian Forces already captured Gashena after destroying fortified TPLF military positions. Yesuf Ibrahim is  one of the leaders of the opposition National Movement of Amhara (NaMA). He has been to many battle fronts including in the Wollo Front. 

He said “From military point of view, the Dawunt-Gashena – Tach Gaint corridor is critically important because it is a geographic knot that ties virtually all routes running North and South. ..

The recapture of Gashena marks a pivotal point in the overall military success of the Ethiopian Defense Forces. 

We witnessed the fierceness of the battle, the valor of our fighters who never hang back, and the complete mess created in the enemy camp like a thriller movie. ” 

Given the fact that TPLF had a fortified trench in Gashena, the fierceness of the battle was not unexpected. 

The TPLF is still in control of several areas in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. Over seven million people are said to be impacted by the situation facing various challenges including famine like situation. 

The expectation from some analysts is that TPLF forces could be defeated easily once they lost Gashena and Chifra. 

At this writing, the TPLF has not yet confirmed that it has lost its strategic position in Gashena. Getachew Reda, the spokesperson, was rather accusing the government of attacking Tekeze Dam. 

He wrote “The dying Regime of Abiy Ahmed has in the early morning hours of  30th of November bombed the Tekeze Hydroelectric Dam. That the Regime in Addis Ababa will do what it can to destroy anything that could benefit the people of Tigray is nowhere more clear.”  The Ethiopian government has not responded to the allegation. However, social media sources say the allegation is baseless.

Editor’s note : This news article is republished as the one published first went missing following attack on borkena website between November 30,2021 and December 1,2021
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