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Ethiopian Defense Force took control of strategic positions in Bati and Burka area

Hours after the capture of Kasagita, Ethiopian Forces took control of the mountains of Bati and Buka. 

PM Abiy Ahmed and Afar region President, Awol Arba, get explanation from a military commander in the Afar-Bati front (Photo : EBC)


The Ethiopian government on Friday announced that Ethiopian Forces took control of a strategic mountain area in the surroundings of Burka and Bati. 

The Government Communication Minister said the Ethiopian force that cleared the mountain from Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) fighters is under the command of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. 

It was earlier this week that the Prime Minister announced that he is marching to the battle front to lead the army but it was unspecified as to which battle fronts he headed to. 

Soon after the declaration of a unilateral humanitarian ceasefire by the Ethiopian government in late June 2020, the TPLF forces opened extensive war in multiple fronts in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia with the hope of controlling vital supply routes to Djibouti and Sudan. Over two million people were displaced. Thousands of civilians massacred and prosperity worth billions of birr destroyed or looted to be transported to the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

The TPLF forces have reportedly suffered a major loss in the Kassagita Front. A huge contingent of TPLF forces are routed. Earlier this week, 12 key military commanders were  killed in action. 

According to the latest update from the government communication ministry, Ethiopian forces are marching to Kombolcha, the leading industrial city in the Amhara region that was heavily looted by TPLF forces, and Chifra. 

Unconfirmed sources in social media report that Bati town is already under the control of the Ethiopian Defense Forces. 

What the government communication confirmed is that the army is marching towards Bati,and Kombolcha. However, it has been confirmed that Chifra is under the control of Ethiopian Forces. 

Leading the army from the Bati front, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Friday said Ethiopian forces have cleared TPLF forces from Kasagita and that the victory will continue. “We will win,” he said.

The TPLF is also fighting in Shoa, central Ethiopia, which is under Amhara regional state. It is unclear if the Ethiopian Defense Force ( it is supported by special forces and militia) has cleared Shewa Robit and Debre Sina area from TPLF forces. 

The TPLF has not released a statement regarding the capture of Kasagita and other strategic positions of military significance in the Bati Front, where the prime minister is personally giving leadership to the army.


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  1. I am from China . I lived in adis abeba some years ago. I love to follow news about your country . I am quite surprised . How come these people became a national threat to Ethiopia, a land of heroes who defeated Italy ?

    Were they not reduced to ashes 9 months ago ? How do they manage to reach cities located only 220 KM away from the capital , force the noble prize winner and PM leave his office , and result in forceful massive recruitment to join the war using sticks , machetes and powdered red pepper ?

    This people have supernatural power ? All those drones coming from UAE, modern military machines from Russia, China(my country sadly speaking ) , Erdogan ,extreme Islamic leader who like to work with anyone to destroy Christianity and Pro-Egypt countries , states and people.
    I am surprised too with military support achieved by Ethiopia from Turkey. Ethiopia is not liked by arab world. Because Ethiopia is dominantly a christian country.

    For your information, I am a christian , and Catholic were greater in number in 1950s, but now protestants are outnumbering them.  Latest reports states that 30 million Chinese people are officially registered Christians. We hope you stay safe , stop ethnic based killings and profiling and arrests before it is too late to avert. US is always playing a game for its own interest as usual.

    • Turisteshen beye, as Addis Abeba shoe shine boys/girls say. Go and read one of the many online news providers located in Addis Abeba.

    • With all due respect, not sure if you are one who is genuinely concerned about Ethiopia’s stability and integrity but echoing the foul cry of TPLF deprived of the reality. This war in Ethiopia is a proxy war my friend

  2. When America ‘warned’ a few days ago about possible ‘terrorist attack’ including missile attack on civilian aircraft, I thought that might be coded advice to TPLF to resort to terrorism (al queda, Taliban, and ISIS style), now that the terrorist TPLF is fast losing the battle on the front line. Americans might even be thinking of doing the terrorist attack themselves and then officially blame TPLF did it as they warned in the first place. And then use that as pretext to possibly invade Ethiopia and remove the democratically elected government. Their history of destabilization of the world (Yemen, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc) is relevant in that.

    Ethiopia is fighting, not only the terrorist TPLF whose singular agenda is to take power and exploit the nation dry as they did for nearly 30 years, but also against the white historical colonialists. Contemporary America is not a ‘bacon of democracy’ anymore, but rather leader of world instability and promoter of dictatorship. America seems to be on the decline. Read a book by Paul Kennedy entitled “The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers: Economic Change and Military Conflict From 1500 to 2000” and you may see exactly where America is heading.

  3. The only way I’m gonna believe this success story by the officials is if it is verified and certified by the dear editors of this esteem website. If not, it is no dice from me. I’m in no way belittling or discounting the presence of that young and visionary PM at the battlefront but I was lied to by Jula, Bacha and the rest of the top brass not once but more than twice. And I believed their stories just to find out it was all heap of bovine scatology. I ain’t gonna let myself be had again. Never!! What I do after reading ‘success’ stories from the ‘battle fronts’ has been asking questions like ‘where are my cities Dessie, Weldiya, Kobo, Kombolcha, Maichaw, Adwa, Axum, Adigrat, Mekele and the towns on the main road leading to Kemise?’. Show me the national flag waving in all these cities and was verified by the dear editors then you will make a believer out of me. Otherwise I ain’t gonna flinch about that. No sir!!!

  4. Couldn’t find any credibility nor objectivity in any of your news . Looking at it from all perspectives ,your work is just patched to confuse gullible audiences. I am a trained journalist with a bachelors in journalism & mass communications not only that worked in this field for long .

    However what you do is just a slap on a face for a profession I deeply respect.

  5. Well done the brave patriotic and determined Ethiopian force, Afar and Amhara militia and Fano. With bravery, civilized and admirable ability you have managed to save many innocent lives from the dangerous barbaric TPLF, Tigre terrorists that are scavenging, rampaging, raping and massacring Amhara and Afar innocent children, women and people as they pass through.
    You have saved your country from Tigrea, terrorist TPLF that has shown its hatful, ugly face and cruel nature that no Ethiopian have ever seen or want to experience.

    Under the command of PM Abiy a lot of successful stories have started to emerge even from regular people contacts. TPLF Tigre murders have no place to hide. Tigrea terrorists are losing moral, abandoning their leaders and fighters by waving the white flag to surrender. We have seen line after line of captured and surrenders Tigrea murderers submitting to the Ethiopian forces.


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