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Ghidey Zeratsion,One of TPLF founders, speaks out

Now I have to break my silence,says Ghidey Zeratsion 

Ghidey Zeratsion _ TPLF
Ghidey Zeratsion

My name is Ghidey Zeratsion. I am one of the founders of TPLF and have lived in Norway for 30 years as a political refugee opposed to the ruling party of Ethiopia the Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF).

I am sending you this so you can have a balanced reporting on the situation. If you need more information you can reach me. As we all know the disgruntled TPLF leaders for the last two years have been working to destabilize Ethiopia and remove PM Abiy by force. They have been war mongers. They have labeled the Amharas and the government of Abiy as enemies. They have been recruiting special force militias and mobilizing/agitating the people of Tigray by giving a false image of themselves as superior heroes.

Claiming and boasting that they have a superior military power that can defeat the Ethiopian army. They had repeated military parades as a show of force/power. Their medias were broadcasting these rhetorics day and night. They have been overtly and covertly instigating violence directly or through extremist puppets all over Ethiopia. They have repeatedly defied the laws of the country and orders of the federal government.

The Amhara regional parliament and its government has declared peaceful co-existence with neighbouring regions including Tigray and that border issues should be resolved peacefully according to the Ethiopian constitution(March 2019). On the contrary the TPLF was beating its war drum. PM Abiy was begging them for negotiations and even send them mediators (shimageles) but all in vain, because of TPLFs intransigence.

Finally, the TPLF attacked the unsuspecting Ethiopian army (the northern division) on Nov. 03, 2020 late evening while peacefully in its camps, and looted the military ware. What else is then left to the Ethiopian government except responding militarily to this coward and shameful attack? Now the TPLF is crying foul and asking for negotiations after it has blown it to full scale war. In my opinion the only option left to TPLF at this stage is to submit its arms. This is not a war between people. It is a war to bring the perpetrators under the rule of law.

As we speak Tigrians under the liberated area by the Ethiopian army are joyously celebrating their freedom from the tyrant TPLF and this will be the scenario with every liberated area coming onwards.

Ghidey Zeratsion, one of the founders of TPLF.

Source : Cyber Ethiopia 
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  1. That’s is the reality.TPLF was creating monkey out of Eth.peoples.They don’t have a peaceful development plan for the people but only war.We as Ethiopian distracting ourselves with out intangible rational.At this Bad time we ask a question do we have a solution?and What can we do?

  2. Subject: “Ghidey Zeratsion,One of TPLF founders, speaks out” by Ghidey Zeratsion, November 10, 2021

    My humble Opinion, 11 November 2021
    Permit me to pour my heart out
    1. Why is it that the USA is mediating [interfering] in the affairs of BLACK AFRICA?

    2. Is it not enough and proper to have the Honourable African Unions’s Special Envoy for the region ?

    3. Can you imagine a Black African being a top notch mediator in ……never mind, I am just hallucinating..

    4. Why is it that WE BLACK AFRICANS are mesmerized by the WHITE RACE?

    5. When will be the time for Black Africans to be FREE, self-sufficient honourable Continent6.

    6. Why are we not sensitive to the fact that our beloved AFRICA, is still under the domain of the Colonial Invaders of yesteryears?

    7. What is the mystery that WE BLACK AFRICANS are still subservient to the WHITE RACE in modified slick maneuvering — regardless of our modern education ……… ha ha ha ha ha …… I know why: The education system was actually designed to mesmerize THE INOCENT AFRICAN CHILD. And hooked for ever We knew about Shakespeare, Plato, Mulato, Simplton. and proud NOT to know about our own history.

    8. WE Africans are hypnotized by the White Man’s colonial power. We are doomed. There is absolutely no question about that. Please, I beg you, look around at the behaviour of our rrespectable educated Africans

    9. Ohhhhh, how I love my expensive NECKTIE around my neck, ready-made instrument to choke me out of living. That did not cross my mind, at all. What mattered most was my pride to be a blind follower of the REFLECTIVE PRECiIOUS. WHITE SKIN RACE, with envy.

    10. Too late for me to start all over again to realize who I am. I am now preparing for a a different LIFE, six-feet down, in welcoming Earth as my everlasting home. For what it is worth I wish good luck to ALL MY DEAR BEAUTIFUL BLACK BRETHREN WHO NEVER HAD A FAIR SHARE of LIFE.
    As to the Almighty GOD, Master of Equality and Kindness, I can only use an appropriate Ethiopian WORD ; “ታዘብኖት” ::

  3. Mr Daniel

    we were told that our heroes ENDF will capture all TPLF leaders in 2 weeks and the operation will end . we all supported Abiy. Now, I am worried too. What shall we do then ?

  4. I am more concerned now about a possibility of a military coup in Addis/Finfine than what has been chicken scratched on The Washington Post. Apparently the war is not proceeding in the government’s ways. Cities and villages are lost to Debre’s forces in recent weeks. Unless the current Abiy’s administration finds its mojo and turns things around on the battle fronts desperation and disillusion is gonna set in the ENDF and the public in general. The fabric that has been holding the more than 80 ethnic groups has been seriously poked and stabbed during the last 40 years perpetrated by bigots and republic dreamers. All this talk and parades at the press club last week about federation this and confederation that is nothing but a first phase of churning 10, 20 or even more than 80 know-it-all despots that will immediately be on war footings with each other after founding their personal fiefdoms. The 1991 concoction was not able to find lasting solutions and what it did was postpone the nightmare we see now to a later day. The charade at the press club is just another repackage of 1991. They have to prove me wrong on that one and that was why I gave them the benefit of the doubt. But for me th is one terrible scenario that will follow if Abiy’s administration is overthrown by force either by a coup or the rebel forces. That country will spiral out of control that the entire 120 million people will be on the move. Such present and clear danger has rattled the neighboring countries like Kenya and Djibouti which have be relatively stable so far. Assume Djibouti going off the map and Kenya crushed under the weight of 10, 20 and even 50 million scared refugees. This is not funny. Not funny at all!!,
    A top Djiboutian officially has put it bluntly this week that the conflict in Ethiopia is and can be a matter of existence for his own tiny country. The US and NATO have a sprawling military base there. Even ‘tweety bird’ China has a military canteen there. I am having nothing but nightmares about the current situation in the old country now. I can’t even start to imagine the enters of Debre’s and Shene’s rag tags entering the capital and the massacre that follows immediately. That is why I am going down on my knees praying daily for a miracle, a divine intervention.

  5. Make that: I can’t even start to imagine the sight of Debre’s and Shene’s rag tags entering the capital and the massacre that follows immediately.


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