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Ethiopian PM Abiy from the battle front : “We will win!”


It has been over four days now since Prime Minister Abiy Ahemed headed to the battle front to personally lead the army. Foreign Media outlets and TPLF have been claiming that he was not seen anywhere in the battle front. 

Today, a video footage of him, from the Bati front, was released on state media  and he was speaking to Oromia Broadcasting Network journalists which he shared on his social media timeline. “We will win!,” he said. Translation of his speech is as follows : 

“What you see behind me is a mountain area that was a stronghold for the enemy [Tigray People’s Liberation Front] until yesterday. Now we have managed to clear the area fully. The morale of the defense force is really great. The battle is underway with a great feat. Now we have taken Kasagita. Today, we will take over Chifra and Burka. We will continue until Ethiopia’s Freedom is ensured. 

What we want is to see an Ethiopia that stands on our sacrifices –  either to be Ethiopian or to be Ethiopia. [Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed use of “to be Ethiopia” implies to pay the ultimate sacrifice for Ethiopia and be its soil] 

We are confident that we will make this happen through victory. Our people are beside us. Our brothers and sisters abroad are using all their capacity to make their voices heard. Academics are also making their voices heard. Our role is then to be at the forefront leading the forces and ensuring victory. You have seen the victory attained in one day’s battle. It will continue with many greater victories. The enemy does not have the postur[military] to resist us. We will win. And we will pass on a free and prosperous country to our children. That is why we are here and the results are good.” 


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