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Chifra now under the control of Ethiopian Defense Force, Afar regional forces

Burka and Chifra are confirmed to be under the control of Ethiopian Forces. TPLF forces entirely cleared from Afar region  

Ethiopian Forces as they triumphantly entered Chifra and hoisting flag (Photo : FBC)


A day after it was announced by Afar regional State Communication office, the Ethiopian State media on Sunday confirmed that Chifra, a strategic town linking Afar, Amhara and Tigray region, is now under the control of the Ethiopian Defense Force and Afar region special forces. 

Two days ago, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed shared a video footage, on this twitter page, in which he said the Ethiopian Forces have captured Kasagita, another strategic town where the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) had a fortified position, and that Burka and Chifra would be captured next. 

Two of the towns are now under Ethiopian Forces. The TPLF has reportedly suffered a blowing defeat at the Kasagita.

In what seems to be a scorched earth action, the TPLF forces burned private and public properties which they were unable to transport to the Tigray region. 

Chifra _ Kasagita
Destruction TPLF forces unleashed in Kasagita (Photo : FBC)

Earlier this week, the highest body overseeing the State of Emergency in Ethiopia introduced a new regulation restricting battlefront related information, including the whereabouts and advances made by the Ethiopian Forces until disclosed by a designated government body, the Government Communication Ministry. 

However, there are rumours that  the Ethiopian forces are already marching to the industrial city of Kombolcha after recapturing Bati. 

The TPLF has not yet released an official statement regarding the losses in Kasagita, Bati and Chifra. 

The United States government has been apparently expecting the TPLF forces to capture the capital Addis Ababa and consequent mayhem within two weeks after the capture of the Dessie and Kombolcha. It has issued travel advisories for American citizens to avoid travel to Ethiopia and for those who are already in Ethiopia to use commercial flights to evacuate from Ethiopia. 

As it turns out and based on extensive state media and citizen reports,  TPLF forces are not only stopped from making further advances but also found themselves in a position whereby they are cut from reinforcement supply lines and logistics too. 

Ethiopian PM minister Abiy Ahmed seems to be optimistic that the TPLF forces will be defeated in a matter of weeks. He is leading the army in his capacity as commander in chief of the armed forces, and his presence in the battle front has visibly made a difference in terms of mobilization and in terms of boosting the spirit of the resistance forces. 

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