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Surgical drone strike in Mekelle. TPLF cries foul


The  Ethiopian Air Force on Saturday night reportedly carried out a targeted drone strike in Mekelle. 

It came just after the African Union special envoy to the region, Olusegun Obasanjo, visited Mekelle. He met with Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leader, Debretsion Gebremichael, as part of his effort to bring the Federal government and TPLF forces to the negotiation table. 

Social media sources say the strike was targeted one and a valuable TPLF target is said to be destroyed in the strike. However, the Ethiopian government did not disclose the details of the drone strike.

The TPLF accuses, as has always been the case, the Ethiopian government of targeting civilians. Getachew Reda, TPLF Spokesperson, tweeted on Sunday saying “”The dying Regime in #Addis conducted a drone attack in a residential area in #Mekelle around 1:am. It’s become an unmistakable pattern for #Abiy to target residential quarters in #Tigray whenever his forces are dealt a harsh blow in the battlefield. #TigrayShallPrevail!”


TPLF has been massacring, and it is proved by human rights organizations, civilians in Afar and Amhara regions – areas to which it launched a military offensive after the Ethiopian government withdrew from Tigray in June 2021 on alleged grounds of Unilateral Humanitarian ceasefire. 

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  1. I just received a report from my homeboys that the drone that targeted Mekele did not just drop an ordinary bomb but it used two kinds of bombs. One was the largest bomb in the world nick named the daisy cutter. This bomb carry so vast amount of explosive it is close to the atomic bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki in 1945. The 2nd one was a mini nuclear explosive tipped device. The International Atomic Energy Agency is on the ground investigating and has confirmed it was a nuclear devise. There were 387,999 civilians killed instantly by this drone raid and 276,789 of them were children.

    In another development from the battle front my homeboys told me Addis/Finfine will fall before the end of this week. Abiy and his inner circle have already fled the city. It is reported that they are moving to Bashasha and they will declare the Republic of Oromia Part Deux there. My homeboys both Debre and Getachew told me that Shene is the best productive coolie/hammaal they had ever found. They also told me that Coolie Shene was able to persuade Abiy and ENDF to come to their side. The only task left now is to clean up all Amharas and their Oromo collaborators from the country. They will be deported to where they will rest in ‘eternal peace’. Winning!!!!

  2. Winning! Winning!! Winning!!! The Republic of Tigraynia will be declared on January 1, 2022. That will be just temporary name and it will change to The Peoples Democratic Government of Axumia on April 1, 2022. Its territory will cover Red Sea shore at Assab on the east side and Sudanese border on the west side. There will be no Eritrea in a year after that and it will be replaced by a group of seven independent republics. Then the Republic of Axumia will start a program of developing weapon grade atomic bombs to use that as a deterrent from its sworn enemies of Oromos, Somalis, Afars, Sidamas, Southerners, Gambelas and the Kikuyu tribes in Kenya. Remember all these Amharas and their Oromo collaborators will be gone by the due diligence of our loyal servants of Shene. They will be resting in eternal peace!!!!

  3. Need more action to eliminate TPLF Tigrae terrorisms . Those terrorist TPLF Tigraes are massacring innocent ethnic Amharas and Afars they never seen or met before and their animals because they are owned by Afars and Amharas that they hate for their ethnicity.
    There is nothing more that speaks for real terrorism than this!!!
    Terrorist hate any one and every one that does not fall in their line and they must be removed from civilized peaceful society as soon as possible.
    Ethiopians know the danger of letting TPLF terrorists sympathizers, and terrorists sitting among them and are now doing a great job in identifying and reporting them to the legal system.

    Siye Abraha who is well known for his lack of education ( despite his claim to have gone to Harvard at the age of retirement and paid by looting Ethiopia) and narrowminded ethnocentricity with his brother are running around in Sudan with $21 millions of dollars to send terrorists to Ethiopia.
    At the end of the day all the cursed looted billion of dollars from Ethiopia the 27 brutal TPLF ruling years now ending up in benefiting foreigners than the benefiting TPLF terrorists thieves.
    That speaks for TPLF sinners and messengers of the devil doing evil is not benefiting them and the loot is filling up foreign collaborators pocket and benefiting foreigners.


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