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Captured TPLF fighters confess looting and destruction of properties


Hundreds of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) fighters in Ataye, Woreilu, Chifra and Burka battle fronts confessed that TPLF forces destroyed properties (both public and private), according to a news coverage by Fana Broadcasting Corporate – a state owned media. 

They added that what is not destroyed is transported to the Tigray region. Electronics and factory parts are among the parts that were looted from Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia. 

Watch FBC video below :

Video : FBC
Cover Photo : screenshot from the video 


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  1. Why are these people still alive??? What the hell is wrong with Ethiopian government. These are murderers and criminals…….. I can’t take this anymore.

  2. What a great example PM Abiy set for an entire generation, in just five months, it came a norm to rob shops, smash up hospitals, burn down schools, loot museums, and pillage farmers livestock.
    Now the Amhara region, heavily outgunned, and completely unpopular among the world for its complicity, now face 20 years of marauding Oromo and Tigray hangs freely looting the Amhara farmers .
    And don’t expect any international condemnation, or help stopping it. Ethiopia has made it clear: Foreign intervention is neocolonialism. The Amhara people will proudly let their daughters be stolen, their livestock taken, their homes burned down — before ever asking the international community for help. HANDS OFF is a message of independence. No western will ever enforce law and order upon the Amhara, servants of others.

    • Very emotional. I will never put my daughter, my family, or my family in danger for the failure of political parties to make peace. Maybe if Ethiopians valued life more we would have been better off as a people.


  3. I’m doubling down here and where ever I read such news until the cows come home!!!

    If this is verified and certified by the dear editors then I will believe the story. Otherwise I will consume it with a grain of salt. Such ‘success’ stories by the regime there always trigger certain questions with me. There I go again: Where is Dessie? Where is Weldiya? Forget about Lalibela but where are Kombolcha, Kemise, Bati and Haik? Hello Abiy, Jula and Bacha? What is up with these cities? Don’t try to talk to me until you come up with answers!!! I don’t need any mouths from you with ‘our glorious history this and or our glorious forefathers that. That ain’t gonna fly with me!!! I want answers about those cities!!! Citizens there and the entire surrounding areas all the way to the border with Tigray had freely voted for and kept you in office. Their hope and faith they had in you was that you would keep them adequately protected them from armed thugs. Those are their domiciles and cities and by extension they are also my cities. So Abiy, Jula and Bacha! What have you done with my cities? What are you doing with Mille now? You better not lose that! I am telling you better not!!! Otherwise you better stop pretending and instead turn in your badges and run to join your former boss in Zimbabwe or come here to scavenge at your favorite missionary canteens.


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